• October 15, 2020

To help you with this year’s gifts, we have made a useful list of original handmade gifts for Christmas. You will be with me in that it is increasingly difficult to get the gifts right and surprise. Do not worry, I am sure that in this list you will find something original that he likes: your boyfriend, your father or your friend. And the best of all is that being handmade, these gifts can be personalized as you want. And if what you are looking for are gifts for them, look at this list of 7 original gifts for them.

Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men are going to freak out because they are not going to be able to beat you this Christmas. These personalizedgifts can only be made by you, no one else. To help you a bit, we have left you some links to Amazon so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Surprise this Christmas!

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I have the perfect gift solution for beer lovers. Your partner, your father or whoever it is will appreciate it so much… Buy a variety of beers at the supermarket and personalize them with labels with funny messages. For example: “Beer for after work”, or “Beer to celebrate reconciliation.”

Instructions to build the brewery: Cut the 5 pieces of the box (4 for the sides, 1 for the base) – Screw the different pieces with a screwdriver – Apply a wood protector or varnish to the wood. Easy right?


For those who like design, decoration and vintage, you can design a wooden painting with ease. Think of his favorite phrase, a message of encouragement that he sees every morning, and the combination of two colors. This type of wooden paintings is incredible in a hall, or on a wall of a room.

Instructions – it’s so easy and there are so many ways to do it that we let your creativity run free. Write us a comment if you can’t think of anything.


You can find keyrings in any euro bazaar, but they have nothing to do with handmade keyrings like the ones in the photo. If you want your gift to be carried everywhere, give this basic but precious braided leather keychain. They will always carry you in their pockets.

Crystal Quartz Pencil Points

Instructions: Buy a round braided leather strap, some beads -for example, rustic pebbles-, and a hook – Close the keychain with a taut thread of the same color as the leather and instant glue for the hook.


World maps are great as decoration for rooms or to decorate the walls. If you like to travel or dream of traveling the world, I am sure it will be a gift that will not fail. You just have to decide the dimensions of the map and, therefore, of the cork.

Instructions: Buy a cork and acrylic paint (it can be sprayed) – Print a world map from the Internet (choose the dimensions first) – Cut out the inside of the map outline with a punch and scissors – Place the map template on the cork and paint the cork with the color you bought.


The textures of wood give a lot of warmth to home decoration, but wood is such a noble and versatile material that it can be used for many other things. What do you think of this wooden glass case? It seems amazing to me and it seems easy to do it. Attentive to the instructions.

Instructions: Take 2 tubes of toilet paper rolls: one will act as a cover and with the other you will build the lid and the circle that will serve as the bottom of the cover – Line the two pieces with a vinyl paper with wood texture.


If you have not seen this type of shoelaces this past summer, you have not been to the beach. Sorry. But surely this 2017 these cords for glasses with ethnic roll will also be a trend. And it’s so easy and cheap that you don’t have to look any further online. Go to a haberdashery and ask for a cord – it can be flat or cylindrical – and two hooks. If you live in Madrid, the famous Pontes haberdashery has a wide variety of laces and brooches.

Instructions: Buy cord (about 40/50 centimeters) and two hooks – Glue the hooks to the cord with instant glue.


Desk tables are often one of the most chaotic and cluttered places in the home. A box by itself will not solve the mess, but boxes as beautiful as the one in the photo can be an incentive to organize everything and go from having a messy place to a Nordic-style corner that will be the protagonist of the house.

Gemstone Pyramids

Instructions: I give you two alternatives. 1. Recycle some large old wooden boxes (they can be fruit or plain boxes); 2. Build your own wooden boxes with wooden boards and white glue – Decorate them with geometric patterns of the same color that contrasts with the color of the wood (if the boxes are dark, a white or light gray will be good; if they are light, a bright color or black may suit them).

If you want to start with 3 new plain boxes, I suggest you look for a pack of several boxes that you can find on the Internet. They will be cheaper.


