Flint Stone

Medicinal and Magical Properties of Flint Stone

  • October 19, 2018

Chalcedony is known to mankind since ancient times, in particular its variety – flint. The Stone Age practically began with it. Flint splits into fragments with sharp cutting edges, like obsidian. The ancient man made his first tools out of him; thanks to the ability to give sparks, flint was used to extract fire.

It has healing properties and activates water, if it is lowered into a jar with tap water.

The name “flint” comes from the Latin word sagetag – to burn. Since ancient times, this mineral has been used to strike sparks and incite fire.

There are opal chalcedony and chalcedony-quartz varieties of flint. The color of the mineral is white, light brown, dark brown with various shades. Gloss – glass.

Hardness – 7.0; density – 2.6 g / cm3.

Flint deposits are found in many countries.

Medicinal properties

Folk healers believe that it is best to use for treatment purposes silicon water (water infused on opal chalcedonic flint). Healers claim that such water has antimicrobial properties. It can be used as an antiseptic. In some countries, silicon water is used in the treatment and prevention of various infections. It is believed that silicon water can serve as a styptic. Mongolian healers believed that if you put a product of flint to the solar plexus area, then some gastrointestinal diseases can be cured. Flint affects the solar plexus chakra.

Magical properties

Flint – a stone with a very strong energy. He makes his owner courageous, courageous, strong and enterprising. Lazy and sluggish people become active, energetic and efficient under his influence. Since ancient times, flint has been considered an assistant traveler. It was believed that he protects people from the path, protects against possible violence, and warns of fraud and deception.

Experts recommend wearing flint in your pocket on the left side. Being there, the stone affects the heart, strengthens it physically and makes its owner generous and responsive.

Wearing flint on the neck gives a person the ability to firmly defend his opinion, convince people that he is right, gives the gift of eloquence, clarifies the mind, helps to make quick and correct decisions.

Flint is a wonderful keeper of the home of its owner. He accumulates in himself all the negative energy that enters the house and destroys it.

Astrologers recommend wearing flint to all signs of the zodiac, except Pisces. People born under this sign, he can make aggressive, reckless and irritable.

Talismans and amulets

Silicon – a mascot of the military, lawyers, teachers, doctors and politicians. It contributes to the improvement of professional skills, makes them honest, fair and courageous. In Europe, flint amulets and pendants were worn to prevent colds.

Stone Cat’s Eye

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