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Stone cat's eye

Stone cat’s eye | Healing Crystal

  • October 19, 2018


The cat’s eye is quartz that sprouted with olive-green needles of rutile. It increases prudence, preserves health. The cat’s eye is a good digestive aid and acts as a laxative.

Feline eye ornaments are recommended for children to hang on the neck in order to prevent complications in the respiratory organs and prevent asthma, pneumonia.

The term “cat’s eye” refers to several different minerals that have a glassy sheen and look like a cat’s eye with an upright pupil.

Physical properties. A stone with golden-green, gray-green tints that resemble cat-eye iris.

Features of education. Imitation of the cat’s eye is obtained from synthetic barium titanate and fibrous borosilicate glass.

Application. Cat-like stones are used to make cabochons, cufflinks, beads; less often cameo and intalo are cut out of them. All these stones were considered (amulets), i.e. protecting the owner.

Medicinal properties

Lithotherapists suggest that all the minerals that have a cat-eye effect are the same. But depending on the color of the stone, these or other therapeutic actions increase or decrease. For example, a cat’s eye helps to relieve attacks in bronchial asthma. Some traditional healers believe that these stones are a good remedy for the treatment of various diseases of the throat and respiratory system. In the countries of the East, there is a perception that, going through rosaries made from a cat’s eye, one can significantly reduce nervous tension and even recover from mental illness.

The cat’s eye affects the throat chakra.

Magical properties

Experts say that the mineral attracts mutual love to its owner, making him true in marriage and friendship. Attracts a stone to the owner and the sympathy of the people around them. Products with a cat’s eye should be worn by timid and insecure people – it will empower them with courage, charm, will attract the attention of others. Moreover, the gem is a real peacemaker. It helps a person to avoid conflicts, to improve relations in the family and at work, attracts the favor of the authorities.

If you give a decoration with a cat’s eye to the most irreconcilable enemy, then soon he will change his attitude towards the donor and may become his friend. For boys and girls, the stone helps to better adapt in adulthood, to safely survive the transitional age.

Astrologers strongly recommend the cat’s eye to people born under the signs of Scorpio and Cancer, but they should not wear a gem in combination with other stones. The rest of the signs of the zodiac stone can be worn in any combination.

Talismans and amulets

As a talisman, the cat’s eye should be used by diplomats, lecturers, artists, writers, artists and musicians. He awakens creative impulses in them, strengthens talents and gives charm and eloquence. In the old days, cat-eye ornaments were worn as amulets guarding against evil forces.

The effect of a cat’s eye is observed in correctly oriented and ground in the form of a caboche on a stone. Ideally, a thin light stripe is visible parallel to the long axis of the cabochon. The optical effect of iridescence occurs when light is reflected from numerous microscopic parallel inclusions of fibrous and acicular minerals or tubular voids due to their leaching.

Beryllic, chrysoberyl, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline cat eyes with the most striking optical effect, which are rare and therefore highly valued, are considered to be jewelry. It is more common and cheaper priced cat quartz eye with grayish-green modulations. In recent years, descriptions of obsidian, opal, topaz, diopside, enstatite, jade, zoisite, anatite, scapolite and cororubic cat’s eyes have appeared.

All of them are extremely rare, although the effect of a cat’s eye or opalescence is more common than is commonly thought. In particular, the cat’s eye was attributed with the ability to save love, protect it from treason, from the “evil eye” and even make the wearer invisible in battle.