  • October 15, 2020


When I leave the house, what if the mobile phone, the wallet, the house keys, the office keys, tissues, chewing gum … A pocket tray, as the name says, is used to leave all those things that we always carry inside pockets. They are very useful to avoid having the important things that we drop every time we enter the house and we take when we go out. Create an original pin tray and you will make him very happy every morning.


Do you still have vinyl records at home that you don’t put on and collect dust? You already have something to do with one of them: an original wall clock. They look great in the kitchen; they will give it a retro air.

Gemstone Pendulums


If your boy usually wears a tie, this gift will make him very excited. Because it’s not another tie, it’s a tie rack! At last you will have them all in order and you will be able to choose it every day at a glance. This coat rack is going to become the envy of your friends.


Old maps are a very fashionable decoration object. Its warm color and as always, the mystery of the maps, are a perfect combination as a motif for any design. This Christmas, if you are looking for original low-costgifts, these bookmarks are your solution. I recommend using the decoupage technique to mount the maps on fine chipboard.

Gemstone Pyramids


I recognize that it is one of my weaknesses, as a child I played a lot of football. If you have a friend or a very football fanatic boyfriend, you are going to fall in love with this soccer field, regulation size badges (yes, there are also official rules for this game). He will have a great time with his friends on those football and beer afternoons.


Porcelain markers have been one of the novelties that have become popular this year. The personalized mugs are handmade gift that always like. You can choose a funny motif such as the mustaches in the photo, cacti or flamingos that are very fashionable, or write a motivating phrase with beautiful handwriting.

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  • October 15, 2020


If you are up to date on fashion, you will know that t-shirts and sweatshirts with pockets have been one of the things that has been worn this year. It seems that fashion is here to stay for at least a few more years. Staying on trend is as easy as grabbing a basic t-shirt or sweatshirt and pocketing it with fun fabric.


With this gift you will not fail. The trays for breakfast in bed or in the room or for dining on the sofa are super useful. As with mugs, we all like to have our own special tray. Of course, with this gift you must plan some more materials, and it is not difficult, but it does involve a few more steps.

Instructions : Cut several slats with the same length that will serve as the base of the tray – Glue the slats together with white glue and a good grip – Cut 4 slats that will be the edge of the tray – To the two slats on the sides, make them two holes to each one to later link the handles – Nail the 4 side slats to the base – Apply a wood protector or varnish to the entire tray – If you want, you can draw a motif or word with the help of a template.


If you are looking for gifts for kitchens, you are sure to love this apron. We bring you an idea, but you can customize it to your liking with various reasons that are special for you or him.

Gemstone Tree

Instructions : Part of a basic apron, it can be white or better gray or black to give it a masculine touch – Decide what motifs you want to include on the apron, draw them on the apron or on paper and get the necessary colored fabrics – Cut and sew the fabrics to the apron in the shapes you want – You can give the apron a special touch by changing the strips of the apron for new leather ones.


Card holders are a very useful accessory: they take up little space and are also very elegant. A handmade leather card holder can become the gift that generates the most envy this Christmas and is that, as soon as you make the first one, everyone will want another one.

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Caring for plants can be hard work. If you are looking to make an original gift that is linked to nature, this cactus garden is ideal. As cacti do not need much water and regular care, it will be worth keeping it in a privileged place at home or at work. It is always nice to give plants.


Since digital photos arrived, we have almost no photos at home. It’s a shame, because afternoons are great to sit on the couch with family or friends and go through old albums. It is time to rescue the photos from the computer. Choose a special family trip, a romantic vacation or, also, a selection of important photos for you. To make an original photo album as a gift, I propose to apply the image transfer technique to the album cover, which can be made of wood


Did you know that you can knit with your own arms? When I found out, it seemed like the most to me. The scarves I like the most are the ones that the people I love have made for me. When the handmade gifts are also warm, there is no possibility of failure. In addition, it is very simple, you will only need XXL wool. Now you can start knitting with your arms, you will also exercise.

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What to give at Christmas?

