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Kunzite Gemstone

Kunzite Stone | Healing Stone

  • October 19, 2018


In 1902, the American gemologist J.A. Kunz described a precious variety of spodumene, which was later named kunzite in his honor.

For the characteristic color, kunzite was called Californian iris or spodumene amethyst. Its color is caused by an admixture of manganese; from a long stay in the sunlight the mineral turns pale. Kunzite often forms large crystals, but it is difficult to cut them because of the high level of cleavage.

Other names of the mineral and its varieties are: Californian iris, lithium amethyst, spodumene-amethyst, hyddenite.

Kunzite is a mineral, a type of spodumene, lithium silicate and aluminum, LiAlSi2O6. The color of minerals is green, pink-lilac, and brownish. Colorless kunzite is also found. Characterized by a sharp visually noticeable dichroism (bicolor). It crystallizes in the monoclinic syngony, the cleavage is perfect in two directions. Parallel to flattening, the separation is well expressed. The crystals are transparent. Gloss – glass. The refractive indices are from 1,648 – 1,668 to 1,673 – 1,682. Luminesces in orange tones in ultraviolet and x-rays. With long-term X-ray or radium radiation becomes unstable emerald green color.

The crystals are thickly tabular, strongly elongated. Formed in pegmatite voids. Unlike the usual spodumene, kunzite is very rare.

Deposits. In the US, it is known in California (San Diego District), and is also found in Madagascar, in Brazil, and in Afghanistan. The extremely rare emerald green variety, known as giddenit, was found in the USA in the pegmatites of Alexander County (North Carolina), Madagascar, Brazil and Afghanistan.

Medicinal properties

Lithotherapists suggest that kunzite has a beneficial effect on heart activity. Folk healers in some countries believe that kunzite products (rings, pendants) can alleviate the effects of stressful situations, act soothingly on the nervous system, normalize sleep, and help with insomnia. It is believed that if you daily look at this mineral for several minutes, you can get rid of fear attacks, find peace and harmony with the world around you.

Kunzite affects the heart chakra.

Magical properties

Kunzite creates a balance between the mind and the heart. He does not allow his owner to regret the past and worry about the future. The stone inspires a person that everything in life must be experienced with dignity and stoically and there is no need to waste time on fruitless emotions.

Experts say that kunzite is an ideal meditation stone for relieving stress. Here’s how they offer to get rid of fatigue and stress with a gem: you need to sit on the floor, straighten your back and press the stone to the heart area. While breathing in, one should mentally fill the heart chakra with kunzite energy and call up the vision of the pink ray in the “third eye” area. Then you should direct the beam to the heart chakra. Within 10-15 minutes should keep the beam in the heart. It is believed that such procedures purify the aura and consciousness of a person, eject the accumulated negative, and heal a lot of diseases.

The specialist strongly recommends that you wear jewelry with kunzite on children. Kunzite will bring them joy; teach them to be honest, open and straightforward. Moreover, the stone protects children from the harmful effects of negative energy – it disperses it and creates a protective shell around them.

Astrologers advise wearing kunzite to all signs of the zodiac without exception.

Talismans and amulets

As a talisman, kunzite protects its owner from unhappy love, deception, all kinds of violence and evil spells.

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