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  • October 16, 2018


Definition: Spleen, glandular organ, flattened and oblong, located in the upper left area of ​​the abdominal cavity, in contact with the pancreas, diaphragm and left kidney; It is attached by fibrous bands attached to the peritoneum (the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity). Although its size varies from one person to another, it is usually 13 cm long, 10 cm wide and 3.8 cm thick, and weighs approximately 200 g.

Functions: 1-Hematopoiesis: during pregnancy the spleen is an important producer of blood in the fetus. After the birth, this function disappears, but it can be performed again if necessary.

2-Filter: the spleen is responsible for the maturation of red blood cells and also for the destruction of old, abnormal or damaged red blood cells. Contributes to keep platelets healthy.

3-Immune: in the spleen antibodies are produced and have the capacity to destroy bacteria by phagocytosis. The spleen is part of the immune system and the human circulatory system that accompanies the capillaries, vessels, veins and other muscles that this system has.

Minerals that treat the spleen:

Olivine or peridot OLIVINE -The olivine or peridot is a mineral especially effective in the treatment of the spleen. It has to be placed in the solar plexus area.


Definition: Cramping is an unpleasant sensation caused by an involuntary contraction, usually of the muscles. It may be due to insufficient oxygenation of the muscles or the loss of fluids and mineral salts, as a result of prolonged effort, sudden movements or cold. Poisoning or certain diseases can also cause cramping, particularly in the stomach. It can also be defined as a sudden and painful contraction of a muscle or group of muscles.

Minerals that treat cramps:

MALAQUITA -It is one of the healing stones par excellence because it relieves the pain of the part of the body on which we place it as well as helping in the treatment of multiple diseases. Placed on the area to be treated relieves cramps.

TURQUESA-Turquoise has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Placed over the area to be treated helps relieve cramps.


Definition: Cancer is a group of diseases in which the body produces an excess of malignant cells (also known as cancerous or cancerous), with typical features of behavior and uncontrolled growth (growth and division beyond normal limits, invasion of the surrounding tissue and, sometimes, metastasis).

Metastasis, characteristic of many types of cancer, is the spread at a distance, mainly lymphatic or blood, of the cells that originate cancer, and the growth of new tumors in the places of destination of said metastasis. These three properties (uncontrolled cell division, aberrant behavior and metastasis) differentiate malignant tumors (carcinomas) from benign ones (sometimes simply called tumors), which are limited and do not invade or metastasize. Most cancers form tumors, but some like leukemia do not.

Minerals that treat cancer:

SUGILITA OR LUVULITE – Sugilite or luvulite is a very special mineral, which has the ability to help us find the source of the imbalances that cause the disease in our body. This mineral is used especially in the treatment of cancer, helping to determine its origin and channel the healing energy that helps us to overcome this disease.


Definition: Cholesterol is a sterol (lipid) found in the body tissues and blood plasma of vertebrates. It occurs in high concentrations in the liver, spinal cord, pancreas and brain.

Minerals that treat cholesterol:

MAGNESIATE – Magnesite accelerates the metabolism of fats so it helps control cholesterol. Take it with you to be possible in contact with the skin.

Detoxification of the body -There are many minerals that help us eliminate toxins from the body, some do so in a specific way (digestive system, skin, etc.) and others in a general way helping to cleanse and regenerate the physical body.

CRISOPASA -The crisopasa has a powerful detoxifying power. Place it on the place to be treated or take it with you.

FLUORITE – Fluorite, especially green, helps balance the body and eliminate toxins. It is important to clean it after using it.

OLIVINO OR PERIDOTO – Helps to release toxins and has a great cleansing effect. It can be worn as a necklace or pendant, being especially effective when it is located at the height of the solar plexus.

TURMALINE – Tourmaline, especially green and pink. It is convenient to carry it as a pendant for several days. Practically does not require cleaning.

TURQUESA – In addition to its detoxifying properties turquoise has protective properties and helps eliminate parasitic energies. As the olivine and the tourmaline is perfect to take it in the form of a pendant.


Definition: The term diabetes includes two different pathological situations: diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. These disorders have no pathological relationship, because their causes and morbid processes (etiopathogenesis) are different, but share certain clinical manifestations that have made them have the same name. Generally, the term “diabetes” is used to refer to diabetes mellitus, which is a much more frequent and well-known disorder than diabetes insipidus.

Diabetes mellitus is not a single pathology but a syndrome, which is why this term includes today, in turn, several types of different conditions but with a common characteristic: hyperglycemia and its consequences.

There are four kinds of diabetes mellitus:

Type 1: Caused by the destruction of Beta cells of the pancreas that usually leads to a total deficiency of insulin (formerly called insulin-dependent or juvenile diabetes)

Type 2: Caused by insulin resistance, with decreased production or alteration in the secretion of it (formerly called noninsulin-dependent, usually initiated in adulthood)

Gestational: A type developed during pregnancy.

Other types: Developed in the context of other diseases or disorders that are associated with diabetes mellitus.

Minerals that treat diabetes:

MALAQUITA – is a mineral that has the ability to relieve pain. Due to its ability to absorb energy, special attention must be paid to cleaning it after each use. To help in the treatment of diabetes take malachite with you, you can take it as an ornament or in your pocket.

SERPENTINE – The serpentine has a great capacity to absorb negative energy and clean the chakras. Help in the treatment of diabetes.


Minerals indicated for the teeth:

AGUAMARINA – placed on any part of the body has soothing properties. When there is pain in the teeth or molars, placing an aquamarine inside the mouth will quickly relieve relief.

APATITO- favors the assimilation of calcium helping in the treatment of teeth and bones.

FLUORITE- relieves arthritis and rheumatism, favors the teeth and bones and has detoxifying properties.

MAGNESITA- facilitates the assimilation of nutrients. It is beneficial for bones and teeth.


There are multiple minerals that help to alleviate pain, but we should always try to know the origin of that pain to treat pain in parallel with the cause of the disease.

Minerals that relieve pain:

AMETHYST – Amethyst is undoubtedly one of the most important minerals that nature offers us. It is perhaps the most complete of all, it helps us in personal evolution, it brings balance, it deals with the body, the mind and the spirit.

DIOPTASA – It has a great ability to absorb negative energy, relieving both emotional and physical pain.

LARIMAR – In addition to its soothing properties, the larimar, placed on the area to be treated, alleviates pain. It is especially effective for headache.

MALAQUITA – It is one of the healing stones par excellence since it relieves the pain of the part of the body on which we place it as well as helping in the treatment of multiple diseases.

SERPENTINE – absorbs negative energies, relieving physical and emotional pain.


Stomach problems are often related to stress and emotional stress. There are a number of minerals that in addition to their soothing properties are very effective in the treatment of stomach disorders.

AGUAMARINA – placed on any part of the body has soothing properties.

TURMALINA- yellow treats stomach problems.