  • October 15, 2020

In addition to the invisible friend at Christmas, there are two key dates on which gifts are also made: December 25 and January 6. Both days are very special on the Christmas calendar. So that you can get your Christmas gifts right, we give you some ideas, take note!

Christmas gift ideas for women

The trick to getting it right is to inform us about what would make you most excited. Insist that they list their preferences for you so that you can get it completely right. Another trick to knowing what to give them is simply to be a little more observant during the previous months in order to know what things they would like. Still, if you don’t know what gift to make, we give you some ideas:

  • Jewelers
  • Scented candle set
  • Pajamas and in general clothes to be at home
  • Set of wine glasses
  • Picture
  • Flowers and vases
  • Perfumes
  • An online gift card

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Christmas gift ideas for men

Finding Christmas gifts for men is often an odyssey for many. The best trick is to gather information throughout the year about your tastes. But if we don’t really know what to give or don’t want to risk it, there are very flirty options that they love, we give you some ideas!

  • BBQ set with kitchen utensils
  • Waitress with a set of glasses
  • Wine and wine glasses set
  • Chess boards
  • Knife set
  • Bathrobes, pajamas, and slippers to be around the house
  • An online gift card

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Handmade: DIY Christmas gifts

If you want to give something more personal for Christmas, handmade gifts are a very good option. These types of gifts have a lot of meaning since they are made manually. We give you some original Christmas gift ideas that you can make at home and have fun:

  • Scrapbook: Make a scrapbook decorated with photos and quotes. Song lyrics can also be a good addition. Or remember a concert that you have lived together and that connects you with the person to whom you are giving the gift.
  • Christmas cookies: they are a perfect detail and also at Christmas, everything sweet is a plus. Accompany the cookies in a flirty Christmas box.
  • Photo Gifts – Photo gifts are a very popular Christmas gift. Especially in the digital age, this Christmas gift idea is a perfect choice for capturing shared memories in photos. Another good idea is to give a calendar with photos. Or print a mosaic photo of many photos with your memories.
  • Christmas basket: buy a natural fiber basket and add some special gifts to it. For example, an agenda, some candles, or even a frame with a photo of you. You can make a travel kit with little clues about your next destination. You will love it!

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Last-minute Christmas gifts

Did you forget to buy a good gift because of the stress of Christmas? Then we have some gift ideas that you will love and save you from a rush:

  • Create a personalized breakfast box. This is very easy to do and you could even make some homemade sweet at home. Then add a mug and some cute napkins with a card, and voila!
  • Make a personalized calendar for next year. You can take some cardboard and do it at home. Add photos of some important trips and dates for next year.
  • A Kit of beauty products or aromas for the house. They are gifts that always like so if you spend more time with these types of products, you will be right!

Give away a travel guide with the next destination.

Our advice: to get the details right, it is important to take into account the tastes of who we are going to gift. Of course, with all these ideas that we have left you from the West wing, you will not lack inspiration for your Christmas gifts.

Christmas gift ideas: invisible friend, crafts and more ideas to get it right

  • October 15, 2020

Christmas is a very special date on the calendar. We return home, we return to see family, friends … In general, we enjoy the reunion with our loved ones. But there is another special moment during Christmas and it is the gifts.

The thrill of seeing children receiving their gifts in the morning or seeing our loved ones with some personalized detail that we have lovingly prepared is a luxury. That is why so that you continue to surprise the family year after year, we have wanted to show you some very original Christmas gift ideas. Take note!

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The invisible friend: the original gifts for Christmas

The invisible friend is a traditional Christmas custom that is widespread in many countries around the world. The funniest thing about this is that we do not know who is giving us a gift and neither does the person to whom we are going to give the gift. This game is usually played between friends, co-workers, and even family. It is about setting a budget with a similar amount so that the gifts are more or less of the same type. When making the draw we can do it in multiple ways:

Gemstone Bracelets

The Random Invisible Friend – Each player is assigned a different player before or after the gift is purchased. When we know who has touched us, we must keep it a secret until the gifts are given.

