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Healing Products

Healing Products and Their Power to Transform Lives

  • December 14, 2022

There is a growing trend of people using natural healing products to improve their health and wellbeing. This is not surprising given the many benefits they offer. Natural healing products are often made from herbs, plants and other natural substances that have been used for centuries to treat a variety of conditions. They are usually safe and effective, with few if any side effects.

There are many reasons why people may turn to healing products. For some, the appeal is the promise of improved health and vitality. Others may be seeking relief from pain or stress, or a way to boost their mood or energy levels. Whatever the reason, healing products can play an important role in personal growth and well-being.

There are many different types of healing products available on the market today. Some of these products are designed to help people heal physical injuries, while others are intended to help people deal with emotional or mental health issues. Still others are designed to help people improve their overall well-being. No matter what type of healing product you are looking for, there is likely to be something available to suit your needs.

To answer this question, we must first understand what healing is. Healing is the process of restoring health or wholeness to someone who is sick or injured. It can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

There are many different factors that contribute to healing. The most important is the intent of the healer. If the healer is truly committed to helping the person heal, then the healing will be more likely to occur.

There are also certain substances that have been shown to promote healing. These include certain essential oils, herbs, and minerals. When used correctly, these substances can help the body to heal itself.

Finally, there is the power of belief. If the person believes that the healing will occur, then it is more likely to happen.

There are a number of different theories behind the potential benefits of healing products. The scientific theory is that these products can help to relieve pain and improve physical function. The holistic theory is that these products can help to improve overall health and wellbeing.

The holistic theory behind the potential benefits of healing products is that they can help to balance the body’s energy. This theory is based on the idea that the body is made up of energy fields, and when these fields are out of balance, it can lead to ill health. Healing products can help to restore balance to the body’s energy fields, which can in turn help to promote health and wellbeing.

There is a growing body of scientific evidence to support the use of healing products for a variety of conditions. For example, studies have shown that Arnica gel can help to reduce inflammation and pain in adults with osteoarthritis. Other studies have shown that magnesium-based products can help to improve physical function in adults with fibromyalgia.

So, do healing products really work? The answer is yes, but only if the person using them is truly committed to healing.

There are many healing products available on the market today. With a little bit of research, you can find the right product for you and transform your life.

Dow Crystal

List of Master Crystals | Dow | Drusas or Gardens Crystals

  • May 9, 2020


The Dow Crystal is named in honor of the Great Crystal Healer and Researcher Jane Anne Dow. Jane Anne was the first person to reference this crystal and talk about its specific characteristics.

Geometrically, the Dow Crystal has 3 faces with seven sides and between these three faces there are 3 exact triangles. This creates a combination of 7-3-7-3-7-3. Dow Crystal combines Channels and Transmitters in itself. It has the perfect geometry and if you look at it from above you will see and feel it, its tip seems totally and geometrically harmonious and balanced.

The Dow Crystal has been described as the most evolved of all Crystals, the balance between masculine and feminine, the master of communication, which can channel information, express it, transmit it and expand it. My teachers taught me about this Dow Crystal as the most special of all Crystals, the one that can replace any other Master Crystal if you ask it, the one that can act in any of the superior senses in which the Master Crystals act. This makes him a being of infinite possibilities.

As you work with Dow crystals you develop your highest capacities and potentials, you develop your own internal Dow Crystal, access to your own truth, being able to express it and being able to put it into action to further connect it with the great sources.

If you have the luck or the destiny to find a Dow natural crystal, which has not been cut, you will have in your hands an indescribable treasure. Use it and if one day you feel that it must pass and be used by another being, let it go and allow it to transmit its essence and help other beings.


The Drusses or Gardens are conglomerates of crystals; they can be from two or three to thousands of them. They represent a harmonious family of light that shares the same base, a high community that lives and vibrates in unison in harmony.

Their shapes are exquisite; each Druse has a different story to tell about how to live in community, about how different relationships occur. By following their forms or meditating on them you will be able to discover or intuit what type of relationship they describe.

A Druse will always help us to be able to live in community, it will also be as a conglomeration of more than angels with us, and they increase your consciousness so that you can work in a group. They are very, very high consciences that have learned and carry within themselves the consciousness of Unity.

They should always be given a very special place in our house, on our altar and in our hearts because they are a blessing wherever they come.

They can help people who are not sociable or people who do not tolerate working in groups to achieve this; they also heal hatred of humanity, just by having them or taking their elixir.

Small Drusen can be used in crystal therapy; they will recharge the entire energy system, the chakras and will allow them to be harmonized. A Druse is so powerful that it can clean the crystals after a session or it can recover crystals that have been irradiated or fractured. And in the same way they will help us when we feel that we are broken.

The auric light that covers the druse is bright and powerful; it can cleanse an atmosphere and generate strong positive vibration. If you place a Druze between two people in meditation or in a workplace, you can generate more energy and harmony between them.

If you leave a photo of your family or loved ones on a crystal druse, a ray of positive energy will flow to them throughout the day and night. The Drusses will also be able to bring healing to families in need of love, cooperation and generosity.

I love you deeply; they are a burst of light, full of energy of love and cooperation. There is much to learn from them, you can meditate with them and adhere to all that super consciousness they have. They are a true gift of light when they come into your life.

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Master Crystal

MASTER CRYSTALS | Coyote | Jaguar | Benefits | Kabeer Agate

  • May 9, 2020

A Crystal Master is a Universal Grand Master, versed in distant wisdoms that we can now begin to know and understand and is in your life just when you are ready to access this knowledge.

Quartz with specific geometries for different purposes has been called Master Crystals. As quartz is the highest consciousness in the kingdom of crystals, and has a very high spiritual development, it generates specific geometries for higher purposes such as the channeling of knowledge, penetrating the internal threshold itself, being able to look at the aura, make subtle operations , program crystals, archive old specific information, connect with other plans and many other possibilities.

