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Fluorite Stone Meaning

Fluorite Stone Meaning and Uses

  • September 25, 2017


Fluorite crystallizes in the form of masses, druses, grains, columns, cubes, octahedral and rhomb dodecahedra. This mineral that forms crystals is a compound of calcium and fluoride (calcium fluoride). It crystallizes in colors like violet, blue, green, pink, yellow, magenta, red, black, and transparent and in the mixture of several of these.

Fluorite is a multidimensional stone; generates the best achievements of the mind and puts it in harmony with the spirit. From that higher state of consciousness, we can have an intellectual access to the truth to understand the cosmic concepts of reality and the laws that govern the Universe.

In the area of meditation, it is considered a third eye stone, which makes it possible to access the highest states of mind thanks to the intensity of its vibrations. From the energy point of view, Fluorite has an exceptional value, since it is an exalting of the psychic capacities, allowing the understanding and integration of the realities that transcend the mere physical context.

Used correctly and for good, it can open the doors of the highest uptake and convert meditation into a momentous experience. It can help you to direct the psychic impulse to the most hermetic depths of the Self, allowing you a deep understanding of yourself.

Fluorite produces a power that can control chaotic or disruptive growth. It can stabilize and bring order to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems. It is the stone to bring order where there is chaos.

This marvelous stone advances the mind, developing its ability to comprehend the fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensions. It is a stone of the mental body and helps us to understand everything from the mind; when the mind tunes to the essence of the Fluorite, it learns to know the sanctuaries of being, where wisdom remains.

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The exceptional balance of his force field acts as an element of balance between the positive and negative vibrations of the mind. Few stones, like her, contribute to creating an internal state of peace and silence in which everything is immobilized and time seems to stop. Without the past, without future, without the physical weight of the present, the fluorite gives access to the notion of infinity and therefore offers a luminous perspective that discerns the important of the superfluous.

The use of the Fluorite allows us to take one step further: Integrate the reality of the higher and deeper into everyday mental activity, establish a connection that does not cease with the source of knowledge as we continue to develop in the physical plane, integrating the worlds into the mind.

It allows us to have access to the Unit without losing our sense of individuality. It helps us to be impartial and have access to correct reasoning when we need to look at both sides of a problem and act objectively.

It has been known as a stone of “discernment and genius”, bringing the energy of responsibility to the automatic qualities of intuition. It represents the weight that gives us the acquisition of a mind control, mental achievements, facilitating the access to a quantity of avenues to explore them.

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It increases the capacity for concentration and helps us to see reality and truth beyond the illusion. It is a very powerful stone and is acting to help push the development of the mind of humanity.

It is a great help in understanding the necessary balance in relationships. It provides a stabilizing energy that helps relationships develop harmoniously, as well as group work and the individual to flourish in him what is beneficial.

The energy of the Fluorite inspires the universal energies to nourish the energies in our bodies and we are of the understanding of the path of perfection and the strength to carry it out. It allows us to recognize the purity of the Universe and to understand that each piece of the Universe maintains an inherent perfection in itself to enable the perfection of the Universe itself.

It gives us the ideas of what physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being means. It encourages us to purify ourselves, to clean ourselves and to eliminate everything that brings disorder.

It has been used to treat certain mental illnesses and certain disorders of the frequency waves of the brain. Fluorite increases the electrical charge of the brain cells, sending more vital energy to the brain. He also treats severe neurosis and psychopaths.

At the physical level, it is also used to treat colds, flu and infections or viruses. Also to treat herpes and ulcers. It has been used successfully in the treatment of violent infectious diseases. Fluorite tumors are also treated early and to control the disordered growth of these tumors.

Fluorite promotes rapid healing, is used to treat bones and the composition and formation of cells, to treat DNA damage, and is beneficial for teeth. Regenerates the mucous membranes and treats the skin. It dissolves adhesions and mobilizes the joints, so it relieves arthritis, rheumatism, and spinal injuries.

If we caress the body with it towards the heart, it alleviates the pain. It also cleanses spots and wrinkles on the skin. It can reactivate sexual intercourse.


It helps you to develop the mind; it allows you to develop orderly thoughts in sequence. It also allows you to record thought sequences and remember them in order.

It produces the energy of calmness and helps us direct it to where we need it. It is an excellent energy to stimulate clear and concise communication both in this world and with other worlds.

It has been used to treat eye problems and to uncover tear ducts, nosebleeds, and disorders in the nasal, ear, throat and speech problems.