The invisible friend with dice: it can become a fun game. Depending on the number of dice, different rules can be set. So, a number can mean that all the gifts should move clockwise. Or that you can exchange your gift with any other player. Come up with your own rules and enjoy the fun Christmas custom!

Stolen Invisible Friend: On the day of the invisible friend, all the gifts are placed together and each person, in turn, chooses one. Everyone will have to open the gift at the same time. Previously, you will have determined how many rounds will be made and how many times we can steal gifts.

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The invisible friend with fun objects: with this version rare but very funny things are given as gifts. You will see how you will have a good time with family or friends. You can give away everything you can think of, the main thing is to have fun and laugh a lot, so let your imagination fly!

The solidarity invisible friend: It is about buying a gift as long as it has a solidarity purpose. In this way, the gift will be much more special.

Dow Crystal

List of Master Crystals | Dow | Drusas or Gardens Crystals

  • May 9, 2020


The Dow Crystal is named in honor of the Great Crystal Healer and Researcher Jane Anne Dow. Jane Anne was the first person to reference this crystal and talk about its specific characteristics.

Geometrically, the Dow Crystal has 3 faces with seven sides and between these three faces there are 3 exact triangles. This creates a combination of 7-3-7-3-7-3. Dow Crystal combines Channels and Transmitters in itself. It has the perfect geometry and if you look at it from above you will see and feel it, its tip seems totally and geometrically harmonious and balanced.

The Dow Crystal has been described as the most evolved of all Crystals, the balance between masculine and feminine, the master of communication, which can channel information, express it, transmit it and expand it. My teachers taught me about this Dow Crystal as the most special of all Crystals, the one that can replace any other Master Crystal if you ask it, the one that can act in any of the superior senses in which the Master Crystals act. This makes him a being of infinite possibilities.

As you work with Dow crystals you develop your highest capacities and potentials, you develop your own internal Dow Crystal, access to your own truth, being able to express it and being able to put it into action to further connect it with the great sources.

If you have the luck or the destiny to find a Dow natural crystal, which has not been cut, you will have in your hands an indescribable treasure. Use it and if one day you feel that it must pass and be used by another being, let it go and allow it to transmit its essence and help other beings.


The Drusses or Gardens are conglomerates of crystals; they can be from two or three to thousands of them. They represent a harmonious family of light that shares the same base, a high community that lives and vibrates in unison in harmony.

Their shapes are exquisite; each Druse has a different story to tell about how to live in community, about how different relationships occur. By following their forms or meditating on them you will be able to discover or intuit what type of relationship they describe.

A Druse will always help us to be able to live in community, it will also be as a conglomeration of more than angels with us, and they increase your consciousness so that you can work in a group. They are very, very high consciences that have learned and carry within themselves the consciousness of Unity.

They should always be given a very special place in our house, on our altar and in our hearts because they are a blessing wherever they come.

They can help people who are not sociable or people who do not tolerate working in groups to achieve this; they also heal hatred of humanity, just by having them or taking their elixir.

Small Drusen can be used in crystal therapy; they will recharge the entire energy system, the chakras and will allow them to be harmonized. A Druse is so powerful that it can clean the crystals after a session or it can recover crystals that have been irradiated or fractured. And in the same way they will help us when we feel that we are broken.

The auric light that covers the druse is bright and powerful; it can cleanse an atmosphere and generate strong positive vibration. If you place a Druze between two people in meditation or in a workplace, you can generate more energy and harmony between them.

If you leave a photo of your family or loved ones on a crystal druse, a ray of positive energy will flow to them throughout the day and night. The Drusses will also be able to bring healing to families in need of love, cooperation and generosity.

I love you deeply; they are a burst of light, full of energy of love and cooperation. There is much to learn from them, you can meditate with them and adhere to all that super consciousness they have. They are a true gift of light when they come into your life.

