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Aragonite Gemstone

Ammonite | Aragonite | Aventurine

  • October 29, 2014


Ammonite is a subclass of extinct cephalopod mollusk that lived in the seas of our planet des from the Devonian to the Cretaceous period (350 to 60 million years ago). They come in various forms and species and in different sizes. Smaller Ammonites have a diameter of a few millimeters, while the largest reach two feet.

Their main feature is the spiral shape of the shell, which is the only part that has survived to this day thanks to.


The Aragonite provides security and enhances self-esteem, helping to boost our strength and decisiveness. It also combats anxiety, depression and stress, as it brings peace and tranquility.

Symptomatic With very useful in thyroid and breathing problems, learning problems and muscle spasms.

Were used in placing the body parts which are formed morphologically small gaps, which is where you usually stall generating energy blockages.

Fifth chakra. Good for Sagittarius, Leo and Aries.


The Aventurine removes fear and allows the expression of inner feelings, facilitating communication. It is very good for shy, embarrassing or self-enclosed individuals. Help to achieve personal independence and originality increases. Provides emotional balance.

It also acts as a cleansing of negativity and activates positive qualities.

It can help to release anxieties and fears of childhood and is very useful to meditate and create.

Third and fourth chakra.


Azurite is known as the stone of wisdom and of evolution, because it helps us to understand and integrate those difficult moments of our lives. He brings tenderness, compassion and protection that only a mother can bestow. It also serves to overcome the uncertainty and anxiety generated by ignorance and unpredictability. It is ideal for times of crisis, as well as family health or labor. It helps us to meditate, to make insights that will allow us to resolve our conflicts. Sixth and seventh chakra. Good for Sagittarius, Aries and Leo.

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Amethyst | Amazonite | Amber | Ametrine

  • October 11, 2014


AMETHYST is considered the most important stone in the gem therapy. It is considered the stone of peace and therefore is indicated with anger, rage and anger, because it relaxes, soothes, inspires good ideas and resolves emotional disturbances. Placed under the pillow also relieves insomnia and nightmares. It brings harmony and balance our energy unlocks working on the guilt, the anger and fears that block our soul. It has always been considered a deterrent gem for drunkenness. It is an excellent fortifying and regenerating of environmental energy, ideal for meditation. It is quartz transformation.

Good for Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. Sixth and seventh chakra.

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Amazonite liver is characterized by calm, warm emotions. Ideal for people who feel they will never be happy and remain stuck in the past longing for happiness I ever felt. It helps to see that not all roads are closed and there is always a chance to be happy again. Useful for rigid and prone to unfair treatment, especially with his family personalities. It brings joy and satisfaction. Good for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Fourth and seventh chakra.

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Amber is an organic element of powerful cleaning effect of toxins, both physical and energy and has drying and absorbent properties.

Very effective for states of sadness and despair, or boxes hypersensitivity reactions of anger and resentment. It is associated with romantic personality, but sensitive people react violently against criticism. Brings qualities of cunning, wit and practicality, extending the intuitive ability.

For the beauty of color and transparency serves mentally relaxing. Attracts love, enhances sexual pleasure and combat impotence.

Good for Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Fourth and fifth chakra.

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Ametrine STONE

The Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine; has properties of both stones which makes it a strong mineral healing powers. It is a powerful cleaner energy both as physical level. Strengthens the immune system and is indicated to relieve stress, chronic fatigue, complex and obsessions. It brings harmony and physical and mental balance. Also promotes meditation, concentration, creativity, intelligence and memory.

Convenient carry in contact with the body for long periods of time, being especially effective if placed at the level of the solar plexus.

Good for Pisces. First and seventh chakra.

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Meaning of Agate Properties

  • October 7, 2014


L to Agate a Fire is strongly connected to the land and brings soothing energy security and strength. With it we can eliminate fear, anxious and destructive desires, find solutions to our problems or overcome addictions.

Perform an intense protective function, especially against bad intentions as it builds a protective shield around the body and returns the attack to its source so you can understand the damage you are doing. Physically it is related to the fire element, hence favors sex and stimulates vitality at all levels, both physical and mental.

Moss Agate

The Agate Mossy encourages the opening of the mind and emotions, creating feelings of expansion, freedom and space, which provide security and the desire for new life experiences. By its natural shapes and colors are pervades all realms of nature, stimulating knowledge about the natural world and helping the growth of plants.