TURQUESA- In addition to its detoxifying properties turquoise has protective properties and helps eliminate parasitic energies. Relieves cramps and stomach discomfort. It is perfect to carry it in the form of a pendant.


Fatigue Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a rare disease. Its main characteristic is to feel great fatigue and symptoms related to it. And it causes extreme tiredness and pain with physical effort.

Minerals that help in the treatment of chronic fatigue:

AMETRINE OR BOLIVIANITE – Ametrine quartz is a natural combination of amethyst and citrine quartz originally from Bolivia. It has the qualities of both minerals. It is a powerful ally in the treatment of chronic fatigue.


There are many causes of both male and female infertility. When a couple wants to get pregnant and does not get it, it generates a strong emotional stress that can make conception even more difficult. Therefore, in addition to visiting the specialist it would be convenient to use stones that provide calm and tranquility such as larimar or aquamarine.

Minerals that help boost fertility:

RODONITE – enhances fertility and also absorbs negative energy and helps heal emotional pain, making it a perfect stone for when the couple tries to conceive.

ZOISITA – helps in the treatment of fertility problems in both men and women (Clinical Gemotherapy)


Fever is only a symptom that can be caused by multiple diseases. It is especially high in children, having to be careful that it does not exceed 40º.

Minerals that help control fever:

BLUE AGATE – revitalizes the body, helping to control fever.

MAGNESITA – is a calming mineral that brings peace and tranquility. It helps to reduce fever.

RUBÍ – placed in the solar plexus area, helps fight infections and fever (Clinical Gemotherapy)


The liver is an organ or viscera of the human body and, at the same time, the most voluminous gland of the anatomy and one of the most important in terms of the metabolic activity of the organism. It performs unique and vital functions such as the synthesis of plasma proteins, preparation of bile (necessary for digestion and absorption of fats), detoxifying function, store of vitamins, glycogen, etc. In addition, it is responsible for eliminating from the blood substances that can be harmful to the body, transforming them into innocuous ones.

Minerals that treat the liver:

DIOPTASE – helps regenerate the liver. The area where it is most effective is on the heart chakra.

HELIOTROPO OR JASPE BLOOD – helps treat all diseases related to blood. It also helps detoxify the liver. You can wear it constantly.

OLIVINE OR PERIDOTO – Helps to regenerate the liver, spleen and gallbladder. It can be placed on the area to be treated or worn as a jewel in contact with the skin (Clinical Gemotherapy)

Swelling or inflammation

Inflammation is the manifestation of many diseases. It is a non-specific response to environmental aggressions, and is generated by inflammatory agents. The inflammatory response occurs only in vascularized connective tissues and arises for the defensive purpose of isolating and destroying the harmful agent, as well as repairing the damaged tissue or organ. The biggest problem that arises from inflammation is that the defense is aimed at both harmful and non-harmful agents, in a way that causes injury to healthy tissues or organs.

Minerals that treat inflammation:

AGUAMARINA – has soothing properties. Placed on any part of the body reduces inflammation.

AMETHYST – rebalances and relieves pain. Applied on the damaged area reduces inflammation (Clinical Gemotherapy)

Clinical Gemotherapy

Clinical Gemotherapy List of Diseases

  • October 16, 2018

Gemotherapy clinic: healing stones and crystals, use of stones, diseases to be treated by gems, crystal therapy, and vibration therapy.

For diseases:

Headache and migraines:

The headache and the migraines suppose for many people an authentic problem in their day to day. Although, as in all cases you have to find the cause of these pains and resort to medical treatment indicated by the specialist there are a number of minerals that can help us cope with these attacks and relieve pain.

Minerals that relieve headaches and migraines:

Amethyst – Amethyst is undoubtedly one of the most important minerals that nature offers us. It is perhaps the most complete of all, it helps us in personal evolution, it brings balance, and it deals with the body, the mind and the spirit.

Larimar – In addition to its soothing properties, the Larimer, placed on the area to be treated, alleviates pain. It is especially effective for headache.

Magnesite MAGNESIATE-Magnetite has calming properties. It is especially indicated in cases of migraines.


Definition: A feeling of pain or burning in the esophagus is called pyrosis or heartburn, just below the sternum that is caused by the regurgitation of gastric acid. The pain originates in the chest and can radiate to the neck, throat or angle of the jaw.

Minerals that treat acidity:

Malaquita -It is one of the healing stones par excellence because it relieves the pain of the part of the body on which we place it as well as helping in the treatment of multiple diseases. Placed on the stomach or holding it with the left hand relieves acidity.

TURQUESA-Turquoise is a sacred stone for many cultures; it is a protective stone that is used to make talismans and amulets. It is a strongly regenerative stone that helps to treat exhaustion. It can be placed on any part of the affected body, although its maximum effectiveness reaches it on the solar plexus and throat chakras. Relieves both heartburn and stomach aches.


Allergy is a hypersensitivity to a particular substance that, if inhaled, swallowed or touched produces characteristic symptoms. Allergy is the harmful effect of hypersensitivity of the organism. The substance you are allergic to is called an “allergen,” and the symptoms caused are defined as “allergic reactions.” When an allergen enters the body of an allergic subject, the immune system responds by producing a large number of antibodies called IgE. Successive exposure to the same allergen will produce the release of chemical mediators, particularly histamine, which will produce the typical symptoms of the allergic reaction.

Minerals that treat allergy:

GREEN QUARTZ OR VENTURINE-is a mineral of the quartz family that has great healing properties. To prevent allergy you can place a piece of Venturine in the bedroom, which also brings calm and tranquility to the room.

DIAMOND – is one of the most appreciated stones in jewelry due to its beauty and brightness, although its price is very high and acquiring a quality diamond can have a huge economic cost. For use in gemotherapy we can use it in jewelry as well as acquire a diamond in the rough and hold it in your hands. Diamond helps in the treatment of allergy, and at a preventive level we can carry any diamond jewel in contact with the skin.


Anemia is a disease of the blood that is due to an alteration of the blood composition and determined by a decrease in the erythrocyte mass that causes a low concentration of hemoglobin. A deficiency of only one of these factors is rarely recorded independently. Anemia is a laboratory definition that involves a low erythrocyte count and a lower than normal hemoglobin or hematocrit level.

Minerals that treat anemia:

HELIOTROPO OR JASPE BLOOD-is a type of jasper (belonging to the family of quartz) that often has a deep red with brown to green spots. In cases of anemia it is convenient to place a heliotrope under the pillow.


Anorexia is a terrible disease that in recent times has been affecting many people, especially teenage women. The fear of gaining weight, together with a completely distorted vision of the body, leads the patient to eat less and less food to lose weight, practically reaching starvation. This disease can lead to death as well as serious physical consequences.

In the case of anorexia, it is critical to put yourself in the hands of a specialist doctor as soon as it is detected (usually by the family members and people from the environment), since early treatment is essential.

Carnelian Parallel to medical treatment (never as a substitute), topaz and carnelian are two minerals that will bring great benefits to the patient. This can carry one of these minerals in the form of a jewel permanently until it is a clear improvement or you can place a piece of one of these minerals in the patient’s room.