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Master Crystal

MASTER CRYSTALS | Coyote | Jaguar | Benefits | Kabeer Agate

  • May 9, 2020

A Crystal Master is a Universal Grand Master, versed in distant wisdoms that we can now begin to know and understand and is in your life just when you are ready to access this knowledge.

Quartz with specific geometries for different purposes has been called Master Crystals. As quartz is the highest consciousness in the kingdom of crystals, and has a very high spiritual development, it generates specific geometries for higher purposes such as the channeling of knowledge, penetrating the internal threshold itself, being able to look at the aura, make subtle operations , program crystals, archive old specific information, connect with other plans and many other possibilities.

Much has been said about these Crystals, I think that what makes a Master Crystal is its great wisdom, its powerful presence, a special halo surrounds them, and one can feel that this crystal has something unique. For me all Crystals are very special, each one has its own unique personality, its unique experience, but it is true that there are crystals that emanate something that goes further.

Once I found among the miners a very rare crystal, I recognized it immediately, its shape was unique, it was several crystals in one, as in forms of diamonds literally, it did not correspond to any form described as Master Crystal but I knew that it was, and I was happy, it is something like that inside you experience an ecstatic state, something inside you knows that you have found a treasure and your whole body vibrates with emotions; I gave this Crystal to my sister, since I wished that she also had a Master with her and her experiences with this Crystal have been wonderful, after we discovered that she was an Eternal-Isis-Tantric Twin -Window, a Crystal without equal.

There are crystals that have received ancient programming from other civilizations in the hope that someday someone who resonates with this knowledge could access it. The Master Crystals are a great Universe, their knowledge is accessed in different ways, each one must follow their intuition on how to use them, I think that it is the best way, the correct one, to follow your intuition, to communicate with the Crystal; it is they who they show us the ways and the ways. Although the techniques described by healers work and serve as a first step, you end up developing your own way of interacting with them.

Below I show you a little of each Master crystal in the hope that they come into your life and you can discover them.


They are male crystals, geometrically they must have a majority of triangles at the tip, ideally they have the 6 triangles or most of them, direct energy directly through the axes towards the tip of the Crystal allowing optimal energy mobilization.

They are therefore used in healing, as staves of the healer because they will direct the energy of the other crystals correctly and totally and the energy inside the crystal atom by atom. With them you can align the chakras and do all kinds of healing work. It is the instrument par excellence of the healer and in its natural state they are not easy to find, the majority that you find in stores have been carved like this and this could have changed the true geometry of the crystal, inside it may not be a Jaguar; it is always best to look for natural crystals, which have not been cut by man, the best always comes from the miners who remove them from the earth and do not transform them.

It is also the Quartz that must be used to program crystals, for its direct and active energy, which transcends the planes and allows the noble programs of healing to resonate in the higher planes.


They have also been called CHANNEL CRYSTALS, they are the female crystals, their geometry must have a larger main face in the front whose edges or sides are 7, and on the opposite side, behind the Crystal there must be a triangle. This makes it a crystal capable of channeling information from oneself, from other planes, information from other beings, you can find out about how a place is by putting the crystal in place and then you put the wide face on your third eye and receive the information how is that place energetically, what things have happened there.

This Crystal allows you to develop your clairvoyance and connect with other planes of consciousness. They are also witnesses to everything that happens, you can always ask them about what they see, for example in a place where there was a robbery and the Crystal was present, he can tell you in meditation who it was, etc.

Its 7-sided main face means that it is an access door to the inner truth; with it you can channel your own inner truth, the voice of your soul. Its seven sides represent the seven virtues to access the truth: Love, knowledge, freedom, the ability to project or create, joy, peace and unity.

It’s opposite three-sided face, or triangle, represents that knowledge is revealed through the verb, the voice, that is, the Crystal can speak and communicate.

They show us and allow us to communicate with inner knowledge and can be used to obtain answers to immediate questions.


