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Stone Topaz

The Meaning of the Stone Topaz

  • March 24, 2018

Many precious stones are “secretive”. Some of their aesthetic content and spiritual essence is exposed. Most of the crystals find their destination, only having been in the hands of a jeweler.

Large stones with a good cut become solid, significant, desired decorations. Small, somehow polished gems cannot boast of an important value…

Topaz is also unique in its importance. His character cannot be attributed either to extroverts or too introverted ones. He never sticks out himself, but he does not hide his properties either. Analogizing with the person, it is possible to tell: topaz value knows, and submits itself exactly to the best of its capabilities.

Symbolizing wisdom, peace, constructive harmony, topaz – regardless of its color – “tame” a person. To wear topaz means to hold a staff in your hand, helping to overcome the vicissitudes of life’s path.

What does topaz stone mean?

First of all, topaz as if assuring others: “My owner is a man of good artistic taste, with plenty of money and reason.” Different colors of jewelry inserts from topaz can specify a person’s commitment to one or other life aspirations. But never the owner of the topaz will not be proud of extravagance, boast of doubtful achievements, and commit ridiculous actions.

The properties of Alexandrite

Mystic Topaz, known for its magical properties, denotes the owner’s belonging to the adepts of esoteric knowledge. It should be noted that not everyone capable of magic realizes his own calling, and can be completely satisfied with a completely mundane occupation. But if he likes the mystic-topaz, then the real purpose of the individual is to comprehend the mysteries of nature.

The exact value of blue topaz it is not always easy to determine because of the difference in the brightness of the color of the stone. The degree of modeling influence on the gem (heating, irradiation) also affects the crystal’s capabilities. It is noted that the mystical meaning of a small but intensely colored topaz of completely natural origin exceeds the magical potential of larger but darker stones.

What does the blue topaz stone represent artificial coloring? Initially, only what the owner sees in it. With careful handling, eliminating the discoloration of the crystal; and also with constant spiritual communication with the stone, its power grows. Especially useful is the inheritance of blue topaz by blood relatives, related, among other things, also with deep feelings.

Blue topaz, after passing through several “co-directed” in the spiritual sense of ownership, acquires the value of a powerful magical artifact.