Topaz The topaz will help in the treatment of the disease, while the carnelian will favor the assimilation of the nutrients of the food (favoring the physical improvement) and will provide strength and vitality to fight in the overcoming of the disease.


Definition: Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint, characterized by pain, limited movement, swelling and local heat. There is another term that is confused with arthritis, which is osteoarthritis which corresponds to a degenerative disorder of the joint. There are numerous diseases and syndromes that can cause arthritis.

Minerals that treat arthritis:

CALCITA VERDE- is very effective when emotional problems are manifested in joints, bones and ligaments. Therefore it is ideal to treat problems of arthritis, tendinitis and rheumatism.

FLUORITA- relieves arthritis and rheumatism problems, is placed on the area to be treated.

MALAQUITA-is a mineral that has the ability to relieve pain. Due to its ability to absorb energy, special attention must be paid to cleaning it after each use. Placed on the affected area relieves the discomfort of arthritis.


Definition: Asthma is a chronic condition of the respiratory system, in which its pathways occasionally contract, become inflamed and produce excessive amounts of mucus, often in response to one or more triggers. These episodes can be triggered by things such as exposure to a stimulating environment, such as an allergen, moist air, exercise or exertion, or emotional stress. They are usually short-lived respiratory attacks, although there may be periods with daily asthmatic attacks that may persist for several weeks.

Minerals that treat asthma:

AMBER-located in the solar plexus area treats respiratory problems and asthma.

RODOCROSITA-helps in the treatment of respiratory problems. In the case of asthma it is convenient to place a piece of rhodochrosite on the solar plexus chakra.



  • October 15, 2018

The attribution of the magical object of the amethysts began at the same moment that a human being found one; we can imagine his fascination with an object of such a beautiful color, which allows light to pass through it, which is cold at the touch of the hand and which nonetheless possesses the color of the magical violet fire. It is easy to guess, that from the first moment it was considered a special, valuable object that by its beauty could only bring good luck to whoever had it. And the best way to have it permanently would be wearing it, and so, in a simple way, it would be like the first jewels were born, in the form of company, amulet, talisman or fortune mineral. And this magical halo would forge stories and legends that have come and continue to expand, to this day.

Of all its legends, perhaps the most repeated is that related by Aristotle, who attributes to Bacchus, the god of wine, the creation indirectly, of the amethysts, for being persecuting a beautiful young woman who, faced with her harassment and attempted rape, He asked the goddess Artemis for help and she turned it into a vine of violet color, thus preventing it from being violated, (from which comes the word violet, non-violation).

Another form of this same legend is the one that tells that in fact Baco was drunk and persecuted a nymph, named Ametis (from where comes the word amethyst, which also means “not intoxicating”) which used its magical powers to become a beautiful crystal of completely transparent quartz and Baco was so distressed that I spilled the glass of wine that he had in his hand on this crystal, as an offering and an apology and that at that very moment, the crystalline quartz turned into a beautiful amethyst of the color of wine.

As a curiosity, there is a city in Brazil called Amethyst of the South, but this is not the curious thing, not even the obvious fact, by the name, that there are plenty of amethysts there; the curious thing is that the largest church in the town, is built with amethysts and even more curious that each inhabitant took at least one amethyst for its construction, so literally, its walls are lined with beautiful and twinkling amethysts; more than forty tons of amethysts.

Curious also the fact that both these Brazilian and the Uruguayan amethyst can reach more than a hundred million years.


Amethyst is a quartz that grows in veins where the presence of ferrous oxide solutions are abundant, specifically a macrocrystalline variety of quartz, which owes its extraordinary color to its chemical composition, mainly iron (oligisto), calcium, boron, aluminum, magnesium and phosphorus among other alkaline components.

If an amethyst is subjected to a temperature higher than 300 / 400ºC, its violet color turns yellow (and it is sold as false citrino)…

With the contact of our skin, the amethyst is heated and its energy, its vibration expands. If we make two amethysts collide with each other, (being in the dark) we can observe that sparks of light jump: these two properties are called piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity, both properties of quartz.

Its energetic vibration is constant, and like all quartz, its energetic effect is balancing and harmonizing.

There are deposits of amethysts in almost all continents, but the most relevant are in: Brazil, South Africa, USA, India, Argentina, Uruguay, Russia and Madagascar. I wish you liked it and that throughout the articles that I will be uploading this week, you will fall in love even more with this extraordinary mineral.


For the great majority of the lovers of the mineral kingdom, the amethyst represents the maximum expression of beauty, not only for its form but for the extensive and varied chromatic quality with which we can find it; from the most pale and beautiful lilac, to the deepest and most inspiring purple, the amethyst goes through the whole gamut of violet.

Also, among all the stones considered semiprecious, the amethyst is the one with the most tradition, antiquity, legends, uses and applications.

Zodiac, myth and legend of the Amethyst

The legend of the origin of the amethyst comes from the Greek myth. Dionisio, the god of intoxication, was angered one day by an insult from a human and swore revenge on the next mortal to cross his path. Violent tigers should carry out their desire. Amethyst, a beautiful single girl, on her way to pay homage to the goddess Diana, would become the victim. Diana transformed Amethyst to a pure crystalline quartz stature, to protect it from the brutal claws. Dionysus wept tears of wine, in remorse for his action at the sight of the beautiful statue. The god’s tears stained the purple quartz, creating the famous jewel.

Amethyst is the birthstone for those who were born in February or for the zodiac sign of Pisces.

In ancient times, as well as in the middle Ages, people believed that the cosmos was reflected in precious stones. The amethyst is assigned to the planet Neptune. The esoteric movement rekindled the old belief and the jewelry industry made it another marketing tool, to promote certain gems. The healing powers of gems remain a controversial issue, but they are mentioned for centuries by healers, shamans and medicine men. Whether they are facts or a placebo effect does not matter, if it helps. It is safest to use the stone in contact with the skin in the problematic part of the body. Amethyst is said to be helpful for headaches, back pain and pancreas.

Amethyst Ston Properties Suppliers

Amethysts Where forms Uses Curiosities

  • October 15, 2018


It is a microcrystalline variety of quartz. Its characteristic violet color can be more or less intense, depending on the amount of iron (Fe + 3) it contains. It can be colored by zones with transparent or yellow quartz. The tips are usually darker or degrade to the colorless quartz.

Amethyst and its uses:

Amethyst: Meaning, properties, uses, geodes, magical properties, healing properties, benefits, superset amethyst, vibration energy, how it grows and where it comes from, mother earth medicine, personal use.


This spectacular amethyst is called Super 7 because it has seven qualities in itself. It will probably be a very old mineral but it has recently been discovered by the crystal therapy expert Melody. We can find it in its laminated form since this is the best way to appreciate its seven qualities, related to its formation: amethyst quartz, smoky quartz, transparent quartz, cacoxenite, rutile, lepidocrite and goethite.