Much has been said about these Crystals, I think that what makes a Master Crystal is its great wisdom, its powerful presence, a special halo surrounds them, and one can feel that this crystal has something unique. For me all Crystals are very special, each one has its own unique personality, its unique experience, but it is true that there are crystals that emanate something that goes further.

Once I found among the miners a very rare crystal, I recognized it immediately, its shape was unique, it was several crystals in one, as in forms of diamonds literally, it did not correspond to any form described as Master Crystal but I knew that it was, and I was happy, it is something like that inside you experience an ecstatic state, something inside you knows that you have found a treasure and your whole body vibrates with emotions; I gave this Crystal to my sister, since I wished that she also had a Master with her and her experiences with this Crystal have been wonderful, after we discovered that she was an Eternal-Isis-Tantric Twin -Window, a Crystal without equal.

There are crystals that have received ancient programming from other civilizations in the hope that someday someone who resonates with this knowledge could access it. The Master Crystals are a great Universe, their knowledge is accessed in different ways, each one must follow their intuition on how to use them, I think that it is the best way, the correct one, to follow your intuition, to communicate with the Crystal; it is they who they show us the ways and the ways. Although the techniques described by healers work and serve as a first step, you end up developing your own way of interacting with them.

Below I show you a little of each Master crystal in the hope that they come into your life and you can discover them.


They are male crystals, geometrically they must have a majority of triangles at the tip, ideally they have the 6 triangles or most of them, direct energy directly through the axes towards the tip of the Crystal allowing optimal energy mobilization.

They are therefore used in healing, as staves of the healer because they will direct the energy of the other crystals correctly and totally and the energy inside the crystal atom by atom. With them you can align the chakras and do all kinds of healing work. It is the instrument par excellence of the healer and in its natural state they are not easy to find, the majority that you find in stores have been carved like this and this could have changed the true geometry of the crystal, inside it may not be a Jaguar; it is always best to look for natural crystals, which have not been cut by man, the best always comes from the miners who remove them from the earth and do not transform them.

It is also the Quartz that must be used to program crystals, for its direct and active energy, which transcends the planes and allows the noble programs of healing to resonate in the higher planes.


They have also been called CHANNEL CRYSTALS, they are the female crystals, their geometry must have a larger main face in the front whose edges or sides are 7, and on the opposite side, behind the Crystal there must be a triangle. This makes it a crystal capable of channeling information from oneself, from other planes, information from other beings, you can find out about how a place is by putting the crystal in place and then you put the wide face on your third eye and receive the information how is that place energetically, what things have happened there.

This Crystal allows you to develop your clairvoyance and connect with other planes of consciousness. They are also witnesses to everything that happens, you can always ask them about what they see, for example in a place where there was a robbery and the Crystal was present, he can tell you in meditation who it was, etc.

Its 7-sided main face means that it is an access door to the inner truth; with it you can channel your own inner truth, the voice of your soul. Its seven sides represent the seven virtues to access the truth: Love, knowledge, freedom, the ability to project or create, joy, peace and unity.

It’s opposite three-sided face, or triangle, represents that knowledge is revealed through the verb, the voice, that is, the Crystal can speak and communicate.

They show us and allow us to communicate with inner knowledge and can be used to obtain answers to immediate questions.


Like Coyote crystals or Channelers, they are crystals that manifest 7 and 3, but Transmitting Crystals have two symmetrical main faces at the tip, each with 7 sides and in the middle of these two there is an exact triangle that is in all the center or front of the Crystal. The Transmitter is the masculine, the one that projects the information, the Channeler is the one that receives and channels information, and it is the feminine.

The Seven, which is the divine realization, the concretion of magic, and the three that unites mind-body-soul and allows the verbalization of the universe of seven. The combination of two sevens and the three in between creates the possibility for the being to transmit structures of thought to the universal mind and obtain the answer to any question.

They serve to consciously communicate with other life forms or to communicate telepathically between two people. Basically they are transmitters of thought.

Thought must be clearly tuned, to get a clear answer; you must ask a clear and specific question. Thus, the Transmitting Crystals teach us the lesson of fine-tuning communication with the world, learning to think clearly and being able to clearly define what we want to know.

In this way, if we do not obtain a clear answer of what we want to know, we realize that we are in confusion and we will be able to reflect on what is happening in our thinking. As we ask, as it will be answered.

To use the Transmitting Crystals one must first clarify his thoughts, know clearly what you want to transmit or ask, you put the central triangle in your third eye and clearly project the question or concern. Then you leave the Transmitter on your glass altar or in a special place, where it is isolated from other influences for 24 hours. Then you come, at the same time, and put the central triangle back on your brow and receive the answer.

To communicate telepathically between two people you put the triangle on your forehead, you transmit the message and then you pass it on to the other person so that they can receive it by putting the triangle on their forehead. You could also program a Transmitter so that it transmits information to another Transmitter Crystal that has another person with whom you want to communicate telepathically; that other person will use their own Transmitter to receive your messages.

All this seems incredible when you read it, but once you experience it you simply realize that crystals are transmitters of light and thought and that they have total capacity to do this, then, many less things start to seem incredible to you, your mind becomes It opens and your own brain capacities begin to develop as they are reflected in the capacities of the crystals.

They should be cleaned with water, sea salt and sun after streaming with them and you should always thank the Crystals for anything they do for you.

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Almandine Stone

Almandine Stone and its Properties | Mineralogy of Almandine

  • February 18, 2020

Almandine is a stone from the group of pomegranates. Due to the wide distribution in the world, almandine has long been known to man, and the name is ancient. As soon as a gem is used in jewelry! For several millennia, people have learned how to cut this solid mineral, and polish cabochons, and cut relief miniatures on stone, and even choose cavities in jewelry inserts to weaken the color density of the product.

