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Red Agate Stone Meaning

Blood Agate or Red Agate Stone Meaning

  • December 5, 2017

General appearance

Rounded stone, warm, with a very bright surface. Dark red or garnet color, with a “visceral flesh” tone. There are somewhat lighter scaly stripes. In some parts it presents a large clear stain reminiscent of the typical design of an agate.




Brazil, USA, India, Morocco, Czech Republic, Africa.

Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Aries


Exceptionally receptive stone, fostering peace and tranquility; It is a powerful energy cleaner with the inherent ability to soften the atmosphere of any place, even when it is full of people. This is because their energy is very stable and it is difficult to alter it with negative energies. It has a perfect harmony with ying and yang. That is why it is used when providing physical, emotional and intellectual balance. It is an excellent stone to meditate and eliminate the “astral garbage” of our visualizations. His love for truth and sincerity, both towards ourselves and towards others, make this stone strengthen and purify the bonds of friendship. They are attributed the capacity to link with the so-called “collective conscience”.

Calcite Orange Stone Meaning


In ancient Rome it was used for diseases related to blood and the bites of insects, snakes and scorpions. On an emotional level, it helps overcome depression and separation anxiety. It helps to accept our old and painful memories to keep them as a treasure and not as a scar. It helps us remember that we are never alone and makes us feel “part of a whole”.


Place on the heart chakra to strengthen affective ties. Hold in the hand or on the coronary chakra so that the equilibrium of meditation is re-established.


Place in the center of the circle when we invoke spirits or forces that tend to be deceptive or that may confuse us. If we place it next to a red or orange candle, we will strengthen the bonds of friendship, affection between father and son, and relationships with our partner, making the bond more friendly and pleasant.

Green Aventurine Stone Meaning

Cleaning and recharging

Exposure to purifying smoke or the sun. If it is done in a prolonged way the agate changes color.