Stimulates the crown chakra and brightens and energizes the aura. It agrees the intellect and the spirit helping you to recognize what is not driving you in your spiritual development.

It is used to align the chakras to open paths between the universal energy and the physical body and to facilitate the transmission of energy from other minerals during healing sessions.

It can clear the darkened vision and refresh the eyes, remove obstructions in the iris and pupil area and stimulate the development of vision.


She is the specialist to clean the chakras; it will bring them the cleaning of a rain and the freshness of the spring spray to renew them. It can help release the emotional traumas of the physical body and can cleanse and eliminate negativity within a room by transmuting it into the light and love of the universe.

It can be used to treat stomach problems and relieves and cleanses the tract and intestines. Cure colitis, hemorrhoids, burns and burning throat.


It is a stone of the third eye bringing rationality to intuitive qualities and gives meaning to psychic visions and communications.

It connects us to the source of all things and associates us with unity both physically and spiritually. It promotes the spiritual development of the mind and the Self.

It is used to treat bones and marrow. It brings balance to the physical body systems and cellular structures. It is excellent for preparing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for healing.


It allows the opening and development of creativity and supports you in your progress and intellectual processes of thought.

It is very good for stabilizing the energy of a group, promoting the cooperative connection within the members. It helps us recognize the network of love that connects all that exists and all beings.

It is used to treat and balance cholesterol, liver problems, and for mental discontinuity, it allows us to cleanse the body of toxins and fat deposits inside the body.


It is a heart healer, calms the emotions and connects them with a balanced and calm thought.

It relieves pain, brings softness, sweetness and tranquil joy to the soul. It is a stabilizer and natural balancing. Encourage true love.

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Types of Precious Stones

Types of Precious Stones

  • September 22, 2017

Types of Precious Stones and its Meanings


Ruby represents the strength of Mother Earth. It gives us self-esteem, harmony, tranquility, self-confidence and mental clarity, and this allows us to strengthen our relationship with others. It also provides an increase in popularity and arouses passions and erotic appetites.

Power Star Ruby Heart spiritual levels, relations of the individual with the divine and an increase in the flow of vital energy.

Hindus consider it the ideal place to work all the pathologies generated by the effect of the cold gem. Good for Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. First chakra.


Sodalite attenuates the fears and anxieties that produces a state of intense peace and serenity to cope with life situations as it tempers the strong emotions. Combined with other stones can be used to treat nervous disorders and attitudes of anger, rage and exaggerated nervousness. Confers the right state of mind to rationally discuss ideas or events and draw logical conclusions. Your pacifying influence makes it very effective to protect the entire body and to improve the general condition of any human being.

Good for Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. Fifth and sixth chakra

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Topaz is used to direct and focus energy, thanks to its parallel striations and natural shine. It also purifies negative energies, bringing stability and balance. With Topaz we get the energies within the I be better organized, creating security and helping to release repressed thoughts. It is a very suitable stone for researchers and creative.

In what is useful in symptomatic severe respiratory symptoms, such as regenerating tissues, psoriasis, wounds and allergies, circulatory problems and high blood pressure.

Laryngeal – sexual chakra. Good for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.


Black Tourmaline is one of the gems that best protect us from any form of negativity, and rejecting all those energies that create imbalance around establishing a safe and neutral ground. It also helps us to free ourselves from negative feelings like jealousy, anxiety, fear, hatred or stress. It is very useful in introverted personalities with large uncertainties and indecisive. It is a deeply refreshing and usually stone used in healing or spiritual experiences to return to normal state. It also helps to solve long-neglected situations, despite suffering stemming therefrom.

From the center of action symptom is the kidney, serves as a reconstituting the bone tissue and improving liver functions.

First chakra. Good for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.


Turquoise is linked to the figure of the mother. It has enormous skills as a regenerative energy and can transform darkness into light. Help solve the locks and crises that can cause degenerative diseases. Attracts luck, gives confidence and self-esteem. It is relaxing and calm in adversity communicates that cause depression and sufferings. It also acts to strengthen all systems of the body and provides protection against evil.

Good for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fifth chakra.


The Unakite helps us focus when we are scattered and feel that our mind and our feelings are a mess, allowing us to merge our contradictions and reach important conclusions for us. So when we feel lost, shows us the way forward.

Promotes spiritual rebirth and allows us to let go of old patterns that keep us from living in freedom. It is also effective against depression and melancholy states because their vibrations are energizing and also provide wellness and optimism.

It can help to merge the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies into one, providing balance. His energetic force is soft and subtle, but very effective.

