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Properties of Crystal Quartz

Properties of Crystal Quartz | what is Crystal Quartz?

  • July 30, 2019

What is crystal quartz?

The quartz crystal is a mineral that has more benefits. Collect energy, power, amplify it and direct it where you want. It is widely used to heal and eliminate the negative energies in your life because of the healing properties it has. Do you want to discover how crystal quartz can improve your life?

Of all minerals, crystal quartz is perhaps the best known and at the same time the most unknown. It is composed of silica, belongs to the group of oxides and is crystallized by high geological pressures and temperatures in rhombic systems. It is one of the most common in the earth’s crust and is also one of the minerals that give you the most benefits. As a curious fact I tell you that what feed the Earth’s magnetic field are quartz crystals.

Thanks to the continuous discoveries that are being made, there are more and more varieties of crystal quartz (crystalline quartz, smoky quartz, rutilated quartz, blue quartz …) with different properties that give you various states and vibrations.

When talking about minerals you must be aware of their ability to capture and transform energy. Quartz is characterized by its support, that is, by the amount of energy it can withstand. It is important because it also keeps it inside and expands it around it.

It is a stone of protection too. It will always amplify positive energy and reject or eliminate negative energy.

Due to its multiple properties, it has various uses in the industry such as optical instruments, watches, oscillation plates, speakers … It also has a resonant behavior, the ability to emit light when heated, dissipates static electricity and its piezoelectric properties are well recognized. That is, it reacts when it is subjected to a certain voltage.

Crystal quartz has always been in all cultures. It is present in both altars and tables because it is a mineral that focuses energy. Since ancient times, crystal quartz has been considered a valuable gem. The prestige he had then is much greater than he has today. There is a story that tells that Nero was made to carve two glasses of this mineral to drink on great occasions since it was thought that crystal quartz attracted the favor of the gods. The Arabs also made beautiful amulets with this gem to ensure good luck. For its beauty and properties it has always been one of the favorite gems of the carvers during all times.

Mother quartz or master quartz

Some quartz crystals have on their faces or in their structures certain formations with special geometries that are called mastery.

Learning quartz is considered master quartz. These inspire both respect and admiration. They have inside elements that help the evolution of the person who owns them. For this reason it is essential to know how to correctly distinguish the mastery that certain quartz can have.

It is often said that it is the master quartz itself that finds you. They choose you. You feel an attraction for the crystal and from that moment a bond with it emerges. This way you can access the information that it contains and that is fundamental for you and your evolution as a person.

There are different types of master crystals such as:

1.- Down

2.- Filing cabinet

3.- Wand

4.- Traveler

5.- Isis

6.- Connector

7.- Embraced

8.- Twins

9.- Call

10.- Elestial

11.- Channel

12.- Generator

13.- Transmitter

14.- Window

15.- Doubly terminated

16.- Tabular

17.- Ghost

Types of quartz crystals and their benefits

The quartz is pure without any impurities are known as quartz glass, rock crystal, quartz crystal or hyaline quartz.

When the tone of this mineral is grayish it is called smoky quartz. If its color is violet its name is amethyst and if it is yellow it is known as citrine. (Know all the benefits that amethyst brings to women)

Semi Precious Gemstone

The crystallizations that you can observe in a certain variety are called geodes and those that occur on a flat or convex surface are called drusen.

According to the type of color:


Rose quartz is one of the healing stones that crystal therapy professionals use the most. It generates a feeling of wellbeing for women as it eliminates the possible burdens that she may have in the ability to give and receive from the heart. It helps balance emotional and sexual energy. It will help you to express your feelings calmly, eliminating stress, jealousy, anger, anguish … This type of quartz destroys the negative energies replacing them with loving vibrations. You release all the penalties you may have, as well as the emotions you have not expressed.


It is very suitable for the endocrine and nervous system. It helps you to purify and harmonize the environment where you place this type of quartz as it transforms negative energies into positive ones. Rubbing this type of mineral in the exact place where it hurts, can help you eliminate your headache. It is a stone of power, justice, energy and purity.

Smoky Quartz:

It is perfect for healing due to its energy capacity and its ultrasonic frequency. It is very suitable to meditate and find what you are looking for. It pushes you all the good impulses you have to achieve both personal and material improvement. Calm, relax and silk. It is considered to be the quartz of the magicians since it is able to eliminate your negativity and allows you to become aware of the here and now. It can help you focus. To set foot on the ground especially those women who are dreamers and who do not live reality but in a continuous fantasy.