It is quartz balance, as it brings peace and tranquility to connect with the unconditional love and love itself.

On an energetic level, achieves union of mental energy to physical and emotional energy, the feel connected with thinking and acting.

It also has the ability to regulate the heartbeat, allowing a smooth operation.

Good for Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. First and third chakra.

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Aquamarine has a soothing and calming effect, and as the water promotes adaptation, acting very rigid and inflexible people. It is very useful for people who have great mental activity and difficult to disconnect from the outside world, as it frees us from physical and emotional toxins. Also very useful for people who have trouble communicating because it stimulates creative expression. Help improve mood, increase hope, optimism and inspiration.

Symptomatic With acts on the immune system. It also has a purifying effect, helps the lymphatic system and improving adrenal disorders. It is very beneficial for hormonal. System

Third and fifth chakra. Good for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

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Aqua Aura is a high stimulator throat chakra, enhancing the power of communication. It also has a relaxing effect on the emotional body, so it can be used to soothe anger or stress release. It is strongly connected to the water element, thereby increasing access to the true emotional feelings and spirit. Allows us to retain the state of inner peace and opens the way for inter dimensional communication

Glass Aqua Aura has a high and intense vibration. It is used to activate the energy of other minerals and stones for healing and very powerful for use in meditation, for placing on the chakras rearrange the auric field. Using an Aqua Aura helps shine the personal beauty and wellness event attracts, connects us to our inner wisdom, free of stress and depression and assists us to create an aura of peace and well-being and around us. It is stone lifting personnel that can help raise the vibration of humanity.

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Agate Properties

  • October 6, 2014


Agate helps achieve emotional balance. Stimulates creative spirit and increases self-esteem, so it is very interesting for those who pursue artistic activities. Use of this gem also helps override negative feelings like envy, spite, resentment or guilt. Help to cope with liking, kindness and understanding, thereby enhancing health and longevity.

Physically collaborates with the proper functioning of the endocrine glands and the immune system all active secretion. It also repairs exhaustion and depressive thoughts away.

Good for Gemini.

AGATE banded

Agate Banded The stone is an excellent body when someone feels exhausted and emotionally because it helps us regain physical strength and increases the willingness to resolve difficult situations. Their vibrations are gentle, pleasant and soothing; when hold in hand and admire its balance and plasticity we notice how our thoughts and feelings are soothed. For these it is useful to stimulate the creative spirit and increase self-esteem, and to prevent feelings of envy, spite, resentment and guilt.

Buena Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. Fifth chakra.

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The Blue Lace Agate is a stone that influences the internal motivation of emotional balance, stimulates the creative spirit and increases self-esteem. It is also very useful to ward off negative feelings like envy, spite, resentment or guilt. Furthermore, it is an excellent stone to repair the body and mental exhaustion, as their vibrations are gentle, pleasant and soothing. It also helps us regain lost body forces and resolve emotionally complex situations.

Can be used anywhere where there are conditions or a buildup of energy that cause disease, irritation or inflammation.

blue lace agate stone properties


The Dendritic Agate is known as a stone of abundance, because it helps to get success in business, in everyday life and everything that serves to benefit humans. Helps emotional balance and enhances the perception of spiritual values. Is well suited to carry mountain in natural environments because it facilitates breathing and absorbing the fresh air. Grupo: Chalcedony Color: Colorless or whitish with dendritic inclusions. By not form bands, scientifically agate designation is improper

Agate Semi Precious Stones

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Gemstones and Crystals

  • October 4, 2014

Semi-precious stones have a very mixed including value and are much easier to get large semiprecious stones and purity (clean) than precious stones such features.

Let’s look at the most important and used in jewelry.


Variety of chalcedony. You can have multiple shades and colors-depending on training their micro silica (quartz) – and be transparent, semi-transparent or opaque.

The formation of agates is due to the movement of groundwater are in position close to saturation silicon filling of cavities or hollow interiors of rocks and dissolution of the materials found there: shells, bones, etc. This process should be concentric bands characteristic of agates, reminiscent of the knots of tree trunks.

The word Agate comes from the Greek “Achates,” which is the designation of the river with the same name.