It’s a good ally in the treatment of circulatory disorders, tachycardia or palpitations, and sexual dysfunction.

Good for Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Fourth chakra.


The Sapphire gives us success in love and happiness that stimulates and harmonizes feelings between couples. Us away from envy reconciles enemies and strengthens the success of the peace.

Has a calming and regulatory effect on many systems of the body; wherever there is stress concentration operation and produces relaxation. Relief of anxiety produces a flow of communication and personal expression that stimulates the mind and allows an improvement in the subtle states of awareness, enhancing wisdom.

Star-shaped emphasizes the spiritual energies of the mineral, helping clairvoyance and visionary experience. All the colors of sapphire help in meditation.

Good for Virgo. Between eyebrows and crown chakras.

Precious and Semi Precious Stones

Precious and Semi Precious Stones for Sale

  • September 22, 2017

A list of Precious and Semi Precious Stones


The Onyx Yellow carries the energy to the physical plane and focuses on earthly consciousness, recovering energy balance.

Work that does not want to see of ourselves and that is hidden because we do not accept. Therefore, it is very suitable for paintings of depression or for people who are prone to hypochondria.

In the symptomatic has a liberating effect of toxins.

Good for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Fourth and seventh chakra.


The Opal offers serenity, vigor, and joy to the hearts of the weak in spirit. It also helps to spread awareness and increase the power of thought, increasing mental clarity and intuition. Calm depression and apathy. Help to find true and real love its possessor.

Good for Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius, Aries, and Sagittarius. Third, fourth and seventh chakra.


La Perl is considered stabilizing emotion, increasing tolerance and relaxation brings flexibility and where there has been tension and frustration. Therefore it is ideal for treating bipolar tables and helps the perfectionist, careful and neat people dissatisfied with their lives because they cannot achieve their goals or people who are going through very painful times. It also expands the loving vibrations and makes them reach those that inspire. Because of its lunar energy is considered an exclusively female stone.

In the symptomatic helps improve basal metabolism, improves kidney function and is useful in rheumatism and arthritis boxes. It also strengthens the capillaries and improves lymphatic circulation.

First chakra. Good for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

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The Moonstone has a distinctly feminine character. It is ideal for people who are allowed to submit as it helps to free themselves from the oppression of others. Work the archetype of Temperance, providing patients, moderation, harmony, and self-confidence. Also controls fears, particularly nightmares and darkness. It triggers those memories generated by pain tend to hide and improves nutrient uptake, especially, love.

It is one of the most useful stones to provide emotional calm and stability as quickly relieves tension caused by emotional stress. Encourages fluidity and flexibility in all body systems. Helps develop induction, creativity, and empathy.

Good for Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. Fourth and fifth chakra.


The Sun Stone provides all the benefits of the baths of sun and helps increase physical energy. It also helps in the process of recovery from an illness, so it is ideal for those who need to regain confidence in their physical or psychic possibilities, as their vibrations can energize the highest stone healing benefits. Meridians action over which it exercises is associated with fears and feelings of vulnerability. It is also used to work temperance and tolerance.

Fourth and seventh chakra. Good for Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.

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Prehnite is a mineral full of mystery and power; we demonstrated the importance of mental focus to resolve many conditions on our own. With it in hand, and with a slow, deep breath to the required concentration, we can ship orders healing on mental illness or pain that ails us; is very likely that our body reacts and notice being almost instantly.

Seals the auric field, creating a shield of peace and protection. Opens and strengthens the heart chakra and helps heal the healer. Power precognition and internal knowledge. It also revitalizes the environment, so it is highly recommended to take the stone home.

Good for Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces.


Rhodonite is ideal for treating emotions like anger and resentment stone. It helps eliminate negative emotions, attenuating jealousy, frustration, greed or intolerance. Relieves panic attacks and provides security and confidence to face portergados projects. Grant value and stimulates creativity. It is used to encourage family and couple relationships.

In symptomatic is a great protector of the nervous system and stimulates the elimination of toxins, in addition to treating conditions related to the circulatory system. Also effectively attenuates electromagnetic radiation.

Good for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Third and fourth chakra.

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Precious Stones Meaning

Precious Stones Meaning

  • September 22, 2017

Different Types of Precious Stones


Malachite helps to work the soul in its entirety, from the karmic to biographical. It triggers the hidden and unconscious, helps release the deepest fears. It also helps improve any organic process by bringing back all that is retained. His work from the seventh chakra integrates the body, emotions, and mind with the transpersonal.

Good for Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. Third, fourth, fifth and seventh chakra.


