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  • April 11, 2020

Petalite crystallizes in masses, it belongs to the monoclinic system, also called oblique or clinorombic, its fundamental geometric shape is an oblique prism whose base is a rhombus; with a binary axis or a plane of symmetry. Colors range from transparent, white, gray, pink and light green.

The first time I had this stone in my hand, I immediately felt its subtle energy, very high, but very strong. Petalite is a very special Crystal, also called an angel stone, because it enhances connections with angels or higher dimensions.

Their energy can transport you from immediate reality to other distant ones; but there is something in it that keeps you here, planted, rooted and that is a very special feature for such a subtle stone; it shows that the human is ready to be multidimensional. So you can download all the information you get with it in meditation, or using it, all those illuminations that it transmits to you on the physical plane, feeling a force of renewal, feeling that you can solve something, understand something, go beyond, overcome any situation.

It is a very powerful stone, full of very high vibrations that will put you in contact with your spiritual guides, Animals Totems, with your soul, with the ancestors etc. So it is a great stone to use during your self-search and growth meditations or when you do rituals, when you work with the Medicine Wheel, Temazcal or any sacred space; for La Petalita will cover and protect the space with its great light and strength and will establish the channels for communication to flow between the worlds.

It is a Stone full of Peace, which shelters you with its great light and guides you with its voice, allowing you to go deeper within a meditation or within a spiritual investigation.

It is a connector; it has grooves, so the speed flows freely. It connects you with what you want to connect with, be they people, patients, guides, angels, crystals, etc. To dream she is also an excellent companion and protector during the astral journey.

If someone wants to learn to meditate, it is a very good tool to start, because it stops the mind immediately and will give you a balance between being here and there and will help you understand your depths and the presence of the other dimensions.

In his company, you will be highly protected to immerse yourself in the other planes.

With it you can practice expanding your vision, to see the auras and you can clean the aura too, taking it with you or passing it around the person’s auric field.

It works on any chakra, although its subtle energy between the eyebrows or the crown chakra will be essential. But by putting it in any other chakra what you will generate will be the stimulation of the most subtle and divine energies of that chakra. EX: Root chakra, the Kundalini.

It is a stone for the student of himself who wishes to develop his superior subtle capacities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and empathy. All of this can be very useful for a Crystal therapist.

She is loving and sweet, but she is also full of joy and drive and will stimulate you to follow her and move forward.

La Petalita connects the subtle bodies and aligns them, cleanses them of negative energy and will be a firm helper to release the aura of entities. Cleanse in a spiritual way, which can free you from negative karma by understanding the implicit lesson. It also aligns the two cerebral hemispheres and the ying-yang giving you a feeling of well-being and stability in the mind, body and spirit.

It is a very strong energy vortex; you can use it in Crystal therapy or other alternative therapies to really connect the person with the realms of light.

As a powerful stone and vortex, use it with great respect, she is a continuous source of Holy Light energy, and wherever you put it she will be emanating this energy.

At the Physical level it will be a great pain reliever, it will help you to lower a fever, to relax any area in tension. It works in the endocrine system, as it is a spiritual stone. It also works by bringing harmony to the cellular level, bringing light to the cells, so it is perfect for people with cancer or AIDS. It also helps correct vision, treats the lungs and the entire area of ​​muscle tension. It will also treat depression and emotional overflow.

Depending on its color, it will act on the heart if it is pink or green or gray to clean. The transparent has that level of transmission and elevation.

May this Crystal of pure light illuminate your days and your work and help you advance on your path of light. She is full of illuminations to share, she is a great friend, always loyal, always strong, and ready to sweep away what she is not and help you to direct yourself in higher and deeper senses.

Prehnite Healing Properties

Prehnite Healing


  • April 11, 2020

Prehenite crystallizes in compact granular masses, botroidal structures, in columns and in globular structures, in slabs, stalactites, tabular crystals and prismatic crystals. Color ranges from pale green, milky green to a darker translucent green, yellow and white.

It owes its name to the Dutch Hendrik von Prehn, who discovered it in the 18th century.

It has been called the Healer of the Healers, because it has the ability to put us in contact with impalpable entities through meditation and visualization. It blends the limits of time and space, thus facilitating access to psychic resources such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling and telepathy. Allowing a wide range of healing and diagnostic possibilities for healers.

It also forms a protective light shield that allows the healer to put an emotional limit on his patients’ problems, allows him to let go of emotional responsibility over them and focus only on channeling light without intruding or worrying about the results. It also increases the electric-energy field of the healer.

Many times I have seen Arcângel Rafael work through this stone, I think that they are intimately related and that this relationship can be very useful to the healer.

Under a conscious mandate that is born from the healer, this precious stone allows you to contact beings of light and maintains calm during the transmission so that it does not get lost after the emotion of the encounter.

It is fantastic to meditate, to dream and to remember dreams because it puts us in contact with the deepest part of the unconscious.

It can be used with great respect to improvise situations where the healer does not know what to do; Something happens in the patient, on a physical, emotional, mental, astral or spiritual level and the healer has never seen this before or has been in such a situation; You can then take the Prehenita, ask for help and the resources and steps to follow to help the patient will come out of nowhere.

With much respect, the healer can also use it in meditation to self-evaluate. To see and heal through channeling of light.

The oracular use with this stone is very effective, it allows us to predict and look beyond the limits of our vision.

It is a great emotional and nervous system reliever, used on the plexus or the heart will bring calm to a heart overflowing with sadness, anger or imbalance. If one sees that one or the patient is about to collapse emotionally or the mind is overflowing, a Prehenite will bring the appropriate medicine in this instant.