Like Coyote crystals or Channelers, they are crystals that manifest 7 and 3, but Transmitting Crystals have two symmetrical main faces at the tip, each with 7 sides and in the middle of these two there is an exact triangle that is in all the center or front of the Crystal. The Transmitter is the masculine, the one that projects the information, the Channeler is the one that receives and channels information, and it is the feminine.

The Seven, which is the divine realization, the concretion of magic, and the three that unites mind-body-soul and allows the verbalization of the universe of seven. The combination of two sevens and the three in between creates the possibility for the being to transmit structures of thought to the universal mind and obtain the answer to any question.

They serve to consciously communicate with other life forms or to communicate telepathically between two people. Basically they are transmitters of thought.

Thought must be clearly tuned, to get a clear answer; you must ask a clear and specific question. Thus, the Transmitting Crystals teach us the lesson of fine-tuning communication with the world, learning to think clearly and being able to clearly define what we want to know.

In this way, if we do not obtain a clear answer of what we want to know, we realize that we are in confusion and we will be able to reflect on what is happening in our thinking. As we ask, as it will be answered.

To use the Transmitting Crystals one must first clarify his thoughts, know clearly what you want to transmit or ask, you put the central triangle in your third eye and clearly project the question or concern. Then you leave the Transmitter on your glass altar or in a special place, where it is isolated from other influences for 24 hours. Then you come, at the same time, and put the central triangle back on your brow and receive the answer.

To communicate telepathically between two people you put the triangle on your forehead, you transmit the message and then you pass it on to the other person so that they can receive it by putting the triangle on their forehead. You could also program a Transmitter so that it transmits information to another Transmitter Crystal that has another person with whom you want to communicate telepathically; that other person will use their own Transmitter to receive your messages.

All this seems incredible when you read it, but once you experience it you simply realize that crystals are transmitters of light and thought and that they have total capacity to do this, then, many less things start to seem incredible to you, your mind becomes It opens and your own brain capacities begin to develop as they are reflected in the capacities of the crystals.

They should be cleaned with water, sea salt and sun after streaming with them and you should always thank the Crystals for anything they do for you.

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BORNITA… A Stone full of joy | About Bornita stone | Kabeer Agate

  • May 9, 2020

BORNITA… A Stone full of joy

Also known as Iridescent Chalcopyrite or Peacock Rock in English, La Bornita crystallizes in the form of masses, occasionally in cubic and rhombohedral or rhomobo-dodecahedron forms. The Color is immensely rich and in different combinations, all iridescent, iridescent from copper red to the entire range of blues, violets, pinks, yellows, greens, turquoises and it will surprise you with all the most exquisite coloration.

This is a stone full of joy, capable of lowering the joy of the soul to the physical body. Its iridescence is only a symbol of the brightness, light and joy of the soul, and all this is transferred to us by prolonged contact or meditation with this divine stone.

La Bornita can clear the heart of sadness by reminding you of its noble origin and all its potential and reminding us that life is in itself an experience of joy and joy.

It is full of freshness, it opens new paths for us, it helps us to go further, to look deeper and deeper within ourselves, allowing us to progress.

It connects us with the infinite possibility of balance, harmony and joy that resides in the moment, this stone locates us in the moment and roots us in all the light of it.

It is an excellent activator of the chakras, balances them, aligns them and allows you to integrate the mind with the heart. It has a relief for every pain.

It prompts us to leave behind everything that no longer serves us anymore, it leads us along the paths of joy, letting us see that life is an ecstasy of continuous creation in which we are partakers.

It is a great protector for negativity, creating a protective field around us and letting us recognize the source of where it comes from. It will also free us from internal negativity, letting us see it and emanating in spirals the relief that balances it. She emanates all the force of alignment with well-being, circularly traps the entire negative and transforms it into pure beneficial energy.

Meditating with the Bornita you can recognize the blockages that you carry inside and that prevent you from reaching your goals. For this you can put it on the third eye or your left hand. Wherever you put it, it will be acting and affecting the entire area around it, due to its circular emanation.

She is also a great healer, bringing structure and harmony not only to energy systems but to body systems and above all she is a great healer of the cellular system, working to return it to its functioning and perfect organizations.