Almandine is a well-studied mineral. Five hundred years ago, when the dark garnet was called the Alabandian carbuncle, George Agricola decided to simplify the name of the stone as almandine. One and a half thousand years before Agricola, Pliny was eyeing the same mineral, and even attempted to describe the precious gem. However, the almandine stone kept its properties secret, and did not reveal secrets to the ancient scientist…

Mineralogy of Almandine

Like any garnet, almandine is a metal silicate. The formula for crimson crystals is Fe3Al2 (SiO4) 3. Depending on the concentration of iron, the stone changes color and transparency.

A noble pomegranate is called almandine of bright red color with a pronounced purple tint. Natural crystals of noble pomegranate are very decorative: a complex twenty-four-sided shape reminds of chiseled beads.

However, the size of almandine crystals often exceeds the standard sizes of beads. Raw jewelery stones can be up to five centimeters in diameter. Unsuitable crystals for processing (fractured, opaque) are even larger. The black almandine was mined by the Norwegians. In America, at the Smithsonian Institution, gems of excellent quality, each tens of carats in weight, are stored.

Gem deposits

Like Siriam garnet, almandine is mined in Myanmar. Nearby, in Sri Lanka, hand-scattered placers give the most beautiful almandines in a deep red tone. Good gems come from Karelia and Siberia. In Sweden, brown almandines are found. Finnish stones are saturated with rutile fibers and are famous for asterism. The mineral is mined in Africa, and in Greenland, and in Alaska – and found even in Antarctica!

Terrestrial reserves of almandine stone are extremely large. And although high aesthetic properties of samples are not inherent in every field, the price of gem products has always been extremely democratic. The situation has not changed today.

Due to the relative cheapness, this semiprecious stone is practically not faked.

But a few centuries earlier…

In the past, they simply did not know how to distinguish an inexpensive almandine from a precious ruby ​​(although a law discovered by Archimedes could help buyers). Centuries passed before artisans guessed to conduct a study of the relative hardness of minerals.

However, few people were interested in the accuracy of the examination at that time. The eternal problem – to buy almandine cheaper, sell more expensive – has overcome both jewelers and resellers. Then a fraudulent scheme came into play, when a thin almandine cabochon was glued onto a turned glass and the doublet was set in solid gold so that the traces of the fake were not striking.

Today, almandine stone is barely more expensive than pyrope. Therefore, the craftsmen, in order to take a decent pay, try to give the stones the most perfect shape.

Almandine jewelry

In most cases, commodity almandines (already faceted) do not exceed a mass of three carats. Therefore, jewelers of some countries, offering customers almandine cabochons, often offer to decorate them with carvings. The tradition of cutting cameo grenades for several hundred years, she is alive today. Usually carved almandines are custom made and, as a result, settle in private collections.

In jewelry, almandines are often combined with mother of pearl and river pearls, carnelian and dark amber… Almadins look great in a group. Bunches of grapes and broken pomegranate fruits made of red-brown cabochons do not lose their relevance for the fifth century in a row. Experts are sure: the combination of homogeneous stones in groups dramatically enhances the effect of the stone.

The magical properties of almandine

Aquarians and almandines are literally made for each other. The entire positive that this grenade is capable of initiating is accepted, absorbed, amplified and splashed by those around it!

The remaining signs of the zodiac are also not deprived of the “attention” of the almandine. The stone, behind which in ancient times was noticed the ability to revive fun at any ball, feast, celebration, has not lost its abilities today. Any almandine – especially bright, defect-free, and large – amuses society, stimulates sexual initiative, and adds decisiveness and courage to the owner.

In the literary chronicles of balls of the century before last, cases of almandine “busting” are also described. Men, inflamed by the beauty and imaginary accessibility of a coquettish lady, had a duel right in front of the front porch of the ballroom. What is characteristic, before what happened, they did not belong to inveterate duelists.

Needless to say, the ladies who caused the fuss fired were, as a rule, adorned with garnet diadems, necklaces, bracelets and belts. And among the multi-colored stones, the lion’s share fell on the almadins…

Serious esotericists believe that the natural magical properties of almadine are distorted by the centuries-old use of the gem as the causative agent of passion. With proper professionalism of the magician, the gem is able to provide communication with people who died a violent death many years ago. This is the innermost property of this mineral…

The healing properties of almadine

Crystals similar in color to freshly baked blood help heal recent injuries. Relieves – or rather, isolates, isolating – almandine and wound pain. However, such a radical effect of the stone does not last long, weakening day by day as the event recedes into the past.

The analgesic healing properties of almandine do not extend to old wounds, although the stone saves from phantom pains (variously uncomfortable sensations in the amputated limbs), weakening them to the level of tolerance.

The heart muscle, damaged as a result of overstrains and recent (again) heart attack, recovers faster if the patient wears an almandine talisman on his chest.

Daily visual contact with almandine helps to replace the melancholy mood with a positive worldview. However, overly long sessions should not be arranged. Enough fifteen minutes of admiring the jewelry or interior decoration of beautiful stone, so that the inexplicable sadness gradually disappeared.

alunite stone properties

properties of Alunite

Alunite – Moonstone of terrestrial origin | The magical properties of Alunite

  • February 18, 2020

For the Russian-speaking user, alunite is a mineral of Abkhaz-lunar origin. Lunar – because moonies, everything is clear here! Abkhazian – because all names in the Abkhazian language begin with “a”. Adjika, agastronomer, alunite. It’s logical!

In fact, alunite is not even remotely related to moonstone. The name of the mineral has French roots. Alun – in French “alum”. Therefore, alunite is an alum stone. Alum, as the complex sulfates of certain metals have long been called, is found in nature wherever hydrothermal activity is present (or has recently ceased).

True, industrial development of alunite deposits is not carried out wherever alum can be found.