Citrine Quartz:

The nervous system and the digestive system are much indicated. It helps you to raise your self-esteem and eliminates the possible tendency you may have to self-destruct or self-criticize. It helps to solve problems and make decisions quickly so that intellectual activity benefits.


It is called milky quartz and is one of the most frequent varieties. This is created from the small amounts of gas or liquid that gets trapped when the crystals are forming. For this reason it is its white color. This type of quartz is widely used in decoration because of the fluids that exist inside. It is precisely the cloudiness that exists in the mineral that prevents it from being used both in the field of optics and electronics.

It helps to release possible physical blockages that you have in the body; it helps natural energies such as meridian points, reflexology points. It balances the energy of these physical points in both positive and negative. Quartz is going to transmit to you about every balance.

They act as transformers and energy amplifiers since they balance biological systems from the cellular level through oscillating vibrations. Another mineral that helps balance the physical, emotional and mental state is the moonstone. You can use both quartz to get better results.

Druze properties of the crystal quartz mineral

Druze is a union of various crystals. So you can find from two to a large number of them. It is a harmonious representation of the coexistence of all the crystals that make up that family. They are crystals that have the same base but that each one is different.

This type of crystal quartz will help you to live in a team, in a group. They are minerals that intrinsically carry the consciousness of unity. This is why they help unsociable people or those who find it hard to work in a group. Very suitable for those women who feel alone and with low self-esteem.

Small drusen are used in crystal therapies since they recharge both the chakras and the energy system and harmonize them. They amplify the energy if you place it in your hands when you are healing with crystal therapy.

One of the most important characteristics of drusen is that they serve to clean and recharge other minerals. Amplifying the effect that stone has on concrete.

Quartz drusen are ideal if you want to harmonize a certain environment. They neutralize the negative waves emitted by electronic devices.

They are widely used in reiki since they transmit and catalyze energy very well.

Healing properties of crystal quartz

For centuries, not only physical properties but also healing and energy properties have been associated with quartz. For many it is considered the cure for par excellence.

How and Why to use Amethyst?

Quartz crystals, especially those that are clearer, generate a balanced energy field. Among its main qualities are:

  • Great healing power.
  • Unlock the physical centers as it vibrates in resonance with the entire universe.
  • Revitalizes and restores energy, bringing the physical body to balance.
  • Remove the negative energies.
  • They are one of the best transmitters and power generators.
  • Remove blockages that a person has.
  • In meditation they expand the power of perception.
  • Open, stimulate and strengthen the seventh chakra.

Quartz has the property of balancing and harmonizing bodies preventing any negative energy from appearing.

One of the most important properties that this material has is its therapeutic characteristic. As I have commented previously, it attracts and channels the universal energy in such a way that it unlocks most of the subtle bodies. Not only does it harmonize with each other but also with the physical body, this facilitates the healing of diseases.

Healers who specialize in crystals use quartz for various purposes. Some of these are the general healing of pain, dizziness, diarrhea, headaches, kidney diseases …

Physical properties

The transparent crystal quartz has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale so that it can scratch the glass. Internally it has a white streak, a concoid fracture and a hexagonal crystal structure.

Quartz is present in many types of rocks, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. It is part of the group of silicates. There are two fundamental types of quartz:

· Macrocistalin: it is generally translucent and transparent

· Cryptocrystalline: they are usually opaque or translucent.

The fine quartz is transparent which means that the light passes through it without obstacles. It is common to find concoid fractures on their faces. It dissolves in hydrofluoric acid.

Emotional and mental properties

What quartz provides is very clear. They help you grow spirit and soul. On a physical and mental level, what helps you is to clear your mind. What it does is get out of your head all the negative energies and everything that is blocking you to focus on what will bring you well-being. Increase the positive energies as well as the motivation to be able to do what you want.

Another of the mental healing properties that this gem has is the increase in intuition. Eliminate any type of self-pity you may have and help you achieve what you want.

In order for this type of crystalline quartz or other type of mineral to retain all its properties, it is necessary to clean, load and program it. Many doubts usually arise when you want to perform this sequence to several minerals at once. All quartz can be cleaned in the same way and charged at the same time. But it is important that each mineral has a different order. Thus, you will channel the virtues of the gems and get a better result.