By working as a healer with her you will be able to access the origin of cellular disorders or tumor or cancer formations. Thus managing to bring the patient to balance these pains or distorted visions with new beliefs full of superior light force that will gradually return perfection to the physical body.

It is also used at the physical level in applications above the waist, to regulate the flow of adrenaline, increase alkalinity when there is a state of too much acid; to increase the assimilation of potassium, to decrease calcifications or states in excess of calcium.

You can also use it to decrease a fever and sweats. And as a general harmonizer.

If you use it in applications below the waist, it will help you increase blood circulation, increase acidity when there is a state of too much alkalinity, to stabilize and assimilate sodium retention, and to stimulate the flow of adrenalin.

You can also use it to stop seizures or spasms.

In elixir you can use it to treat dehydration and to harmonize the upper body with the lower body and heal what is described above.

I know that when looking at this stone one is trapped in its beauty and can deepen it, I hope you can discover all the power that the Bornita has to balance and to reconnect with your Happiness, that of the soul, with the sense of your life and fill your path, your being and all your things with its iridescence and the magic that it brings.

If it is possible to be happy on this Earth, we are here to be happy and for this you have to penetrate the moment … these are the words of the Bornite…

Let you go through all its flow of lights and enjoy it….

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  • April 11, 2020

Petalite crystallizes in masses, it belongs to the monoclinic system, also called oblique or clinorombic, its fundamental geometric shape is an oblique prism whose base is a rhombus; with a binary axis or a plane of symmetry. Colors range from transparent, white, gray, pink and light green.

The first time I had this stone in my hand, I immediately felt its subtle energy, very high, but very strong. Petalite is a very special Crystal, also called an angel stone, because it enhances connections with angels or higher dimensions.

Their energy can transport you from immediate reality to other distant ones; but there is something in it that keeps you here, planted, rooted and that is a very special feature for such a subtle stone; it shows that the human is ready to be multidimensional. So you can download all the information you get with it in meditation, or using it, all those illuminations that it transmits to you on the physical plane, feeling a force of renewal, feeling that you can solve something, understand something, go beyond, overcome any situation.

It is a very powerful stone, full of very high vibrations that will put you in contact with your spiritual guides, Animals Totems, with your soul, with the ancestors etc. So it is a great stone to use during your self-search and growth meditations or when you do rituals, when you work with the Medicine Wheel, Temazcal or any sacred space; for La Petalita will cover and protect the space with its great light and strength and will establish the channels for communication to flow between the worlds.

It is a Stone full of Peace, which shelters you with its great light and guides you with its voice, allowing you to go deeper within a meditation or within a spiritual investigation.

It is a connector; it has grooves, so the speed flows freely. It connects you with what you want to connect with, be they people, patients, guides, angels, crystals, etc. To dream she is also an excellent companion and protector during the astral journey.

If someone wants to learn to meditate, it is a very good tool to start, because it stops the mind immediately and will give you a balance between being here and there and will help you understand your depths and the presence of the other dimensions.

In his company, you will be highly protected to immerse yourself in the other planes.

With it you can practice expanding your vision, to see the auras and you can clean the aura too, taking it with you or passing it around the person’s auric field.

It works on any chakra, although its subtle energy between the eyebrows or the crown chakra will be essential. But by putting it in any other chakra what you will generate will be the stimulation of the most subtle and divine energies of that chakra. EX: Root chakra, the Kundalini.

It is a stone for the student of himself who wishes to develop his superior subtle capacities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and empathy. All of this can be very useful for a Crystal therapist.

She is loving and sweet, but she is also full of joy and drive and will stimulate you to follow her and move forward.

La Petalita connects the subtle bodies and aligns them, cleanses them of negative energy and will be a firm helper to release the aura of entities. Cleanse in a spiritual way, which can free you from negative karma by understanding the implicit lesson. It also aligns the two cerebral hemispheres and the ying-yang giving you a feeling of well-being and stability in the mind, body and spirit.

