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Healing Crystals and Gemstones


  • October 11, 2017

I work as a healer with crystals and daily I see the crystals developing the processes of healing in people. They have no limit when expanding the Being and healing is treated. They are not invasive or intrusive, that is, they will only lead the Being and their conscience to where the person is ready to go and assimilate.

There is no possibility that a Crystal can do harm to a person. The crystals are cells of light, they only work for the Light and with the light and what they do is to return the bodies to the maximum possible balance for each person.

I have seen them heal physical illnesses of all kinds, heal and transform emotional, mental and spiritual patterns. I see you elevate people to their own inner God and their own truth, I see you open new paths to the creativity of humanity and the intelligence possibilities of our brains and our hearts.

I see them connecting the Being with his infinity and his power of healing and creation. My respect for crystals as healing tools is infinite as they are. We are all pioneers in Crystal Healing because crystals are always opening new paths, techniques, and ways of healing.

There is an intimate relationship between the health of the physical body and the psyche. No human organism can enjoy a healthy condition if the mind is struck by emotional storms, or if we have patterns of thought or feeling that limit us; if there are entrenched beliefs or traumas in the past that always make us react in negative ways, etc. If the area of the emotions is in balance, it is very possible that the physical body does not suffer ailments, or in any case, the conditions are much more favorable to overcome diseases or pains.

The human body is not only the physical body, we also have an emotional body where we record everything we feel and a mental body where we record everything we think and also we have a spiritual body where we record the history and the meaning of our soul. The vibration of the crystals and stones allows us to move through our bodies and go to the place where the blockade is, which is usually the cause of a physical illness.

This is what we are going to work on in crystal therapy looking for balance and harmony and healing of people. Crystal therapy is the healing of the soul ……… because they are mines of light, vibration units with geometries and regular DNA, which makes them lead, reflect, reflect, project electricity, light ………… that’s why that when you put them on a person’s body they begin to move all their electromagnetic field, their body of light seeking the energetic equilibrium that they know as they have crystallized for millions and thousands of years based on the natural balance of the Earth.

They are also very high crystallized consciousness, they are inhabited by very powerful beings who are at the service of the evolution on Earth of all beings ………… because all living beings possess essence, consciousness, and soul; that’s why they heal and are absolutely revolutionary changing the perspective and life of people forever …………….

When you put them on the body, it is as if you were enveloped in a field of light, they identify the energy blocks, which correspond to emotions or thoughts or experiences of this or other lives that prevent you from being well, or accumulations so strong that already have entered the physical body as a disease, and project the energy to unlock and sweep these things.

Wholesale Healing Crystals

At the same time you are lying down and entering as a conscious hymn and you go directly to the memory or the pattern of thought that is creating the problem and there in the middle of the light of the crystals we transform this and heal it because the crystals allow the transformation thanks to its vibration.

The encounter with crystals will allow you to encounter your own inner being, with your own inner God, with your soul, for who has never lived this experience is a very great process of revealing and transforming, loving oneself through discovering the source that lives inside is the way to the new thresholds that have already been opened and of which much is spoken as great changes. The crystals allow you to understand the new vibrations of this change that is already here, lead you to the consciousness of Unity and open many new ways of seeing things and life. They are a great gift from Earth for all.

Always use them with much love and respect, for they will increase your intentions and will return everything you project on them.

Chakra Healing Sticks

The crystals will awaken in you your own self-healing abilities, leading you to understand the origin of what creates the ailment and expanding your consciousness to new horizons where healing energy flows creating life changes.

The key to healing is change and the crystals will awaken in you all new patterns of change, new beliefs broad and lucid, luminous; new emotions and new ways of living.

Love them and they will return that love a thousand times increased and will help you to know and heal you.