Alunite deposits

Aqueous metal sulfates – most often aluminum and potassium (they also say “potassium alum”) – can be found on any continent. However, only six to eight deposits of Asia, America and Europe are used for volumetric mining of the mineral. Not all forms of bedding are convenient to extract. In addition, on an industrial scale, alum is more profitable to produce artificially.

Therefore, gemologists have a good opportunity to select high-quality crystals of alunite for the manufacture of jewelry.

In places of crystallized alunite occurrence, often useless accompanying rocks are often found. Together with alunite, intergrowths of pyrite crystals, quartz grains, and fragments of crystalline gypsum are found.

Alunite Jewelry

Alunite itself is not particularly beautiful. Its rhombic crystals are similar to diamond, but the low strength of the mineral (3.5-4 units on the Mohs scale) harms the preservation of the stone. The color of alunite in most cases resembles moonlight (what a coincidence!): Either blurry whitish, then dirty yellow, then bluish-gray, or even earthy in color, are usual for alum stone.

Some varieties of alunite give crystals of excellent jewelry quality. Possessing high transparency, such alunites easily face the most intricate facets, and, moreover, exhibit interesting optical effects. According to admiring owners, alunite glows in ultraviolet rays with a beautiful orange light. There are stones with a pronounced alexandrite effect.

Jewelry alunites can be pale green, purple, and reddish. Impurities absorbed by the sulfate solution before crystallization can make alunite unevenly colored and opaque. Such stones are cut in cabochons, used in decorating interiors.

Properties of alunite – in the service of man

Alunite is a chemically active mineral in all its variations. Direct contact of alum with tissues of biological origin leads to the denaturation (folding) of proteins in the contact zone. This property of alunite has long been exploited in medicine.

Alum stone is an excellent disinfectant for human skin and mucous membranes. Over the centuries, the use of alunite in the medical field has developed hundreds of methods to combat various diseases with the help of alum.

However, today rash recommendations on taking alunite inside are more and more common. Think Thrice Before Following Such Tips! Poisoning when swallowing alum is easier than curing!

Fashionable Alunite Deodorant

Most anti sweating cosmetics clog pores and mask the smell of cutaneous bacteria vital products with perfume scents. Alunite, when applied to the surface of the body, simply destroys the microflora – which eliminates the “aromatization” of wet armpits.

This is an infrequent case of the coincidence of fashion (in this case, everything natural) and practical expediency.

By the way, it is useful to have a container with alunite crumbs in the kitchen. A knife that smells of fish or garlic will lose its nuisance after immersion in alunite. Home magic? Undoubtedly!

The magical properties of alunite

Esoteric knowledge says: alunite is a mineral spiritually associated with the angelic corps. A person who turns his internal gaze to the alunite amulet must be ready for the reaction of rejection from the celestials. A mortal must walk on the earth! So say angels – and in that they help the younger brothers in spirit. Attempts to soar to the heights to the deadlines by the angels are thwarted – not without God’s will, of course.

Therefore, all magicians of the world alunite are used only to harmonize the forces acting directly on a person. It is important that the alunite amulet is located in a place hidden from idle glances. As a “harmonizer” of reality, alunite acts in a cramped space behind books on a shelf or in a drawer of a desk – but not on a mantelpiece or in a mineralogical display case.

Amblygonite Meaning

anatase crystal meaning

Diamond luster – a rare property of anatase stone | Anatase Healing Crystal

  • February 13, 2020

The person, who first saw the layered blue anatase, hardly believes in the natural origin of the stone. The voluminous rhombus, beautifully outlined by the transverse planes of gentle pastel shades, gives the impression of a man-made product.

However, colorless (more precisely, almost colorless: the minimum color of the stone is still present) is even more beautiful anatase. Even without being faceted, this gem sparkles and shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, not surpassing, but approaching in beauty to a diamond.

Incidentally, it was the amazing optical properties of anatase that inspired scientists to create artificial jewelry – cubic zirconia – which is a synthetic analogue of a natural mineral.

Physical properties of anatase

In the chemical aspect, anatase is titanium dioxide TiO2. Crystallization of oxidized titanium under various conditions gives as many as three minerals – related to each other, but still different. The usual natural form of titanium oxide is rutile and brookite. Anatase, which differs from mineral counterparts in the form of crystals, is less common in deposits.

The difference in the crystalline “packing” of atoms generally changes the light transmission of a substance. This is why anatase happens to be blue, while rutile is reddish and brookite is brown.

The anatase crystalform is the dipyramidal octahedron. Renee Just Gayui, who examined the stone in 1801, found such a form worthy of perpetuation, and gave the mineral a modern name. “Anatasis”, translated from ancient Greek, means “elongated, oblong.”

Beautiful anatase is rare

Among the masters of the processing of semi-precious stone, it became customary to call anatase a stone of blue tones of varying degrees of transparency and uniformity. In mineralogical collections, crystals that are opaque to complete blackness and translucent anatases of cold greenish, as well as warm reddish-brown shades are used.

The natural size of crystalline anatase usually does not exceed ten millimeters. Large specimens of rhomboid anatase are especially valued by buyers. The smooth edges of the stone shine very much, but anatase crystals often have defects: cracks, inclusions, formation defects.

In the Swiss Alps, quite large anatases of a beautiful yellow tone are found. In Poland, near the border with the Czech Republic, anatases 5-6 cm in size are found. Each mountainous country in the world boasts its own anatases – but almost no anatases are suitable for jewelry processing.

Anataz: a stone far from jewelry quality

Bright shine and pronounced dispersion are characteristic of transparent anatases. In deposits, such stones are found in single quantities, and they are small in size. Theoretically, after cutting from natural slightly colored anatase, an insert of no more than one or two carats can be obtained.