The Grey Obsidian is a very beneficial stone but very independent people who have difficulty expressing their feelings, as it helps to get everything hidden. Those most in need are very spiritual and a high degree of divine protection people. It is the best gem to be brought out old traumas that have not been resolved and integrated and therefore impede progress in the evolutionary process. Acts as an auric shield.

Good for Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. Seventh chakra.


Rainbow Obsidian acts unlocking the power of the emotions that is stuck in the body as sadness, hatred, resentment, anger, attachment, fear, anger, etc. Used to treat people living strong feelings of insecurity, which fail to trust anything or anyone; when you feel weak to get ahead in life; when the level of resistance to physical stresses is impaired or when you feel a permanent physical hyperarousal.

Good for Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo.


Nevada Obsidian gives us balance due on balance neutral polarity allowing emotionally and staying power in the body and which is accessed through the chakras.

Its main value lies in its ability to bring hidden emotions to the surface. This absorption energy level allows release tension, stress and trauma that lurk within each to proceed without problems drag our past. It is ideal for people who experience dissociation in feeling and thinking.

Physically acts on bone, ligaments, and tendons. It also improves circulation and resolves problems of pain and inflammation.

Good for Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. All Chakras.

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The Tiger Eye is ideal for fearful people who do not trust themselves and having a state of permanent anxiety. Improved self-esteem and helps to understand him better and interact with the environment. Used to work a lack of faith and hope, the main cause of the appearance of fears.

Good for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Fourth chakra.


Hawkeye is very useful when we need to know what’s inside of us to change you need to live in peace and harmony. This makes it very useful in recognizing the message behind any organic symptom. That is why it is associated with the archetype of the wise, able to make sense of all things old. Is also useful for those who have difficulty assuming mundane activities, allowing them to better perform the earthly functions.

First and fifth chakra.

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The Black Onyx released from the influence of all kinds of negativity generated by own negative thoughts or outside influence. It also helps fight the fear of suffering, especially physical. It is very useful for people with intellectual weakness or pictures of great psychophysical exhaustion. Has a strong purifying effect of toxins, both renal and hepatic.

Good for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Fourth and seventh chakra.

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Precious Stones Jewelries

Buy Online Precious Stones Jewelries

  • September 22, 2017

Types of Precious Stones


The Howlite is recommended for calcified bones, to reduce stomach ulcers and to dismiss concerns that impede enjoy a good rest and peace. Also used to ward off negative energies that cause relationship problems, since it allows a calm and reasoned communication with others. Excellent for meditation.


The Jade Nephrite brings calm, patience, tolerance and kindness, helping people with a high level of stress. It brings calmness and clear thinking. It is considered the stone of justice and brings us luck. Reduces headaches and is very useful in cases of kidney stones or bile.

Good for Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Fourth chakra.


The Jadeite brings calm, patience, tolerance and kindness, helping people with a high level of stress. It brings calmness and clear thinking. It is considered the stone of justice and brings us luck. Appease the vehemence and let’s get to the bottom of issues without precipitation. It helps to make appropriate decisions. Reduces headaches and is very useful in cases of kidney stones or bile.


The Jasper protects from negative energies and bad intentions put throwing others. In women contributes to highlight its elegance and appeal. Vibrates with sincerity and love clean and healthy. We advocates of contagion and pollution around us. Protects the fears and apprehensions and provides balance to the negative people.

Good for Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. First and third chakra.

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The Kyanite is calming, helps overcome fears and blockages caused by feelings such as anger or frustration. It improves self-expression and communication. Facilitates dream recall and promotes healing dreams. Stimulates psychic gifts and intuition. It serves to protect and extend the love of family.

On the physical plane serves to Combat altitude sickness, nausea, dizziness, and dizziness. It also helps to alleviate rheumatic pains.

Good for Sagittarius and Gemini.

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Labradorite provides vitality, creativity, joy, and justice. Encourages brotherly love and predisposes for us to be valued, loved and respected and get what we justly deserve. Must be hands until it has the natural heat of the body; we must try to continue keeping it as long as possible and meanwhile try to visualize our desires or wishes if they are consistent with the love of neighbor will be met.

It is a gem that allows full polarity changes occur, and thanks to the different colors of the surface can access the different levels of energy and consciousness. It is the ideal place to discover new solutions and reveal new opportunities in life stone.

It is also very useful for protecting energy stone as their ever-changing colors protect from negativity.

Physically intervenes in the process of blood circulation.

Good for Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. First and third chakras.


