Christmas gift ideas: invisible friend, crafts and more ideas to get it right

  • October 15, 2020

Christmas is a very special date on the calendar. We return home, we return to see family, friends … In general, we enjoy the reunion with our loved ones. But there is another special moment during Christmas and it is the gifts.

The thrill of seeing children receiving their gifts in the morning or seeing our loved ones with some personalized detail that we have lovingly prepared is a luxury. That is why so that you continue to surprise the family year after year, we have wanted to show you some very original Christmas gift ideas. Take note!

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The invisible friend: the original gifts for Christmas

The invisible friend is a traditional Christmas custom that is widespread in many countries around the world. The funniest thing about this is that we do not know who is giving us a gift and neither does the person to whom we are going to give the gift. This game is usually played between friends, co-workers, and even family. It is about setting a budget with a similar amount so that the gifts are more or less of the same type. When making the draw we can do it in multiple ways:

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The Random Invisible Friend – Each player is assigned a different player before or after the gift is purchased. When we know who has touched us, we must keep it a secret until the gifts are given.

The invisible friend with dice: it can become a fun game. Depending on the number of dice, different rules can be set. So, a number can mean that all the gifts should move clockwise. Or that you can exchange your gift with any other player. Come up with your own rules and enjoy the fun Christmas custom!

Stolen Invisible Friend: On the day of the invisible friend, all the gifts are placed together and each person, in turn, chooses one. Everyone will have to open the gift at the same time. Previously, you will have determined how many rounds will be made and how many times we can steal gifts.

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The invisible friend with fun objects: with this version rare but very funny things are given as gifts. You will see how you will have a good time with family or friends. You can give away everything you can think of, the main thing is to have fun and laugh a lot, so let your imagination fly!

The solidarity invisible friend: It is about buying a gift as long as it has a solidarity purpose. In this way, the gift will be much more special.

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