It is a personal mineral of meditation although it can be used for crystal healing by placing it on the heart chakra for its powerful unifying energy: it balances the energy of all the chakras. Placed on the area of ​​the thymus gland increases the resistance of the immune system.

Another of its properties is to open the cellular memory providing courage in the event that the person feels fear of their healing and / or channeling abilities. It is also used by holistic therapists to repair the auric lattice of their patients.

Vibrationally, the energy of the superset amethyst balances the possible imbalances that could be in each of our farms, either by excess or by defect; the blocks are balanced. The ideal would be to have 7 supersite amethysts to place one in the center of each farm and self-perform a daily treatment for several days in a row and then go to space to finish as a maintenance treatment a month, in a relaxed state, while listening to meditation music for 15/20 minutes. In this way the vital centers are revitalized, the thoughts, ideas and creativity are reinforced and balanced, and the possible wounds of the heart are understood and dismissed, neutralizing.

There is an increase in personal confidence, self-esteem and creativity. A wonder the help that Mother Nature offers us with this special amethyst so powerful.


Carved, natural, in druse, geode, boulder, and jewel … How would it be better on a personal level? As defined in my previous article, to integrate the vibration of a chosen mineral, in this case, the amethyst, the ideal is to relate to it in a triple way: an amethyst in direct contact with the skin, either as a pendant or in a pocket, having another amethyst, which can be in pebble, which we will use to “carry” with its vibration the water of a glass (which we will leave submerged in the water throughout the night and which we will ingest when we get up, or inside the bottle of mineral water from which we will be drinking throughout the day) and another amethyst more, of a larger size, ideally flat (so that it does not bother us or risk damaging us with its sharp edges ), to place it under the pillow.

This self-treatment will be maintained for several weeks in a row and we will take personal notes of the changes we are observing.

Of course, this self-treatment does not replace a crystal therapy treatment performed by a holistic therapist, but rather it is a maintenance supplement to reinforce the health results we intend to obtain.


The use of amethyst in natural, vibration and holistic therapies, for its crystallotherapeutic value, (treatment with the imposition of minerals on the body of a patient placing them through aesthetically symmetric configurations on their vital centers -chacras- and / or around their bio energy field -Aura-, as well as in hands and feet) is proven effective as a natural medicine (medicine, it is a word of shamanic origin, “man or woman medicine” is one that uses, as tools of healing, those offered by Pachamama – the Earth-, to return to recover the lost health of both the body and the feeling or the psyche), covers a host of applications, among them we can mention:

Its vibration balances both cerebral hemispheres.

Strengthens the immune system, raises the level of consciousness and helps define the mission of life by providing objectivity in spiritual concerns.

It exerts a beneficial protective influence.

Her vibration is related to the energy of liberation, transmutation and forgiveness, which enables her as a companion crystal in healing processes of sentimental wounds, painful memories, traumas and fears.

It contributes, at a mental level, a sense of proportion, which is very valuable when it comes to making decisions and determinations.

Strengthens self-esteem and helps face one’s limits and fears.

It is the ideal mineral when Regressive Therapy is being performed.

It can be applied on the body of a patient who is being treated with Reiki or another hand-laying technique.

It is the best mineral that we can hold between our hands when it comes to meditating or relaxing.

Help to fall asleep if we place a flat amethyst boulder under the pillow.

It fights stress, both physical and mental, providing clarity by balancing holistically, mind, body and feelings.

It is the most emblematic mineral to recover vitality after an illness and / or surgical intervention.

Its energy is stabilizing emotionally when it is permanently in contact with the skin (for example as a hanging at the level of the heart).

Undoes energetic knots that could be on the auric lattice.

It brings peace, stability and tranquility to the character.

It helps a lot in cases of dependency (gambling, smoking, drug addiction, etc.).

It provides firmness and security to the character, personality and temperament.

Amethyst is an emblematically female mineral but its vibratory frequency equally favors men, children, the elderly and adolescents.

Taken as elixir or as amethyst water, it helps us to renew the energy of our organism since internally; its properties are integrated at a cellular level.

It is very effective in processes of release of feelings of guilt.

In pregnant women brings tranquility, serenity, confidence and protection.


Agates: its different forms

  • October 15, 2018

Agate listed: the lines that form its drawing go in accordance with the border that delimits its exterior. They are the most common to find along with those of circular drawings (Agates almost everything about them).

Walled agate: the interior drawing, instead of forming rounded circles, forms peaked lines as if it were a fortification. This type of cutting agate is special for crimping it in the form of a pendant since it emits an energetic quality of protection as a shield over the area of ​​the body where it is located (chakra of the heart or of the solar plexus).

Circular agate: the drawings inside it form concentric circles. They are the most requested to apply in face therapy for their harmonizing energy and concentrating capacity of positive vibrations on the area of ​​the body where it is located. This type of cut agate, is the most valued to be carved in a circular way and make the most appreciated pendants for its beauty and originality of form (Agates almost everything about them).

Orbicular agate: it is characterized because the drawing formed by the concentric circular lines of its interior, adopt the shape of an eye. This type of agate has always been highly valued by mediums and people who practice the art of divination since it is attributed, by affinity, the ability to see beyond the real and physical

Druze Agate: it is a type of agate in whose center there is still a hole like a druse that contains small or medium crystal formations. Very appreciated also for pendants, rings, as well as large pieces for collectors and ornamental effects in decoration of interior spaces given its spectacular beauty (Agates almost everything on them).

Amorphous agate: very difficult to find and that is usually part of private collections because they are unique pieces. The one that shows the photograph comes from Catamarca, Argentina and it is a formation of jade-agate with an internal clustered shape. They are usually rare pieces, highly valued by original mineral collectors (Agates almost everything about them).

The circular agate is a chalcedony belonging to the family of quartz. The name of agate was formerly given to be in abundance on the banks of a river in southern Italy, the Achates.

What we call circular agate, is not really a concrete mineral but a microcrystalline variety of quartz called chalcedony (as for example the onyx, which is a chalcedony or black agate that sometimes has white bands), or according to its inclusions, we have the called landscape agates or dendritic agates, mossy agates, fire agate, Allegate agate or agate eye – highly valued since ancient times in Egypt where it was carved in the form of an ocular pupil to adorn statues, or agate sardonyx, mottled, etc.

Agates are minerals of volcanic origin; in its growth, in its original formation, it grew inside a mineral bubble where it was united in a significant and unique way, temperature, pressure and space allowing its siliceous atoms and molecules to grow for millennia to end up merging giving rise to the circles that its surface presents and that when it reaches our hands, in the form of a cut of the original piece, still retains all the force as a hermetic principle “the whole is in the part and the part in the whole”; that is his energetic secret  ( Agatas almost everything about them).

