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Stone Labrador

Stone Labrador | Labrador’s properties

  • March 16, 2018

The name of the Labrador mineral was derived from the name of the Labrador Peninsula in North America, where it was discovered in 1770. Other names of the mineral and its varieties are black moonstones, bovine eye, spectrolite, cariatite.

Labrador is one of the varieties of felspar. The color of Labradors is dark gray, greenish-gray; it serves as a good background for the glistening glare of green, yellow or red, blue flowers that run through it; when the stone is turned from side to side. Glitter – matte, glass.

In itself, the color of the Labrador is unattractive: from gray to almost black, mourning. However, the glittering flashes playing on its surface give it the appearance of a precious opal.

The main deposits. There are reports of the discovery of very beautiful Labradors in Finland. Less bright labradors are found in Germany, Greenland, in India, in Tibet and in Ukraine. In Australia, there are labradors of jewelry quality, which can be cut.

Therapeutic properties

In folk medicine, there is an opinion that the Labrador contributes to the overall strengthening of the body. Some healers believe that this mineral relieves pain in diseases of the spine and joints. Lit therapists believe that Labrador helps with infertility and impotence, certain diseases of the genitourinary system and the prostate gland. Pendants and rings help to improve mood, ease the effects of stressful situations, improve sleep and help with insomnia. It promotes the excretion of stones from the kidneys, improves, in general, the activity of all organs. His influence is most affected by the emotional-mental state, through the improvement of which the Labrador begins his specific medical work. Rings (which should be worn on the middle finger) and pendants with a labrador can even help a drug addict get rid of the painful dependence – in addition, they easily remove from their owner’s nervous stress, calm down with feverish excitement, withdraw from depression and restore the body after nervous exhaustion. A statuette or a piece of stone, located next to the head of the bed, relieve obsessive nightmares and cure insomnia, normalize the “natural clock” of the body.

Labrador affects the solar plexus chakra.

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Magical properties

The Magical power of the Labrador is not fully revealed – but it is reliably known that he, like no one else, enhances foresight and ability to mystical awareness of the world, helps develop extrasensory abilities and has long been considered a talisman of healers and sorcerers. Experts believe that the Labrador awakens hidden talents in a person and helps them to develop them, gives bright dreams and makes their owner try to “grasp the immensity”, to accomplish something that hitherto seemed unattainable – this is the very talisman by which you will make the impossible possible. Probably, this is why it is recommended that the stone be worn by mature people who are already 30 years old. The younger the mineral can push to adventures, which will lead to deplorable consequences for their future. Labrador is considered an amulet of people creative – writers, poets, musicians, artists; he brings inspiration to them, the ability to “catch the wave”, and at the same time, the glory, recognition, and patronage of patrons. The stone is very attached to its owner and protects it from all kinds of unpleasant situations and negative people. He is recommended as a guardian of peace and prosperity in the house – but to keep the statuette or crystal of the Labrador follows in sight, in no case should it be placed under the threshold, as advised in some sources; when the gem every day “sees” the situation, it actively recycles any negative energy into positive fluids.

This mineral derives its power from the Moon, so it should be activated, at each full moon spreading on the windowsill.

Labradors specialises in semi-precious stones are distinguished “on the basis of gender”: lighter with a golden-blue tint is considered male, dark with brownish-green – female. It is best to buy a “married couple” of minerals – they will not only help you competently and efficiently manage your household but will also protect your family hearth, teach you a more careful attitude to your “half.” It should be remembered that the Labrador cannot be constantly worn by yourself, and in any case, do not let strangers touch your talisman – aimless touches destroy the friendly strength of the stone. Astrologers recommend it to all the signs of the zodiac without exception, but it is especially useful to the Lions, Scorpions, Aries, and Virgins. Energy labrador is connected to the heart, sex and throat chakras.

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Talismans and amulets

Labrador is a wonderful amulet for the house and all households, it should be kept on the surface so that he can see people, the house and himself was swept up. Wrong advice is to put a stone under the threshold of the house. Talisman practicing mages and all the “wizards” of high level. Labrador hates aspirants for evil, but will not prevent them, however, sooner or later; such people will lead to a very sad end. The stone is very attached to the owner, loves it and strives to help in all, especially very unpleasant, situations, so the Labrador- a wonderful guardianship of people who have to take a lot of risks. He is an indispensable talisman of people who seek, but who are firmly on their feet and who always analyze matters, situations that can make at least minimal forecasts. Labrador will connect his master with the past, help to see the connection between the present and the past time, draw the right conclusions. The stone will also contribute to foresight, but only for those who are inclined to this activity by nature, who is given a certain gift and this gift is not wasted immoral. Labrador promotes a person who wants to mystically comprehend the world and activities in it.

Interestingly – from the history of the

Hyperborean, according to one of the legends, first showed people the beauty of an amazing stone, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.

In Europe, the Labrador has become widely known since 1770, when it was found on the island of Labrador in northern Canada – soon Parisian and London fashionables with might and main wore rings, earrings and brooches with a “peacock stone.” And during the construction of the Hermitage in 1781 in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, several blocks with the eyes of the Labrador were suddenly found, which provoked a surge in the popularity of the gem in Russia. In the royal residences, countertops from Labrador appeared, the Petersburg nobility loved golden snuff-boxes with a rainbow stone, and even the ball gowns to match the decorations were sewn from the iridescent “tausin silk” (in the old Russian dialect the word “taushin” meant “peacock”).


In the middle of the 19th century, a rich Labradorite deposit was found in Ukraine, and since then the stone has been actively used in the facing of interiors and exteriors: for example, it was used in the decoration of Lenin’s Mausoleum, some Moscow metro stations and many monumental buildings and architectural monuments. Today, the Labrador is one of the most popular ornamental stones, and it is used both for inserts in jewelry – rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks and much more – and for creating interior sculpture and small decorative items. The Labrador is still being mined in the same place – the fields are still not exhausted in Burma, and in Ukraine, and on about. Labrador in Canada, but its accessibility is a thing of the past – today a large statue and the more facing of the facade of spectrolite can only be afforded by a person.