It belongs to the family of beryl such as the emerald. It’s actually a variant thereof, but pale greenish blue. As the name suggests its color and brightness reminiscent of sea water.

Its name comes from the Latin aqua marina, and was formerly also known as the Stone Fisherman.


Extremely rare chrysoberyl soft green or greenish-yellow variety. The most important feature is its ability to change colors and color when subjected to variations in brightness; it can pass from light green to a red soft when subjected to these changes.

It was discovered in the time of Tsar Alexander in Russia; hence its name, also coinciding with the colors of the flag of Russia at the time.


As we know, amethyst gemstone was considered, but after the discovery of mines in Brazil, its rarity lost integers and became part of the group of semi-precious stones.

It is the most valued variety of quartz on the market. His most prized color is a lilac violated but can be yellow or even transparent, depending on the amount of iron it contains.

Despite having downloaded a roster and be a semi-precious stone, because of its beauty and popularity it deserves, later, we draw up an exclusive article for it.


Also called succino (Latin succinum ). Amber comes from Arabic meaning “floating in the sea” because the amber floats in water.

His best-known or common color is yellow, but may have other colors: orange or brandy or cherry red, white, coffee and caramel, bluish green and finally black or moss, which covers all dark shades of amber. One of the most valued and sought after is the cherry red or originating in Chiapas, Mexico.

There is a mineral, is fossilized plant resin from coniferous, mostly in Europe. It was formed from the residual plant resin from certain trees, and may have originated twenty, sixty million years or more ago. During that time, this resin may suffer a process of fossilization, forming large irregular masses within strata of sandstone and shale’s of Tertiary age.

In Europe, amber was formed from the resin of Pinus succinifera , whereas in America comes from the legume Hymenaea Courbaril , known in Mexico as Guapinol and Nicaragua and Dominican Republic as Algarrobo .


Although it would be correct to call it Quartz fling. Includes several shades of green, although can have red, brownish yellow and brownish due to inclusions of other minerals.

Its feature is appreciated scintillation inside when subjected to a light source and turned simultaneously.

Please note that often, buyers are subject to attempted deception being offered as aventurine jade. Jade is much more valuable and rare aventurine.


O zircon, belonging to the family of silicates. Its name comes from the Arabic zarqun, meaning cinnabar.

It is one of the oldest known mineral and also the most abundant. From the crystallization of magmatic rocks, is transparent, but can acquire different shades; the yellow is called hiacinta.


Also called citrine. It is another variant of quartz but lemon yellow with the same hardness scale, 7 Mohs.

Its name comes from the French citron . Formerly, he had come to be called “topaz quartz” for its resemblance to the Topaz, but we make it clear that they are two completely different stones.


Semiprecious stone of greenish yellow color, also known in the past as chrysotile, name now in disuse. It has far more harshly than beryl and is widely used in jewelry.

There is a stone of about 50 carats in the British Museum of Natural History.

Its name comes from Greek, meaning golden beryl, and has a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale.


Also known as crisopras or lacewings . A variety of agate (chalcedony) intense green bottle. It is the most valued of all belonging to the family of chalcedony agate. Its attractive green color is due to nickel.

Very popular in ancient Greece. As a curiosity, say that Alexander always wore a top before going into battle.


Belonging to the family of quartz (chalcedony) but mixed with iron oxide. It is an opaque stone that can be found in various colors, but the most prized is red, called blood stone. We also find in dark, yellow, green and brown, sometimes with color mixtures thereof.


Family silicates, mixed with sulphate of lime and soda and small inlaid iron pyrite veining that give it so distinctive.

Intense blue color widely used especially accounts for necklace and bracelet.

His name is a composition of two words, one Latin root, lapis, meaning stone, and allazjard, which comes from Arabic and means sky or what is the same, blue.

This stone has been highly valued since ancient times; we have data on them for more than nine thousand years ago.

Until the nineteenth century, this semi-precious stone used for the intense blue color used for oil painting.


Belonging to the family of quartz (chalcedony). Color varied from gray, yellow, brown and gold; with a characteristic, shimmering reflections. This effect is due to the inclusion of micro crystals of quartz which occur inside the silky luster. If size cabochon, we can get the feel of having a front our eyes.

A variant of blue, due to lack of crocidolite. It is called Hawkeye.

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