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Properties and virtues of Labradorite | Mineralogical properties of labradorite

  • August 16, 2019

During a survey on our Facebook page dedicated to Lithotherapy, to the question “What is your favorite stone?” It was labradorite that came in first place, in front of the amethyst. To be sure, the “Labrador Stone” is highly appreciated by mineralogists and lithotherapy enthusiasts.

This popularity is due, among other things, to the beauty of labradorite, with its play of colors in metallic luster dominated by blue, green and gold. But beyond its aesthetics, it is a crystal with many qualities from the point of view of therapeutic practice. Let’s discover in this article the properties and virtues of this powerful healing stone…

Mineralogical properties of labradorite

Labradorite is a mineral from the group of silicates, a subgroup of tectosilicates, of the plagioclase feldspar family. It is found primarily in Canada, but also in the United States, Finland, France, Madagascar, Russia and Ukraine. Its crystalline system is triclinic.

Etymology and meaning of the name “labradorite”

The name Labradorite comes from the name of the area where it was discovered in 1770: Labrador, Canada. Romé de L’Isle describes it as “Labrador Stone” in 1783, which is the very meaning of “labradorite”, the suffix ” -ite ” from ancient Greek -itês, “mineral” and labrador indicating the origin of this mineral.

The virtues of labradorite against physical ailments

Labradorite is used to balance disorders related to the digestive system, as well as hormonal and menstrual disorders. It is also effective in stimulating the muscular system and blood circulation, as well as in the treatment of certain inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatism or gout.

Great fatigue

By the energy it brings, labradorite can recover from fatigue, whether physical or intellectual.Take the stone in hand and focus on the energy it gives you to regain strength and tone. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, wear a labradorite.


If you have emphysema, carry a labradorite on your chest.

Migraines and headaches

To lessen the headaches, you can gently rub a labradorite on your forehead and aching areas, while refreshing the stone in a bowl of water if you notice that it is heating up.


You can use labradorite to help you get rid of warts by gently rubbing the stone on the affected parts.

Psychic and psychological virtues of labradorite

Stabilizer of the mood

Against the swings of mood, labradorite is all advised. It is a stone that brings balance and consistency in feelings. It helps to overcome stress and feelings of anxiety, and promotes intellect, inspiration and intuition.

For healing by laying on of hands

Labradorite is a powerful stone, intimately linked to the chakra of the hand that allows deep activation.For this reason; healers who heal with their hands should use it daily to activate their chakra with their hands.

Protection stone

Labradorite is an excellent protective stone against psychic energies and negative thoughts. It forms a barrier of protection against mental pollution.

Mental sharpness, creativity and problem solving

By allowing us to preserve ourselves from mental pollution, labradorite promotes clarity of thought and mental acuity.   It is a beneficial stone for helping professionals, but also for artists by stimulating inspiration.

Gemotherapy and Its Effects

It allows you to find original solutions to a problem and make the right decisions. You can use it by placing it under your pillow and thinking about the problem you want to solve.

Care and cleaning of labradorite

The maintenance of labradorite is simple: unload it in a large container of water overnight, and recharge it in the sun.

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