The Lapis helps control the nerves and prevents setbacks can alter our good intentions. On the emotional level close links of the couple. It helps us feel safe, protected and disturbing fears and fantasies away. Makes a great contribution to depressive symptoms, of great distress and anguish, and is also useful for breaking harmful habits.

Good for Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Fifth and seventh chakra.

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Semi Precious Stones Jewelries

Wholesale Semi Precious Stones Jewelries Suppliers

  • September 22, 2017



The Dolomite fosters creativity and intuition and access to unconscious levels, which makes it a great help to seers, psychologists and anyone who works with altered states of consciousness. Improved family and social relationships and is an effective antidepressant and sedative that helps to calm and clarify ideas in difficult times.

Physically able to increase muscle strength and endurance. Also, attenuates the symptoms of diseases of the respiratory system and strengthens the nervous system because it has a rematerializing effect on the body.

Third and sixth chakra. Good for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

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La Esmeralda fosters harmony in all body systems and accelerates all the cleansing and purification operations. Transmits tranquility and calm in chaotic moments of inconsistency and confusion and has the power to release anxieties, fears and hidden fears. Radiates energy force in any state. Its deep green color helps to neutralize negative energies and energy pushes growth, peace, and abundance. Fears, kleptomania, insecurity, monomania or stuttering are some of the emotions that are treated with an emerald.

Physically it is used as a drain to the respiratory tract, burns, asthma, cancer, ulcers, hypertension, neuralgia, kidney problems, skin conditions, intestinal inflammation, and constipation. It also regulates the endocrine system and improves nutrient uptake.

Fourth and sixth chakra. Good for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.


Fluorite helps us have confidence in others. It brings calm, serenity and inner peace. The sad violet helps cases caused by personal loss. White or colorless crystals bring order and balance to life. The blues and greens are soothing and act in cases of angry outbursts.

Energy also focuses on the workings of the mind, aiding in physical coordination, dexterity, balance, and learning.

Fluorite is good for Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces.

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Almandine Garnet is a great source of energy that makes the vital energy flow from the physical body to the enteric. It acts as a tonic for the circulatory system and to the sex organs. Gives vitality, passion, and enthusiasm, therefore, are an excellent antidepressant that can renew worn or animistic reserves depleted by chronic stress or crisis. Raises the level of consciousness and transcends the apparent limitations, activating the imagination and creativity. It is a light and a guide to help you overcome any obstacle material or spiritual. Good for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. First, third and fourth chakra.


Pyrope Garnet gem is a very effective for conditions related to the circulatory system as it makes a strong energy purification is also evident in the effects of tissue regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. It gives spiritual peace and serenity, so it is very useful to meditate and balance those uneasy and restless. It’s relaxing effects benefit the whole organism causing the deep calm reaches the last cell.

First and sixth chakra. Good for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.


The Tiger Iron is naturally formed when the Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, and Hematite join forming an undulating pattern of vibrant color.

It is a stone that brings energy, strength, confidence, willpower, and motivation. That is very beneficial for those who are deeply physically exhausted or suffering mental, emotional or family stress fatigue. It also serves to encourage change, because it provides the energy to take the necessary steps to make it happen.

It is also a creative and artistic stone that helps to bring out hidden talents.

In symptomatic is beneficial to the blood system, increases natural steroids and muscle strength and helps the absorption of iron and vitamin B.

. Good for Capricorn


The Hypersthenes helps stimulate the solution of the problems that affect us as combat irritability and gives us mental clarity and freshness. The solution is the stone, gives us strength and faith to overcome difficult times successfully. With Hypersthene the answers and solutions to all complicated situations seem to come quickly and easily.

Fight irritability, criticality, and self-centeredness. It also displays real morality hidden in us and acts accordingly so that everything ends positively.

Good for Sagittarius and Libra. Third eye, crown chakra.

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Crystal and Gemstone Balls

Crystal and Gemstone Balls | Spheres

  • September 20, 2017

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We give one the courage to speak out and have personal freedom. It also defends from fears in the night. Jasper Gemstone is supposed to help poise the energy in the body. Jasper provides protection and absorbs negative energy. It balances yin and yang energy. It encourages honesty with one’s self. It provides courage to assertively handling problems. Helps in quick thinking and encourages managerial abilities. Jasper Gemstone stimulates the thoughts and alters ideas into action. It is said to prolong the pleasure and it supports during prolonged illness and re-energizes the body. As it is both energizing and activating it is good for stimulating the circulation and the energy flow. It helps the immune system and help with detoxification and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

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