It helps us to let go of emotional manipulations, conscious and unconscious, those to which we cling, when we cannot let go of control or even try to move situations against each other when pain overwhelms the heart and clouds the mind.

It helps us to unmask these systems of emotional control, to bring out and reveal internal violence, whether we express it or not; because sometimes this violence can become an accident, a fracture, a blow, fall, etc.

La Prehenita brings calm and serenity for us to realize how we are acting and helps us overcome all this gross instinctual nature.

The Prehenite heals the heart and for the healer it is ideal because it allows him to be centered in that total state of calm and calm, incessant love, which can make all the creative and healing power flow in the patient and from other dimensions towards him.

At the physical level it is used to treat the kidneys, the liver, to treat gout or anemia in the blood.

This stone has brought me a lot of calm, sweetness, resistance, vision and connection with many spheres; I recommend her with all my heart as an invaluable companion in crystal therapy, as a personal physician to the healer in meditation, and as an incredible soothing and balancing gem for any human being.

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onix stone


  • April 11, 2020

The Onyx represents the Zero Point, the Great Universal silence, the Great dream of God. It is under the rule of Pluto, which is responsible for the life and death of all processes.

She is the Great protector of the stones, she will absorb like a black hole any negative energy that is inside us or that comes to us from outside, any psychological or psychological attack.

It is good to use it once a week to clean your aura and it is good to use it when we know that we are going to meet negative people or situations; also when we visit hospitals or funeral homes. She will also take care of cleaning your house if you leave it in certain corners.

His Genius or essence, the spirit that inhabits the Onyx consciousness, is generally masculine and very wise.

It corresponds to the first Chakra or Root Chakra and it will help you to settle the energy, to anchor yourself, to land on this physical plane and the daily reality and it is fantastic to get rid of fears.

Its darkness contains great wisdom, whoever understands it will understand life and death … that’s how great the Onyx is.

It is a totally black type of Agate and represents the dimension that is beyond terrestrial life.

Its black color absorbs all the others and its abyss of darkness absorbs and emanates the power of the unity of all the other stones and of the Absolute.

Everything in it is contained in silence and eternal peace. Onix is ​​the overcoming of multiplicity in unity. In this stone the potential energy of all manifestation is at absolute rest.

In the Onyx are the mysteries of death and the afterlife, legends said that it was the Onyx who instructed the Egyptians about the post-morten process.

Onyx contains the wisdom of the ancestors of man and of the first countries of humanity. In him rest the dead and the Gods and everything that is beyond the Gods.

The darkness of this stone is only the voice that holds the supreme knowledge of divinity and the door for answers to the most venerable mysteries.

It is a porous and absorbent stone; it will absorb all negative energies. If the light of the black color symbolizes the primordial unity, its shadow is ignorance; Attracted by this ignorance and not by the wisdom hidden behind its darkness, the non-evolved entities, the unbalanced energies tend to approach the Onyx. This is his trap as the stone magnetically attracts negative energies, absorbs them and dissolves them in the abyss of darkness.

Thus the bad forces penetrate the Onyx and plunge into the void of nothingness and are dissolved by this trick-filled stone.

If you wear an Onyx and are the target of someone else’s negative thoughts, with it you will find yourself protected. It will be the stone that absorbs the attack and cancels it.

When in contact with the Onyx, negative people lose their energy and feel how their power weakens, since the stone tends to absorb it.

After the visit of negative people in your house, you can put Onix in the corners or where the person was and he will clean the place; The same after moments where our thoughts were not positive or when there were discussions, the Onyx will clean us and clean the spaces. Placing it under the bed will free you from nightmares and absorb from your unconscious what generates them.

The Onyx will kindly protect its bearer, purify its aura and courageously rid it of all evil.

As an austere connoisseur of the mysteries of life and death, this stone transmits seriousness, humility and confidence.

Without realizing it and during his contact with the stone, its bearer will see how many of his doubts are clarified, he will see his spiritual strength increase and he will receive vibrations of that special serenity that comes from an intimate knowledge of the truth.

During a loving or professional relationship, Onix guarantees the control of passions in disharmony, promoting a long and fruitful union.

This stone favors the reserved character that preserves the spirits of impulsiveness and saves many fights for spouses or partners.

From the depths of his darkness, his inner voice will speak to you and inspire you with answers to many spiritual doubts. Everything comes from nothing or the primordial Absolute and returns there, therefore, this stone represents the cosmic movement of the Primordial Unity that fragments into multiplicity, to eventually return to it again.

In the Onyx, in its black abyss the absolute equality of the Primordial Unit reigns.

In every house where an Onyx is found, fraternity will reign, because this stone absorbs everything that can cause disharmony.

Although Onix dissolves disturbing energies, it can sometimes become overloaded. When this happens, the stone will warn you through your intuition or you will see it opaque and dull, then clean it with water and sun and smoke it with incense.

On a physical level, it treats kidney pathologies, taking its elixir in the first dilution. It also treats bones, teeth, blood disorders, and feet. It is also used to temper character, and to control exaggerated and out of proportion sexual desires.

The Onyx is wonderful, it is one of the sacred stones of the ancient tradition of crystals and will be a close friend and a great protector with whom you will feel safe, calm and well associated.

It is a basic stone that you must have and use frequently, because it will be the one that cleanses your entire being of everything that blocks you or everything that happens to you from the outside ………. Hold it for Grand Master and protector; you will always be at his hand sure….a hug…..

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