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Moss agate Crystal Meaning

Moss Agate Crystal Meaning and Uses

  • November 16, 2017

Healing Crystal Moss Agate Meaning and Uses

General appearance

Very dark and bright green color. It is translucent, its design reminiscent of pieces of moss or algae inside a crystal.




USA, Australia and India.

Zodiac sign



It allows seeing the natural beauty of things. It is said that it is very linked to nature, and provides a balance very specific to each person. Release blockages and spiritual difficulties. It is a stone of great energetic richness, which attracts abundance. It helps the intellectuals to let themselves be guided by their intuition, and the intuitive to channel their energy in a practical way.

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It is often used to improve self-esteem and to strengthen personality traits, releasing the most ingrained tensions and fears. Promotes self-expression and confidence, gives rise to optimistic feelings, and encourages expanding personal space and getting along with other people. It gives the “nudge” for new attempts and for second chances in times of stagnation.


Where necessary, in contact with the skin.


Use for magic related to wealth, happiness and long life. Use talisman to get new friendships and discover a “treasure”.

Cleaning and recharging

Exposure to the sun, a jet of clean water. It is highly recommended to leave it in pots or gardens with vegetation.

Moss Agate speeds up recovery from illness.  It is anti-inflammatory, cleanses the circulatory and elimination systems, and boosts the immune system.  It assists midwives by lessening pain and ensuring a good delivery.  Moss Agate prevents hypoglycemia and dehydration, treats infections, colds, and flu, and lowers fevers.  Treats fungal and skin infections.

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Moss Agate Uses And Purposes

The term “Agate” is usually reserved for stones with stripe pattern. Moss Agate typically improves the perception of the senses, as well as the neuronal activity. It also assists the person to eliminate despair caused by left-right brain disparity.