Sometimes, as we can see in some agates, these tiny quartz crystals are visible because the piece of agate has been cut without having reached this natural fusion in its process, and before such originality, these pieces they are usually destined to jewelry where they are traditionally set in their outline to be used as hanging originals, medallions and necklaces. The beauty of form and color of the circular agate cannot be appreciated until it is cut, since its external appearance is of a dark, gray or brown stone. At other times, the bubble where the agate has been growing , did not contain enough silica and the quartz tips, when opened in its middle, present the formation that we know as geode(a hollow structure, as if it were a cave, with small transparent quartz or amethyst throughout its interior).

The circular agate is a hard mineral for being quartz, however very fragile for its size that turns it into a delicate mineral (Agates, composition and function).

Nowadays the agates that we can acquire come from Brazil mainly, from Uruguay, Argentina and also from some areas of India, China, Iceland, Italy, Romania and Madagascar (Agates almost everything on them).

Circular agates, crystalline nuclei of strength and wonder.

This mineral presents a particular and unique beauty in its concentric circles. These circles can be very varied as can be seen in the photographs, the most spectacular being those with a circular banded coloration – hence we call them circular agates – in different shades keeping the uniformity of the same chromatic band generally.

These circles are genuine energy concentrators of balance and harmony energy, as we will see in the section on their crsitalotherapeutic qualities (Agates almost everything about them).


Agates almost everything about them

  • October 15, 2018

Agates almost everything on them: A circular cats, especially of orange / brown tones, can  dissipate with its energy of slow vibration, pain or discomfort in some part of the body, dissipates almost miraculously if we hold between our hands or apply in the painful area.

Agates almost everything about them:

Almost everything, because new qualities and discoveries about them always appear.

Agates qualities in crystal therapy and personal use:

Carrying a circular agate set as a pendant at the level of the solar plexus, we will notice an improvement in vitality, especially in stages of physical or mental stress where stress accompanies the sensation of exhaustion: the vitalizing energy of the circular agate will exercise, as of energetic battery, a great help (Agates, composition and function).

If fatigue is felt in the legs, especially if due to our work we spend many hours standing or walking, we will notice an extraordinary relief when placing several pieces of circular agates on them for a few minutes in a relaxed position (Agates almost all about them).

If the tiredness we accuse as a headache, mental exhaustion from studying and excessive sight in too many hours in front of the computer screen, also in a relaxed position and with closed eyes, we can place several cuts of circular agate on The forehead area lasts 15 or 20 minutes; relief we will notice both physically and energetically to feel refreshed, clear.

Carried like a choker around the neck, matching its position on the throat, will provide ease of speech (Agates almost everything on them).

Another invaluable application of crystal therapy, is the renewing and inspiring force in terms of creativity that this mineral can provide us if we place for a few minutes a day periodically, for example three times a week, several pieces of circular cut agate in orange tones, on the belly area, surrounding the navel, in a state of relaxation, while reading or listening to music.

Regarding its application in face therapy to patients / clients of Cristaloterapia, we will apply cutting agates in the areas where physical pain or discomfort is physically felt as part of the imposition of crystals.

It should be noted that the agates that are sold in some stores of blue or fuchsia, have been artificially dyed with acids and, although their color is very attractive, they are not the most suitable for their crystallotherapeutic use (Agates almost everything on them). Being quartz, the agates can be cleaned by immersing them in water and salt or in seawater. So that our circular agates remain revitalized, you only have to bury them once in a while in soil, sand or green clay. In the event that we feel that our circular agate cuts have lost their shine, we can revitalize them by placing them for a few days on a bed of earth rich in humus or on the sand of the beach ( Agatas almost everything on them).

Agates, its magic, legends and curiosities:

The agates, since prehistory, have been cut to be part of the clothing as a protective amulet, probably before the fascination of its form, especially the circular agates, and, today are still one of the preferred assemblies by jewelers and artisans to make pendants by the well-known energetic property of dissipating possible tangles of negative energy, alleviate the mental fatigue and positively enhance the mood of joy and well being both physical and mental ( Agates, composition and function).

Some smaller pieces that also have concentric circles, are intended for the size and assembly of rings, since they are very original (Agates almost everything on them).

The capacity of conservation and energization of this type of agate, made that from the antiquity, bottles and containers were carved to maintain oils and oils to anoint. It is said that the cup in which Jesus drank at the Last Supper, the Holy Chalice, was carved in agate. (Interestingly, I have been able to verify that the griálica glass conserved in the cathedral of Valencia – and that for many connoisseurs in the subject, it is the Holy Grail-, it is a vessel the size of a cup carved in circular agate of orange colors and whose dating is more than two thousand years ago, whose pedestal and asitas were later placed in a work of goldsmithing, is behind a thick glass inside the same cathedral, and has been used to officiate Mass for each of the Popes of the Vatican that has gone to Spain at different times).

Circular agate cuts have always been used as protection from energies of jealousy and envy, taking them as a pendant on the body, mainly at the level of the heart or the solar plexus.

The agate of brown and green tones is especially effective to maintain and restore the health of the plants; it can be added to the water of watering either directly on the ground near the stem or also by spraying water with a few drops of its elixir on the plant. Several pieces of cutting agate can be placed on the surface of the pot.

It is known that already the Babylonians, Chaldeans and Romans, carved boches, buckles, cameos and other types of ornaments made with this type of circular agates  ( Agates almost everything on them).

Agates, its different and wonderful forms:

Agate landscape: also called dendritic agate because it seems to be a landscape or hand painted painting. It is said of this type of agate that favors the growth and good condition of indoor plants. Some of them, especially if they are transparent or translucent, look like authentic Christmas landscapes (Agates almost everything about them).

Pseudoagata: it is a very original type of agate since there are no circular formations in its interior but its internal drawing forms triangles with a pyramidal appearance. It is a type of agate highly valued by the North American channelers as a personal meditation stone since it is said to activate the internal vision.

Agate Spinach: this type of agate is used to make carvings of ornamental objects given its originality. It is a chalcedony with greenish inclusions that gives it an aspect reminiscent of the spinach leaf, hence its name (Agates almost everything about them).

Mossy Agate: It is called Mossy Agate to the colorless and translucent chalcedony that contains in its interior columnar green hornablenda that gives it the appearance of moss and hence its name. At an energetic level, this type of agate brings calmness and inner peace by holding it in your hands when we meditate  ( Agates almost everything on them).

Agate Dulcote: it is a type of agate native to the area of ​​Somerset, in the south of England and that we can acquire in the mineral trades of Glastonbury. Its color is reddish and although it is not as attractive or transparent as the circular and translucent agates, it has an energetic force of the earth to which it belongs: vitality, rooting, strengthening of the will and personal confidence (Agates almost everything about them).

Rubellite Stone

Rubellite Stone Meaning and Uses

  • September 22, 2018

Rubellite Stone Meaning and Uses

Rubellite – a relatively inexpensive stone. But the witticisms who believe that the name “rubellite” arose because the stone is cheap and its main property is the ruble of the price. Pyatikaratny rubellite – with proper quality and with a deep uniform color – can be estimated at two and a half thousand dollars. Although rubellite is smaller and not the most beautiful color can cost ten and fifteen times less.

