Healing Crystal Emerald Stone

Healing Crystal Emerald Stone

  • February 15, 2018

Meaning and Uses of Emerald Stone | Healing Crystal

General appearance

In its natural state, it is a very dark green conglomerate, matte and rough on almost all its surface. It has lighter and translucent areas, and others darker (almost black) and shiny with a scaly appearance.


Easy to get if it is not polished, the worked ones are very expensive.


India, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Austria

Zodiac sign


Agate Pencil Points


It is called the stone of inspiration and patience. Maintains balance in relationships and enhances unity, unconditional love, and friendship. It is so linked to the concept of loyalty that, they say if it changes color means that someone is being unfaithful. It also helps to strengthen character and overcome the obstacles of life, regenerating and recovering the spirit of negative emotions and anxiety. Emerald eliminates negativity, focuses attention and raises awareness, being very useful for skills related to clairvoyance. He is also an excellent deviator of magic spells and spells.


It is usually used to cure phobias and to bring to mind what is known unconsciously. It also strengthens the memory and broadens the internal knowledge and vision we have of ourselves, giving us the wisdom to unravel the truth and express ourselves eloquently.


Hold it on the little finger and void rights, position it in the right place. In the company of amethysts, it works incredibly well. Clean often and avoid prolonged contact, is immediately overloaded with negative energy. Do not use opaque emeralds for tuning exercises or mental synchrony with other people.


Use the transparent ones so that their light helps to expel evil spirits in possessed persons. Place in rituals to give knowledge of the present, the past and the future, or to grant spiritual and psychic clarity.

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Cleaning and recharging

Anyone. It is a soft and easily factorable stone, treat with care.

Wearing an emerald, also known as Panna or zammrud brings in intelligent growth. Natural intelligence and mind is the domain of Planet Mercury and attractive this planets power brings in a better understanding of life, a balanced perspective and better ability to grasp deeper subjects too.

– The individual wearing an emerald can visibly see a spurt in creativity, artistic talents, linguistic skills and ability to ideate / innovate better.

– Wearing an emerald can give a huge edge in relation to the communication skills. There is a remarkably better, clearer and lucid style of communication and the individual is able to express oneself with aplomb and confidence.

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