It is a very strong energy vortex; you can use it in Crystal therapy or other alternative therapies to really connect the person with the realms of light.

As a powerful stone and vortex, use it with great respect, she is a continuous source of Holy Light energy, and wherever you put it she will be emanating this energy.

At the Physical level it will be a great pain reliever, it will help you to lower a fever, to relax any area in tension. It works in the endocrine system, as it is a spiritual stone. It also works by bringing harmony to the cellular level, bringing light to the cells, so it is perfect for people with cancer or AIDS. It also helps correct vision, treats the lungs and the entire area of ​​muscle tension. It will also treat depression and emotional overflow.

Depending on its color, it will act on the heart if it is pink or green or gray to clean. The transparent has that level of transmission and elevation.

May this Crystal of pure light illuminate your days and your work and help you advance on your path of light. She is full of illuminations to share, she is a great friend, always loyal, always strong, and ready to sweep away what she is not and help you to direct yourself in higher and deeper senses.

Prehnite Healing Properties

Prehnite Healing


  • April 11, 2020

Prehenite crystallizes in compact granular masses, botroidal structures, in columns and in globular structures, in slabs, stalactites, tabular crystals and prismatic crystals. Color ranges from pale green, milky green to a darker translucent green, yellow and white.

It owes its name to the Dutch Hendrik von Prehn, who discovered it in the 18th century.

It has been called the Healer of the Healers, because it has the ability to put us in contact with impalpable entities through meditation and visualization. It blends the limits of time and space, thus facilitating access to psychic resources such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling and telepathy. Allowing a wide range of healing and diagnostic possibilities for healers.

It also forms a protective light shield that allows the healer to put an emotional limit on his patients’ problems, allows him to let go of emotional responsibility over them and focus only on channeling light without intruding or worrying about the results. It also increases the electric-energy field of the healer.

Many times I have seen Arcângel Rafael work through this stone, I think that they are intimately related and that this relationship can be very useful to the healer.

Under a conscious mandate that is born from the healer, this precious stone allows you to contact beings of light and maintains calm during the transmission so that it does not get lost after the emotion of the encounter.

It is fantastic to meditate, to dream and to remember dreams because it puts us in contact with the deepest part of the unconscious.

It can be used with great respect to improvise situations where the healer does not know what to do; Something happens in the patient, on a physical, emotional, mental, astral or spiritual level and the healer has never seen this before or has been in such a situation; You can then take the Prehenita, ask for help and the resources and steps to follow to help the patient will come out of nowhere.

With much respect, the healer can also use it in meditation to self-evaluate. To see and heal through channeling of light.

The oracular use with this stone is very effective, it allows us to predict and look beyond the limits of our vision.

It is a great emotional and nervous system reliever, used on the plexus or the heart will bring calm to a heart overflowing with sadness, anger or imbalance. If one sees that one or the patient is about to collapse emotionally or the mind is overflowing, a Prehenite will bring the appropriate medicine in this instant.

It helps us to let go of emotional manipulations, conscious and unconscious, those to which we cling, when we cannot let go of control or even try to move situations against each other when pain overwhelms the heart and clouds the mind.

It helps us to unmask these systems of emotional control, to bring out and reveal internal violence, whether we express it or not; because sometimes this violence can become an accident, a fracture, a blow, fall, etc.

La Prehenita brings calm and serenity for us to realize how we are acting and helps us overcome all this gross instinctual nature.

The Prehenite heals the heart and for the healer it is ideal because it allows him to be centered in that total state of calm and calm, incessant love, which can make all the creative and healing power flow in the patient and from other dimensions towards him.

At the physical level it is used to treat the kidneys, the liver, to treat gout or anemia in the blood.

This stone has brought me a lot of calm, sweetness, resistance, vision and connection with many spheres; I recommend her with all my heart as an invaluable companion in crystal therapy, as a personal physician to the healer in meditation, and as an incredible soothing and balancing gem for any human being.

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