The intensity of the color of rubellite is determined by the concentration of manganese in the crystal. Nature seemed to take care that manganese was not boring in the company of other elements: the chemical formula of rubellite takes a whole line. But it is manganese that makes rubellite stone truly beautiful.

Beauty is the main property of the gem. The best rubellite is like a color standard for plant breeders, garden raspberry breeders.

Rubelus means “red”

Rubelus, in Latin, means “red.” However, rubellite is a mineral that is slightly bluish red. Meets pink rubellite. In this case, both the red and pink color of the precious gem fully corresponds to the natural color of the raspberry berry in different stages of maturity. The most expensive rubellites intensity of tone is close to a ripe cherry.

Possessing a sufficient index of refraction, crystalline rubellite attracts buyers by playing light in a stone. Jewelry properties of the gem are appreciated!

Painted in the color of an overripe cherry, the mineral ceases to be rubellite and turns into siberite. There is nothing to be surprised: gemmological relatives of tourmaline (rubellite and siberite are species of tourmaline) are numerous and ubiquitous.

Where does rubellite live?

Uralic mines and stone deposits east of Lake Baikal, the Lanka Mountains and the Madagascar deposits give the world the most beautiful rubellite. Especially large crystals “grow” in Brazil. A record large druse of crystals of Brazilian rubellite weighed four tons. Individual branches of this splice reached a meter length at a half-meter section.

Large and Californian rubellites. But not the size and weight distinguish the best stones of this variety of tourmaline. Colour! Rubellites from the Italian island of Elba are considered the most attractive. For the richness of shades of pink color, the rubellites of this island received a personal name, and are called elbaites.

Stone, valued by history

Rubellite, now stored in the Diamond Fund, and shaped like a bunch of grapes, was rumored to be an ancient Chaldean sorcerer. The old mage did not buy a stone, but with a cunning trick he lured the demon, who brought out the crystal from hell.

A millennium later, the famous gem became the property of Julius Caesar. True, by the time the red stone rubellite properties magical podrasteril, and ensure its owner the unimpeded movement through walls and mountains could no longer. As a result, Caesar died a martyr’s death, and a luxurious crystal disappeared for centuries.

More than 1,500 years after the death of the Roman emperor, the ancient rubellite again became the center of attention. Presented as a gift to the Russian Empress by the Swedish king, the stone was accepted with favor, and relations with the donor state improved.

However, the infernal nature of the ancient crystal proved itself. The war with Russia in Sweden did happen, and the Swedes did not bring glory: having lost the generation of a demonic force, the country lost the ability to win. Since then, Sweden is not involved in military conflicts…

Therapeutic magic rubellite

The magical properties of rubellite known to contemporary esotericists do not inspire fears to the owners of these gems. Corrected in gold rubellite is extremely beneficial for the sphere of human heart attachments. Love stone magic is positive and constructive. Presented as a gift (and necessarily accepted with joy), rubellite becomes a pledge of long and bright relations.

The best way affects rubellite and on health. When wearing rubellite on the arm, the glands of internal secretion are normalized. The rubellite pendant, worn in the projection of the heart, helps the realization of the pumping function of the heart muscle.

Important and medicinal properties of rubellite in the part of normalizing the mental state of a person. The owner of the pink gem knows no problems with sleep, easily finds the optimal balance between work and entertainment, gets rid of anxiety and anxiety.

Pink Quartz

Pink Quartz

  • September 22, 2018

When it comes to natural materials of pink color, most often we mean the subtle nuances of minerals. Another thing is pink quartz! He is uncompromisingly rosy, although not always bright, and is never completely transparent.

The foggy depth of pink quartz is a highly valued property. Jewelers outplay the opacity of the stone as an element of aesthetic inconsistency. Litho therapists put the healing abilities of a mineral in dependence on the characteristics of its optical parameters. Esotericisms are convinced that out of the density of color and saturation of the “fog” in the array of gems, its magical possibilities result.

Beautiful, but unstable

The popularity of rose quartz is by no means limited to the price of a stone. Masters, adjusting gems cut into cabochons, warn: keep cool, keep the heat from the heat of the day and wear it in the evening. “Why? – The ladies are surprised. “After all, in the sun, pink quartz shines no worse than ruby!”

The explanation is given by scientists. The color of the mineral is due to an admixture of titanium ions to the silicon oxide, which forms the basis of the stone. The charge of the ions is unstable: as the temperature increases, it changes so that the titanium atoms cease to interfere with the passage of light through the array, and the quartz becomes transparent.

Complete decolonization of rose quartz occurs when the temperature reaches 300 ° C; however, lower doses of heat are sufficient to reduce the color level.

Pink quartz – not only pink

Various deposits – and pink quartz is mined in Karelia, Altai, Madagascar, the Alps, and America – gems of different shades are produced. In the photo you can see quartz, the pink color of which is gentle, like the first rays of dawn. It is not difficult to find quartz, the brightness and color density of which border on the transition to red.

Purple (purple, lilac, and lilac) ebb of rose quartz is not, but if you want to find such stones in the market you can. In ultraviolet light, such quartzes exhibit the properties of fluorescence and give a weak, but very beautiful violet glow. Researchers say that the color variations of rose quartz are due to microscopic inclusions of iron and manganese compounds.

Unfortunately, most once-rich quartz mines are now depleted. Despite the constant increase in the extraction of technical quartz, the stone of jewelry quality is less and less … The tendency of brightly colored rose quartz to cracking further complicates the arrival of a fine gem on the jewelry market.

Rutile quartz also happens to be pink!

Rutile quartz is a product of a natural compound of titanium oxide and silica. The rutile crystals germinate in the quartz mass with needles-sometimes beams, sometimes disjointed, but always beautiful. Particularly expressive are quartz, the pink haze of which contrasts with the golden shine of rutile needles.

If the rutile inclusions are co-directional and thin to indistinguishability with the naked eye, pink quartz exhibits an asterism effect. The light flicker on the surface of such a cabochon takes the form of a six-beam star. The mysterious inner glow of the stone seems to hide under a pointed gleam…

Magic properties of rose quartz

Pink quartz has an “innate” ability to tune the owner’s soul in a romantic way. It’s worth the brutal lover of mineralogy to acquire several quartz pyramids – and now he lets his hair off as the early hero of Mel Gibson or Sylvester Stalonna. The woman, in whose arsenal there are ornaments with pink quartz, is experiencing an irresistible urge to agree with the man – which ultimately leads her to the marriage altar.

Deep, hidden from the surrounding, consciously constrained feelings pink quartz frees. Do not be surprised if after a week the possession of a beautiful gem will pull you to confide in a company of casual acquaintances. Do not resist, if quartz pushes you to buy your favorite, but carefully avoided cakes. Conquer if the talisman of rose quartz calls you to walk instead of sitting in front of the TV!