Moreover! There are rumors in the jewelry environment that someone has personally seen faceted anatases of excellent quality weighing six carats – however, these legends do not find clear evidence. It is only known that anatase crystal suppliers of the best collection quality collect semiprecious stones in diamond placers of Yakutia and Brazil. Collectible – but not jewelry!

Beautifully colored dipyramidal (rhomboid) anatases become an expensive commodity. However, the attempts of amateur masters to adapt the frame and suspension to the stone end with the destruction of anatase.

Properties and Virtues of Sapphire


Gemotherapy and Its Effects on the Soul and Body | Kabeer Agate

  • July 31, 2019

This is one of those therapies that are not well known in the common people, but that every day enjoy greater popularity, which places them within the New Age trends and therapies that combine natural elements and the well-being of body.

In this case, the Gemotherapy , as indicated by its name, the essential axis of the therapy are gems. It is believed that different gems have a direct effect on our physical health and our spiritual health, and that if they are applied as an alternative therapy, many benefits can be extracted from them.

Gems, according to gem therapy, are generators of various positive emotions, and are a focus of well-being that human beings cannot miss if they seek to restore their well-being.

Once the individual experiences physical or mood decay, a possible restoration of his soul and body is through colors. This is how Gemoterapía is closely linked to Chromotherapy , a therapy that focuses on the mood feelings generated by colors.

Thus, with direct contact with the mineral, the human being can experience a remarkable well-being. In this way, people decide to wear gems in their necklaces or on their wrists, so that they are in constant contact with the skin, thus gaining well-being in every way and preventing the organism from future alterations.Semi precious gemstone jewelry wholesale


How to use crystal quartz? How should you wear crystal quartz?

  • July 31, 2019

To the women who are more stressed I’ve always advised them to use rock crystal. If your life is fast, full of stress, you’re always in a hurry … quartz is the download element you need. In these moments of a lot of stress, when you need good protection in your life, it is best to use transparent quartz because it will attract a lot of clarity, a lot of strength and will increase your safety. Quartz will flatten your path. It will help you when you feel exhausted because you are doing more things than your body allows.

As you can see, there are many benefits of having quartz at hand. In addition, at the time of rest it is important that there are quartz circuits around the bed or body since it will give you a lot of vitality and will make you take advantage of the energy of your body. The quartz rock has to be pointed. Natural (with one tip) or finished (two tips). The idea is to generate a closed circuit so that the first mineral points to quartz. He receives that energy and sends it to another address. The order of the tips should always be in the same direction as the clockwise. You must generate a closed circuit and place the minerals in the corners of your room or bed.

As you know, there are many types of quartz. Of different figures and sizes. Each of these is used for a certain purpose.

To give you an idea, imagine that they are like electricity cables. There are cables that withstand one voltage and others that support a different one. Thus the different qualities and vibrations of quartz will be destined for some situations or others. For example, if you wanted to download because you are very tense, full of electricity, everything bothers you … you could use mossy quartz as it helps you to have a good grounding and is connected with nature. In this way all excess energy and nerve you have will be eliminated. If you want to clear your mind or focus on a project and get the best out of it, it is advisable to use crystal quartz. The purer and more transparent the better. If on the contrary you wanted work more soul, spirit, past lives … it would be more advisable to use milky quartz.

All have the same basis, but each has its properties and benefits. Returning to the example of cables, a telephone cable is not the same as a high voltage cable. The same goes for quartz, each one is better to use it for a specific occasion.

Semi precious gemstones jewelry

I want to clarify that crystal quartz, smoky quartz, rutilated quartz … or any other type of quartz rock can be in contact with silver, gold or other metal. This act as conductors of the properties of the stones so there is no problem in buying you a pendant or bracelet. The only thing you have to notice is that these materials do not suffocate the mineral. It should always be in contact with your skin.

One of the properties and characteristics of minerals is that there are times that disappear without knowing the reason very well. I often receive questions like this: What does it mean that my blue quartz has disappeared? As you know, each mineral is programmed with a certain function. Sometimes the gems are “lost”, either because they have already accomplished their mission or because they are negatively charged. I am going to tell you the case of a girl who had a pink quartz programmed to attract the love of a specific person. The mineral disappeared the night they both gave their first kiss. When he looked in the little box where he always kept it, he was gone and never found it. As I said, when a mineral disappears it is because it has already given us what it had in store for us.

How should you wear crystal quartz?

It is important that you know the correct way in which you should put the mineral according to the objectives you want to obtain:

  • The tips should go inward whenever you are looking for some kind of positive energy to enter you.
  • Tips should go out whenever you want to remove something negative about you. It can be pain, emotional problems …

Mineralogical properties of lapis lazuli

The place where you perform the treatment with the quartz crystal should be as calm as possible since this will favor the exchange of energies. What is produced is a harmonization of the person, the lost balance is sought and all positive energies are concentrated.

Properties of Crystal Quartz

Properties of Crystal Quartz | what is Crystal Quartz?

  • July 30, 2019

What is crystal quartz?

The quartz crystal is a mineral that has more benefits. Collect energy, power, amplify it and direct it where you want. It is widely used to heal and eliminate the negative energies in your life because of the healing properties it has. Do you want to discover how crystal quartz can improve your life?

Of all minerals, crystal quartz is perhaps the best known and at the same time the most unknown. It is composed of silica, belongs to the group of oxides and is crystallized by high geological pressures and temperatures in rhombic systems. It is one of the most common in the earth’s crust and is also one of the minerals that give you the most benefits. As a curious fact I tell you that what feed the Earth’s magnetic field are quartz crystals.

Thanks to the continuous discoveries that are being made, there are more and more varieties of crystal quartz (crystalline quartz, smoky quartz, rutilated quartz, blue quartz …) with different properties that give you various states and vibrations.

When talking about minerals you must be aware of their ability to capture and transform energy. Quartz is characterized by its support, that is, by the amount of energy it can withstand. It is important because it also keeps it inside and expands it around it.

