Black Star Stone

Diopside or Black Star Stone Meaning and Uses

  • February 15, 2018

 Meaning and Uses of Diopside or Black Star Stone

General appearance

Generally carved oval, sphere or cabochon, set in a silver pendant. Greenish black striated and translucent, polished domed and soft. When you lean towards a point of light, a four-pointed star appears that shines inside, projected on the opposite side from which the light comes, similar to the one projected by your brother, the star ruby.


Rare and expensive.


Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, India, South Africa, Birma, Madagascar, Brazil and America.

Zodiac sign

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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Powerful protection amulet. It is said that these stones have powerful spirits inside them, and the star is their reflection. Strengthens the person who leads him in his attitude towards life. Above all, it harmonizes and softens the problems, even those that come from childhood. It grants with moderation harmony and balance. It provides relationships that are more sincere and faithful, between couples and friends. Black stars are stones that reflect the hidden part of ourselves, and bring out our brightest lights, even in the worst moments. Balances extreme mood swings it helps not to cling too much to the past, as well as to reach the knowledge of the spiritual nature of all beings and the background of all phenomena. Intensifies the intuition of the mind. Its energy flows very well through the heart chakra and the third eye. It also helps people who suffered some type of trauma in their childhood.


It has very prominent characteristics of blood and blood cells. Heals relieves and calms leukemia produced in the marrow, regulating the number of white blood cells. Controls and harmonizes coagulation. It balances the metabolism and the absorption of liquids. People who are hemophilic and those who tend to get bruises, bruises or spills often should always wear a pendant or ring, or take an elixir of this mineral weekly. This also enhances the production of vitamin C.

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Meditating we will place it on the forehead and it will help us to heal and alleviate the mental blockages caused by childhood.


Place on the altar to increase the protection of the circle.

Cleaning and recharging

Clean once a month under a jet of cold water. Each new moon can be placed on a pile of hematite to load it. It also responds well to the light of the full moon.

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