Astrologers note that pink quartz is equally favorable to all signs of the Zodiac, but it brings the greatest benefit to the first signs of the trigons. Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer feel the influence of the stone as extremely positive and very powerful.

The healing properties of rose quartz

Wearing bracelets with pink quartz is shown to pregnant women. The mineral normalizes the state of the mother’s vessels and metabolism in the child. Actually, overcoming vascular dysfunction of various geneses with the help of rose quartz is one of the traditional directions of litho therapy.

The result of everyday communication with pink quartz is the improvement of blood circulation in the brain, distal parts of the body. Under the influence of the mineral, the hemopoietic function of the bone marrow is improved. Promotes the gem and getting rid of diseases of the lymphatic system.

Experts warn: too long (perennial) and frequent (daily) contacts with pink quartz change the psychological susceptibility of a person. By reinforcing the stereotypes of a positive perception of reality, a mineral can weaken the understanding of dangers.

lapis lazuli stone

The Stone lapis lazuli and its Properties

  • September 22, 2018

Meaning of Lapis Lazuli Healing Stone

The stone lapis lazuli is not too expensive, but infinitely precious. Paradox? The ancients did not think so. The secret knowledge was: lazurite opens its properties to everyone, but will prefer the chosen one. Only those who are not afraid to approach the mountain peaks and touch the hand of heaven will receive the highest reward. The stone of the color of the sky, extracted in the unthinkable height, will make the life of its owner flight over vanity…

Millennia passed until science surpassed superstition, and the nature of the gem was revealed to humanity in its entirety. We are aware of the chemical composition and physical properties of the mineral. Its deposits are discovered in different parts of the world. The extraction, processing and use of cornflower stone are being conducted. And yet, lapis lazuli – in every piece of it, in every bead and jewelry insert – still keeps the secret of its charm!

Heavenly blue, cured by the forces of nature, attracts, captivates and excites the imagination as if it were old. Among the dominance of the artificial sparkling of man-made crystals, the “soft” glow of the azure stone attracts attention with an artless beauty and an amazing resemblance to the depths of the sky.

Lapis lazuli then glows in the August afternoon, then it turns blue with anticipatory thunderstorm twilight, and then it is silvered by a cloudy haze over the blue of the sea. They say there are even more beautiful gems in the world. But this is the voice of envy…

Physicochemical properties of lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli – a mineral well studied. It is distinguished by:

– color azure blue, dark blue;

– shine glass, fat;

– Opaque, can shine through;

– The line is light blue;

– Mohs hardness 5.5; fragile;

– Density of 2.38-2.42 g / cm3;

– Fractured shell;

– Cubic systemic;

– In the form of a crystal it is rare;

– Crystals of a simple cubic structure. Chlorine ions are located in the corners and center of the cube in the tetrahedral environment of sodium ions;

– The symmetry class is hex tetrahedral;

Cleavage is imperfect;

– Aggregates are dense, amorphous;

– decomposes in HCl with the liberation of hydrogen sulphide;

– Accompanying minerals – calcite, pyrite;

– Similar minerals: sodalite, nosean, gayuin.

The chemical composition of lazurite includes: sodium oxide Na2O – 16.8%, calcium oxide CaO – 8.7%, alumina Al2O3 – 27.2%, silica SiO2 – 31.8%, sulfur oxide SO3 – 34%, chlorine Cl is 0.25%.

Lapis lazuli in the history of mankind

At least seven thousand years ago, the extraction of blue stone in the mining mines of the Pamirs began. Decorating the palaces of the eastern rulers, the lapis lazuli was invariably the subject of attention of ambassadors and merchants. Western European artists have learned to triturate the mineral into powder, mix the powder with the boiled oil and thus produce ultramarine – “over the sea” – paint.

Lazurite was in love with the Pharaohs. The best of the surviving works of ancient Egyptian art bluish with a primordial density of color. It was in ancient Egypt that a tradition arose for the creation of gold jewelry with lapis lazuli insets.

The conquest of the East enabled the nobles of Europe to freely dispose of the precious gem. Rich houses were necessarily decorated with vases and fireplaces, statues and balustrades made of lapis lazuli.

True, lapis lazuli – lapis lazuli dense homogeneous color, blue or purple – was valued highly and was used only for making jewelry.

The discovery of the blue mineral in the Russian borders helped the Russian emperors decorate the grandiose buildings of the capital with beautiful azure finish. Columns of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the halls of the Peterhof Palace complex, the Winter Palace of Imperial Russia shine with the ever-fresh blue of Russian lapis lazuli.

Worldwide deposits of precious stone

Lapis lazuli is considered an ornamental stone. At the same time, the best samples of the mineral have undoubted jewelry values. But even in this case the price of lapis lazuli does not exceed two dollars per gram!

Price availability of the most beautiful natural material is determined by the volume of extraction of blue stone. Chilean Andes – along with the Afghan Pamirs – give the lion’s share of the proceeds of lazurite raw materials to the world market.

North America, Argentina, India and Russia produce high-quality lapis lazuli from less significant deposits.

Artificial gem or how to counterfeit lapis lazuli

Counterfeits of natural lapis lazuli are numerous. There is nothing surprising in that the most expensive varieties of gem are imitated. Painting jasper and sodalite in purple, scammers give out the finished product for lapis lazuli.

Extruded synthetic spinel is often issued for a crystal of lapis lazuli. There are several ways to check it. Wetting the natural gem leads to a continuous moistening of the surface. On artificial stone water is collected in droplets.

Lazurite of natural origin is refractory. In the old days, a stone designed for cabochon cutting was poured on fire for up to ten days to reveal defects in its structure. No imitation of such a test will survive…

Decoration from lapis lazuli

A wonderful piece of interior decoration can serve as a fragment of wild lapis lazuli. Some of the deposits are rich in deposits of blue gem with sparks of “golden” pyrite in the thickness of the stone massif. Even untreated fragments of valuable rock become the focus of attention!

Jewelry lapis lazuli is often made by material for cutting gems. Refinished cabochon lapis lazuli recover in gold and silver. Pendants, pendants and earrings with lapis lazuli inserts are often combined into headsets.

Serially produced only lapis lazuli beads. They are inexpensive. Jewelry made of lapis lazuli, made on individual projects, can be evaluated higher than products with precious stones of the highest category. In the photo below – lapis lazuli designed for custom jewelry.

Therapeutic properties of lapis lazuli

In modern litho therapy, the therapeutic properties of lapis lazuli are valued as uniquely all-encompassing. The blue stone normalizes vision, lowers arterial pressure, eliminates nervous tension, and brings happy dreams.

Pregnant women are recommended to wear lapis lazuli ornaments in order to get rid of the danger of miscarriage. Lazurite also helps in getting rid of toxicosis, normalizing the menstrual cycle, preventing inflammation of the female organs.