It is a stone of protection too. It will always amplify positive energy and reject or eliminate negative energy.

Due to its multiple properties, it has various uses in the industry such as optical instruments, watches, oscillation plates, speakers … It also has a resonant behavior, the ability to emit light when heated, dissipates static electricity and its piezoelectric properties are well recognized. That is, it reacts when it is subjected to a certain voltage.

Crystal quartz has always been in all cultures. It is present in both altars and tables because it is a mineral that focuses energy. Since ancient times, crystal quartz has been considered a valuable gem. The prestige he had then is much greater than he has today. There is a story that tells that Nero was made to carve two glasses of this mineral to drink on great occasions since it was thought that crystal quartz attracted the favor of the gods. The Arabs also made beautiful amulets with this gem to ensure good luck. For its beauty and properties it has always been one of the favorite gems of the carvers during all times.

Mother quartz or master quartz

Some quartz crystals have on their faces or in their structures certain formations with special geometries that are called mastery.

Learning quartz is considered master quartz. These inspire both respect and admiration. They have inside elements that help the evolution of the person who owns them. For this reason it is essential to know how to correctly distinguish the mastery that certain quartz can have.

It is often said that it is the master quartz itself that finds you. They choose you. You feel an attraction for the crystal and from that moment a bond with it emerges. This way you can access the information that it contains and that is fundamental for you and your evolution as a person.

There are different types of master crystals such as:

1.- Down

2.- Filing cabinet

3.- Wand

4.- Traveler

5.- Isis

6.- Connector

7.- Embraced

8.- Twins

9.- Call

10.- Elestial

11.- Channel

12.- Generator

13.- Transmitter

14.- Window

15.- Doubly terminated

16.- Tabular

17.- Ghost

Types of quartz crystals and their benefits

The quartz is pure without any impurities are known as quartz glass, rock crystal, quartz crystal or hyaline quartz.

When the tone of this mineral is grayish it is called smoky quartz. If its color is violet its name is amethyst and if it is yellow it is known as citrine. (Know all the benefits that amethyst brings to women)

Semi Precious Gemstone

The crystallizations that you can observe in a certain variety are called geodes and those that occur on a flat or convex surface are called drusen.

According to the type of color:


Rose quartz is one of the healing stones that crystal therapy professionals use the most. It generates a feeling of wellbeing for women as it eliminates the possible burdens that she may have in the ability to give and receive from the heart. It helps balance emotional and sexual energy. It will help you to express your feelings calmly, eliminating stress, jealousy, anger, anguish … This type of quartz destroys the negative energies replacing them with loving vibrations. You release all the penalties you may have, as well as the emotions you have not expressed.


It is very suitable for the endocrine and nervous system. It helps you to purify and harmonize the environment where you place this type of quartz as it transforms negative energies into positive ones. Rubbing this type of mineral in the exact place where it hurts, can help you eliminate your headache. It is a stone of power, justice, energy and purity.

Smoky Quartz:

It is perfect for healing due to its energy capacity and its ultrasonic frequency. It is very suitable to meditate and find what you are looking for. It pushes you all the good impulses you have to achieve both personal and material improvement. Calm, relax and silk. It is considered to be the quartz of the magicians since it is able to eliminate your negativity and allows you to become aware of the here and now. It can help you focus. To set foot on the ground especially those women who are dreamers and who do not live reality but in a continuous fantasy.

Citrine Quartz:

The nervous system and the digestive system are much indicated. It helps you to raise your self-esteem and eliminates the possible tendency you may have to self-destruct or self-criticize. It helps to solve problems and make decisions quickly so that intellectual activity benefits.


It is called milky quartz and is one of the most frequent varieties. This is created from the small amounts of gas or liquid that gets trapped when the crystals are forming. For this reason it is its white color. This type of quartz is widely used in decoration because of the fluids that exist inside. It is precisely the cloudiness that exists in the mineral that prevents it from being used both in the field of optics and electronics.

It helps to release possible physical blockages that you have in the body; it helps natural energies such as meridian points, reflexology points. It balances the energy of these physical points in both positive and negative. Quartz is going to transmit to you about every balance.

They act as transformers and energy amplifiers since they balance biological systems from the cellular level through oscillating vibrations. Another mineral that helps balance the physical, emotional and mental state is the moonstone. You can use both quartz to get better results.

Druze properties of the crystal quartz mineral

Druze is a union of various crystals. So you can find from two to a large number of them. It is a harmonious representation of the coexistence of all the crystals that make up that family. They are crystals that have the same base but that each one is different.

This type of crystal quartz will help you to live in a team, in a group. They are minerals that intrinsically carry the consciousness of unity. This is why they help unsociable people or those who find it hard to work in a group. Very suitable for those women who feel alone and with low self-esteem.

Small drusen are used in crystal therapies since they recharge both the chakras and the energy system and harmonize them. They amplify the energy if you place it in your hands when you are healing with crystal therapy.

One of the most important characteristics of drusen is that they serve to clean and recharge other minerals. Amplifying the effect that stone has on concrete.

Quartz drusen are ideal if you want to harmonize a certain environment. They neutralize the negative waves emitted by electronic devices.

They are widely used in reiki since they transmit and catalyze energy very well.

Healing properties of crystal quartz

For centuries, not only physical properties but also healing and energy properties have been associated with quartz. For many it is considered the cure for par excellence.

How and Why to use Amethyst?

Quartz crystals, especially those that are clearer, generate a balanced energy field. Among its main qualities are:

  • Great healing power.
  • Unlock the physical centers as it vibrates in resonance with the entire universe.
  • Revitalizes and restores energy, bringing the physical body to balance.
  • Remove the negative energies.
  • They are one of the best transmitters and power generators.
  • Remove blockages that a person has.
  • In meditation they expand the power of perception.
  • Open, stimulate and strengthen the seventh chakra.

