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Stone alexandrite

Stone Alexandrite |The properties of Alexandrite

  • March 16, 2018

Alexandrite is a species of chrysoberyl. With artificial lighting, it is red-violet, with daylight it turns dark green.

Ancient people believed that alexandrite has magical properties. The duality of its color, in their opinion, is associated with the duality of human blood – arterial and venous. Therefore, the following medicinal properties were attributed to alexandrite: the healing of the cardiovascular system, strengthening of the blood vessels. Alexandrite stops bleeding, cleanses the blood. The stone has another wonderful property – it pacifies the owner, makes him pliable, capable of the agreement. Alexandrite must be worn in pairs, that is, you need to have a set of jewelry from alexandrite.

The name “Alexandrite” was appropriated to the mineral in honor of the heir to the Russian throne, Alexander. Another name is the Urals chryso-beryl.

Physical properties:

  1. a) Color: the most common is bluish-green, less often olive-green with pale, yellowish to brown hues; colorless is extremely rare,
  2. b) Hardness: 8.5, brittle,
  3. c) Density: 3.5 – 3.84,
  4. d) Transparency: transparent,
  5. e) Other properties: shine – glass.

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Features of education.The size of the alexandrite is usually small, very rarely found in the micaceous zones within the regionally metamorphosed geosynclinal formations with altered hyperparasites eroded by granitoid intrusions.

Deposits. The largest deposits are in Brazil; in the Urals, where it is mined in underground mine workings along with other valuable minerals.

Applications. The Ural alexandrites remain unsurpassed in brightness and contrast of the color transition from bluish-green under daylight to crimson or purple-red with artificial. Some alexandrites have the effect of a “cat’s eye” – opalescence.

In connection with pronounced pleochroism, when light passes through the faceted alexandrite, red or green patches of light are formed in a certain direction. The form of finding the Ural alexandrite is also unique – in the form of V-shaped twins, especially tees.

“Alexandrite effect” is caused by the peculiarities of the structure of the crystal lattice of the mineral. The most common cuts for alexandrite are stepped or diamond drop-shaped. “Cat’s Eye” is processed in the form of a kashbon. After the discovery of alexandrite in the Urals in the XIX century, it is widely used inexpensive jewelry, often together with diamonds, emeralds, and pearls.

Healing properties

It is believed that alexandrite has a beneficial effect on hematopoiesis, helps to heal vascular diseases, promotes blood purification, and normalizes blood pressure. Modern with therapists say that wearing this stone in the form of earrings protects against pancreatic diseases, and wearing it in pendants and rings promotes the cure of diseases of the spleen and the large and small intestine.

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Magic properties

Astrologers consider alexandrite a rock-prophet and claim that he predicts impending misfortune and affects the emotional state of the owner. Alexandrite is the stone of people strong in spirit. To them, he serves, warning of possible troubles and troubles, helps to cope with any life difficulties (both in every day and in emotional terms). To people with a weak character, alexandrite can bring some misfortunes: it will subordinate the owner to him and will influence his life, creating unfavorable situations. If a person withstands the tests, which he subjected to alexandrite – he is waiting for happiness, fame, success in all endeavors.

Most of all, this gem is suitable for people born under the signs of Gemini, Pisces, and Scorpio. Can wear it and Aries. But Taurus, Sagittarius, Cancers, and Virgins alexandrite is contraindicated. People born under these signs cannot continue to try on products with alexandrite.

Talismans and amulets

As a talisman alexandrite helps the owner to become more calm, reasonable, contributes to his complaisance and sociability. It should be worn by the military, sailors, lawyers, secular lionesses.