Crushed lazurite in a mixture with dilute acetic acid helps hair growth heals lesions of the gastrointestinal tract. Grated with honey and pomegranate leaves, the mineral treats skin diseases. Accepted in homeopathic doses, lapis lazuli helps to heal bruises and minor injuries.

The magical properties of lapis lazuli

It has long been believed that the main magical properties of lapis lazuli are aimed at establishing communication between people and gods. It is impossible to shame the soul before the creator, and therefore in the European magical tradition the blue stone became a symbol of openness and frankness.

Constant communication with the gem cleanses the soul of base thoughts, directs aspirations to spiritual heights. Only true friends can bestow loved ones with lapis lazuli: they do not accept insincerity!

Wearing lapis lazuli jewelry can give a person the happiness of material prosperity, business success, game luck or mutual love – but only one of four! It is noted that at different stages of life the same talisman can contribute to all four benefits in turn.

Uses of Kyanite

Stone kyanite and its Properties

  • July 12, 2018

Kyanite (from the Greek “kyanos”) – blue. Another name for the stone is “disten” (from the Greek “dis sthenos”) – a double fortress. Kyanite – an exotic stone, rarely found in jewelry. In ordinary jewelry stores, you will not see it, and you can find it only from private craftsmen, minerals sellers or collectors.

Origin and chemical composition

Kyanite is an aluminum silicate and refers to rock-forming minerals. It is formed with deep metamorphism of sedimentary rocks rich in alumina, is also found in quartz veins and contact zones of pegmatites. The coloration of kyanites can vary depending on the impurities of the compounds of iron, chromium, titanium and manganese. Traditional color – blue or blue, there are also green, yellow, purple, colorless or almost black kyanites.

The hardness of the stone is very different in different directions. This mineral is found in the form of elongated lamellar crystals with perfect cleavage in one direction parallel to the elongation. Hardness 5,0 (scratching with a knife) in the direction of elongation of the plate and 7,0 (not scratched by the knife) in the perpendicular direction. This property distinguishes kyanite from other precious stones. Blue and bluish-green crystals are distinguished by higher refractive index and density.

Physicochemical properties of kyanite

  • The chemical formula is Al2O (SiO4).
  • Color – blue, sky blue to almost colorless.
  • Singonia is triclinic.
  • The hardness is 4.5-6 on the Mohs scale.
  • The density is 3.5-3.7 g / cm3.
  • Fracture – fibrous.
  • Glitter – glass.

Varieties of kyanite

Kyanites can be dark blue, purple, yellow, and green, colorless, black. There are also crystals with the effect of “cat’s eye”. There are even kyanites with pleochroism (alexandrite effect) – a change in color depending on the angle of view. The color of such stones can vary from cobalt blue and violet to green. Ornaments with kyanite look best in daylight.

Processing and use

Kyanite is used today mainly as industrial raw materials – for the production of high-strength refractory and acid-resistant materials. It is also used in the production of insulators, crucibles for casting steel, spark plugs in the automotive industry, as well as for the creation of aluminum-silicon alloys. He even received the names of the stone of the new millennium and the stone of the 21st century. Kyanite is also used in the ceramic industry for the production of sinks, baths, and tiles.

In the jewelry business, transparent stones are used. They are cabochoned, inserted into earrings, pendants or made from them beads and bracelets. Kyanite is difficult to handle because of its ability to crack easily. At the same time, after polishing, the stone acquires a noble appearance and shine. Ornaments with kyanite look great in daylight.

Long since, the blue-colored crystals have been grinded and sold to inexperienced customers in the guise of sapphires. Indeed, a jewel stone of deep blue color of high transparency and purity can easily be mistaken for sapphire. However, if you take a good look, you can notice that the kyanite is colored unevenly – with stripes.

Deposits of kyanite

The deposits of jewelry kyanites exist almost all over the world. The first place in the extraction of industrial kyanite is occupied by the USA and India. The US Congress in 1984 declared it a strategic material and this could mean, among other things, that it was used in secret industries. In the US, stones are mined in the states of Montana, Virginia, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, South and North Carolina, Georgia. There are deposits in India, Myanmar, Burma, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Australia, Brazil, Austria, Finland, Serbia, Spain and Switzerland. Kyanites of bright blue sapphire are found in the foothills of Nepal.

In Russia, deposits of celestial blue and violet kyanites are found in the Urals. Their spindle-shaped crystals are called oatmeal. Transparent beautifully painted kyanites can also be found in the Arkhangelsk region and the Kola Peninsula.

Imitation and synthetics

Jewelry transparent kyanite deep blue color of high purity can be taken for sapphire, but it is softer than sapphire, and in a crystal it cannot be confused with sapphire. Lighter, watery-blue kyanites are very similar to aquamarine, especially the shape of crystals. If it is noticeable that the color is distributed unevenly in the gem, by strips, then it certainly kyanite.

Magical properties of kyanite

Kyanit is considered a talisman of travelers. It has been known for a long time that a crystal of kyanite suspended on a human hair or silk thread always turns to the north with the same end. For this reason, travelers often took a crystal of kyanite with them, especially if they went to unexplored land.

It is believed that kyanite makes its owner more reasonable, faithful, modest, and prudent. This stone is simply necessary for people who are prone to all sorts of adventures and love affairs.

As a talisman, a kyanite helps a person concentrate on one thing, rather than throwing energy in vain, trying to do everything at once. Also kyanit helps to choose exactly the case, which will bring to its owner the greatest benefit – from material profit to achieving fame and success. Stone protects the owner from the perfidy of business partners, attracts to him the sympathy and trust of other people, helps to climb the career ladder, but only on the condition that the kyanite owner is a kind and decent person. This is the talisman of teachers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, businessmen and politicians.

Properties of Cornelian

Healing properties

Traditional healers believe that kyanite increases the general tone of the body, improves memory, facilitates the state of childhood infections, kidney and bladder diseases, relieves insomnia, removes the effects of stress.


Astrologers strongly recommend wearing kyanite to people born under the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini. It also suits Pisces, Cancers and Libra. This stone is contraindicated irresponsible, lazy, fraudulent people.


It is known that kyanites brought from India to Russia and Europe in the 16th century. In 1575 in Moscow was compiled “A descriptive book, how to lead young people to the nobility and the whole price,” and in part it describes “all kinds of land different goods, they are brought to Russia by the Germans and other lands people trading.” Later the book was supplemented with new information, including the description of kyanites: “A stone is a bous, siz, blue, and you do not buy a bass for the yawn.” Baus was brought from India, and it was assumed that in the course of trading he could be given out for a yakhont, that is, for a sapphire.

The name kyanite owes its name to a beautiful sky-blue color. In Germany, kyanite was formerly called a plank stone, because it forms elongated long-columned crystals, similar in structure to wood.

Crystal Quartz Pyramid

Pyramids are used for charging Crystals, meditation, massage and Healing Reiki. We supply highly polished powerful gemstone pyramids which are a must for healer. A crystal pyramid can be used to draw of Negative Energy and Generate Positive Energy.