Quartz has the property of balancing and harmonizing bodies preventing any negative energy from appearing.

One of the most important properties that this material has is its therapeutic characteristic. As I have commented previously, it attracts and channels the universal energy in such a way that it unlocks most of the subtle bodies. Not only does it harmonize with each other but also with the physical body, this facilitates the healing of diseases.

Healers who specialize in crystals use quartz for various purposes. Some of these are the general healing of pain, dizziness, diarrhea, headaches, kidney diseases …

Physical properties

The transparent crystal quartz has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale so that it can scratch the glass. Internally it has a white streak, a concoid fracture and a hexagonal crystal structure.

Quartz is present in many types of rocks, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. It is part of the group of silicates. There are two fundamental types of quartz:

· Macrocistalin: it is generally translucent and transparent

· Cryptocrystalline: they are usually opaque or translucent.

The fine quartz is transparent which means that the light passes through it without obstacles. It is common to find concoid fractures on their faces. It dissolves in hydrofluoric acid.

Emotional and mental properties

What quartz provides is very clear. They help you grow spirit and soul. On a physical and mental level, what helps you is to clear your mind. What it does is get out of your head all the negative energies and everything that is blocking you to focus on what will bring you well-being. Increase the positive energies as well as the motivation to be able to do what you want.

Another of the mental healing properties that this gem has is the increase in intuition. Eliminate any type of self-pity you may have and help you achieve what you want.

In order for this type of crystalline quartz or other type of mineral to retain all its properties, it is necessary to clean, load and program it. Many doubts usually arise when you want to perform this sequence to several minerals at once. All quartz can be cleaned in the same way and charged at the same time. But it is important that each mineral has a different order. Thus, you will channel the virtues of the gems and get a better result.

Energy properties

On the other hand, quartz is used a lot for meditation since, as I mentioned earlier, it is good to balance the energy fields that exist in your body and in your aura. A rock crystal is held in your hands to help you relax while you meditate. Also having this mineral increases the frequency of vibration of the place where it is. Absorbs, stores unlocks and regulates energy. It takes it to the maximum state acting in all the states of the person.

When it comes to meditation, it is essential that your mind be calm and calm. That does not have any negative charge. The space where to perform the meditation has to be as quiet as you can. It is good that there is a dim light to avoid possible distractions.

As I mentioned earlier, this mineral contains the entire spectrum of light. One of the properties of quartz is that it helps eliminate static electricity that may exist around you. That is why it is good to have crystal quartz near the computer, mobile phones, television…

Properties and virtues of Aventurine

  • March 8, 2019

The beautifully glittering sun quartz bears the charming name of Aventurine. A shower of golden or silvery dots makes all their appeal and the dull and dull “aventurines” that are sometimes presented to us do not deserve their name. Other minerals have brilliant inclusions, so they can at best be called “adventurized stones”.

It is rare that a natural phenomenon is referred to as a manufactured product, so beautiful and so precious. But the fact is there: the aventurine stone comes out of anonymity around 1600 thanks to an artistic technique and a process of manufacture of the master glassmakers of Murano near Venice.

Mineralogical characteristics of aventurine

Aventurine is a variety of quartz, itself classified in the group of silicates and in the subgroup of tectosilicates. Like the chalcedonies, the aventurine is cryptocrystalline quartz, ie formed of microscopic crystalline granules; this particular composition gives to the mineral an opaque aspect.

Adventurine has other features common to quartz, however its hardness is slightly lower (6.5 instead of 7 on a scale of 10) and its density slightly higher. The presence of mineral or metallic inclusions explains these differences.

The color comes from these inclusions: the more they are abundant (usually 10 to 20% of the matter) the more the aventurine will be colored in a uniform way.

Micaceous inclusions are the most common. Mica, formed of aluminum and potassium, is also a silicate but belongs to another group: phyllosilicates. It comes in several species and subspecies of composition and thus of various colors. The green aventurine, very widespread and appreciated for the intensity of its shades owes its color to the fuchsite, rich chromium mica of the muscovite species.

Other inclusions are possible: brown aventurine is colored by pyrite, red by hematite, goethite or copper, blue by dumorérite or ilmenite.

The aventurine is everywhere; it is formed in the magmatic and metamorphic rocks into multiform aggregates (nodules, stalactites, pebbles …). The main extraction sites are in India (State of Tamil Nadu), Brazil (State of Minas Gerais), Russia (Urals and Siberia), Tanzania, and Tibet, United States (State of Vermont), in Central Europe (Bohemia, Silesia), Spain, Austria, and France (Finistère).

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The aventurescence

This name is given to the shiny and glittery appearance produced by light reflected in mineral or metallic inclusions. This term does not apply only to aventurine. Other minerals have this characteristic: for example, iolite or some feldspar such as sunstone, especially that from Oregon (known as Oregon sunstone), very clear and very colorful with inclusions of copper.

The beautiful adventurines are rarely found and most of those offered for sale have unfortunately an insufficient adventure.  Adventurines without any adventures are mostly brightly colored crystals used for low cost jewelry. A wide range of colors is sure to announce an artificial treatment!

The misleading name “Indian jade  ” sometimes refers to green aventurine. Jade and amazonite are rarer then the aventurine of the same color sometimes replaces them. The vases, cups and other small objects in green aventurine have a beautiful fresh and frosty appearance. Jewelers frequently carve cabochon aventurine to reveal the beauty of this semi-precious stone.

Etymology and meaning of the word “Aventurine”

Aventurine derives from the word “adventure”, a term from the popular Latin adventura (“what must happen”) , from the verb  advenire (“to occur”, “to happen”). In ancient French, the word takes the meaning of “fate, destiny” (meaning that we still find in the phrase “good adventure”). Adventure is finally and also chance, a meaning found in the adverbial phrase “adventure “(if by chance, you go on an adventure, come what may!)

At the beginning of the seventeenth century, a glass worker whose name is unknown would have dropped at random “per aventura  ” flakes of copper or brass filings in the molten glass. Maladresse or will to innovate? No one knows but the result is conclusive. The glass containing a constellation of glittering particles is a great success and becomes the adventurine or aventurine , specialty and monopoly of the Venetian master glassmakers (we speak of “aventurine glass” or avventurina ).

Subsequently, all things are dotted with small bright dots of “adventurine” including natural things as the stone aventurine (pietra venturina).

Some argue for the opposite of this explanation: it might be natural adventurine that gave its name to the artificial. This version is unlikely because there is no trace of this name before. It is also possible that the glassmakers invented the story in response to the curious too interested in their manufacturing secrets. Chance does things well and cannot be explained!

In France, the first written trace of the stone called “aventurine” dates from 1686. We owe this testimony to a very famous lady of this century, Madame de Maintenon: “I found that a rosary that I believed the nuns was calambur and another of aventurine …  “

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Aventurine throughout history

Aventurine in the ancient world

The Egyptians exploited quartz mines and found in Upper Egypt greenish micaceous quartz that might well be aventurine but we do not know the old name or names of the aventurine. Modern naturalists have tried some approximations but without certainty.

According to the descriptions left by Pliny and by other authors of Antiquity, the aventurine could hide, among others, behind these strange minerals:

The coralleachate or coralloagate , a coral red precious stone dotted with small golden dots.

The star or starry stone, so called because “we see the figure of all the stars”, the most beautiful come from Egypt and Arabia; it is the size as opal.

The sandarésus or sandastros , found in India and southern Arabia, a religious stone of the Chaldeans, with an interior fire placed behind a transparent substance shining with stars that seem like drops of gold.

On the other side of the sea, pre-Columbian civilizations have left some concrete evidence and one can see in the British Museum of London, a famous statuette of the very old Olmec civilization. This curious character of about thirty centimeters, is in green aventurine, stocky with a big human or animal head, it dates from 400 BC

Adventurine in the middle Ages

Jean de Mandeville, explorer and naturalist tells us about a stone that could well be the medieval aventurine:

“Stone verde tasted like drops of gold: this stone gives” moult “of goods to the one who wears it. It is good for people who are fearful because it gives boldness, good sense and good countenances grace and honor …  “but it is also specified that this stone being a holy stone, we must avoid lust.

Adventure in modern times

As we have seen, in the 17th century, stones with small bright dots are called aventurines. The difference between minerals is not yet well established. On the one hand there are the stones, natural aventurines, and on the other hand the artificial aventurine, this wonderful glass of Venice with golden particles.

From that time, a third aventurine is very famous: the Chinese and Japanese aventurine lacquer. This vegetable lacquer is obtained from latex derived from Asian softwoods “lacquer tree”. On this lacquer, often black, flakes of mica, bronze or gold are blown.

This very delicate art is very pleasing in France, and the ships of the East India Company bring a number of screens and delightful objects in aventurine lacquer. We try to imitate these complex processes but not possessing trees or know-how, we create very beautiful varnishes (the famous Martin varnishes) with adventurized varieties that will contribute to the renown of the French cabinetmaking under Louis XV.

In the eighteenth century, scholars pondered the fate of the stone aventurine. It is described as a kind of yellowish or yellow-brown gemstone with small gold dots that gives it a lot of brilliance. Diderot in her great Encyclopedia defines her as shimmering and classifies her in precious stones “like agate, lapis and others”.

In 1802, Nicolas Jolyclerc attributes the “label” aventurine to “feldspars sprinkled with small sequins”; he said that the others, the aventurines are “false (although natural)”.

This division into two species, one true feldspar and the other pseudo-aventurine quartz, will persist more or less throughout the nineteenth century. However, some mineralogists, such as Balthazar-George Sage, relate it to the genera of quartz. Today aventurine is definitely a quartz and feldspar that does not belong to the same group can simply be adventurinated.

Russian craftsmen from Yekaterinburg carved an immense basin, in a single block of ocher aventurine extracted on a summit of the Ural around 1830. This imposing work required several years of work, it measures 2.46 m wide and 1.46 m high. It is exposed in the center of the coat of arms of the magnificent Winter Palace of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

Closer to home, under the dome of the Invalides in Paris, visitors from all nations, disturbed by the extreme solemnity of the place, circulate in silence around an impressive realization in quartzite of red aventurine. The tomb of Napoleon I required twenty years of work before being definitively erected under the dome in 1861. The stone comes from Karelia, Finnish region formerly Russian territory. This choice was not unanimous, the emperor would not he wanted a rock extracted from French soil?

Properties and virtues of aventurine in lithotherapy

A stone of introspection and prosperity, aventurine brings positive solutions and promotes general well-being. It absorbs harmful waves including electromagnetic waves present in our environment.

Adventurine is traditionally associated with the heart chakra. It combines very well with pink quartz. The elixirs of aventurine are excellent for all dermatological conditions (eczema, acne …).

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The benefits of aventurine against physical ailments

  • Soothes dermatoses (eczema and other rashes)
  • Promotes the harmonious growth of young children
  • Regulates heart rate (beneficial action on heart conditions in general)
  • Improves circulatory disorders
  • Activates cellular regeneration
  • Balance the blood pressure
  • Promotes lowering cholesterol
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Preserves the urogenital system
  • Soothes tired eyes
  • Attenuates headaches
  • Calm nausea (green aventurine)

The benefits of aventurine on the psyche and relational

  • Brings a clear and positive view of events
  • Soothes fears and anxieties (especially of early childhood)
  • Promotes inner tranquility, self-control
  • Boosts decision-making ability
  • Help to complete the projects (patience and perseverance)
  • Calm the anger
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Promotes compassion