Energy properties

On the other hand, quartz is used a lot for meditation since, as I mentioned earlier, it is good to balance the energy fields that exist in your body and in your aura. A rock crystal is held in your hands to help you relax while you meditate. Also having this mineral increases the frequency of vibration of the place where it is. Absorbs, stores unlocks and regulates energy. It takes it to the maximum state acting in all the states of the person.

When it comes to meditation, it is essential that your mind be calm and calm. That does not have any negative charge. The space where to perform the meditation has to be as quiet as you can. It is good that there is a dim light to avoid possible distractions.

As I mentioned earlier, this mineral contains the entire spectrum of light. One of the properties of quartz is that it helps eliminate static electricity that may exist around you. That is why it is good to have crystal quartz near the computer, mobile phones, television…

Properties of Opal


  • December 28, 2018


The term opal refers to a family of minerals composed of silica and water with inclusions of various elements. Its chemical formula is SiO2, nH2O, it is a hydrated silicon dioxide. The proportion of water varies from 1 to 27%. There is no crystalline system. The density of opals varies from 1.98 to 2.50, their hardness on the Mohs scale is 5.5 to 6.5. Under the ultraviolet rays, the opals have a white, yellow, greenish-yellow or green luminescence.


There are several varieties of opals. The noble opals, much sought after in jewelery, exhibit a phenomenon of iridescence, that is, they show a play of multicolored flashes of light. They are produced by diffraction of light on silica nanospherules of uniform size and arrangement. Common opals, on the other hand, contain heterogeneous or irregular nanospherules, and therefore have a single color.

Here are some types of opals:

– Fire opal, red hyacinth to fire red, transparent to translucent;

– Milky white opal, milky white to yellow-white or blue-white, translucent with a vitreous luster to matte; some have veinlets and masses of manganese oxide, these are dendritic opals.

– The woody opal consists of trunks or opalized branches. The dark circles of the wood are clearly visible. This opal is fragile.

– The hydrophane (or opal matrix) is white, matte and sticks to the tongue. Rather opaque, it has the property of changing appearance if it plunges into the water. It becomes more transparent and can become more emotional.

– Hyalite has great transparency; it is colorless with slight blue or green shades.

– The jelly opal is gray-blue with some light

Effects – The harlequin opal has beautiful iridescent glitter of all colors, it is very popular.

Healing Crystal Crocoite Stone

The opal is formed when water leaches silica and deposits it on layers of sandy clay during a drought. It is sometimes found instead of shells or bones. The location of the gems in the mine is therefore unpredictable, they must be searched by hand or with small machines to avoid the risk of breaking.

In the past, opals came from Egypt, India or Saudi Arabia. Nowadays, it is Australia that produces 90% of the opals sold in the world, precious gems and very high quality. These deposits were discovered by the German geologist Johannes Menge and 1849. One of them, Lightning Ridge, revealed opalized dinosaur skeletons.

Other opal producing countries are Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Russia and the United States.


There are so many kinds of opals, so many different colors that the first criterion of choice obviously remains the tastes of each. However, the value of an opal depends on several criteria:

– the color of the iridescence: the red light effects are the most sought after, then come purple, pink and turquoise, very rare, and finally blue and green , more common.

– The intensity of the iridescence: in general and opal with a less prestigious color than others but with very bright and intense irides will have a price higher than a more sought-after color but with duller flakes.

– Transparency is also an important evaluation criterion, depending on the variety of opals.

– the motif: for example, Yowah’s opals have mosaics of extraordinary colors, which make the stone look like stained glass or cloisonn√© enamels.


The wide variety of opals gives free rein to the creativity of jewelers. We see this stone associated with gold, silver and prestigious platinum.


The word “opal” comes from the Sanskrit Upala, through the Greek “opallios” which would indicate the color changes.

Some Aboriginal groups in Australia have a very poetic legend in their mythology: the creator god would one day descend on the Earth by sliding on a rainbow. No sooner had he set foot on the ground than all the stones would have sparkled, the same colors as the rainbow…

For Pliny the Elder, the opal was wonderful because it combined the colors and qualities of all other precious stones.

It is said that Marc Antoine dreamed of acquiring the magnificent blue opal of a senator named Nonius, with the aim of offering it to the beautiful Cleopatra. But the senator in question, rather than give up his stone, preferred to choose exile…

In India the opal is the symbol of the Trinity (Trimurti) formed by the creator god Brahma, the conservative Vishnu and the destroyer Shiva.

It has long been considered a lucky charm and present in the treasures of the European Courts. This beautiful reputation was once shattered by the influence of a nineteenth-century novel written by the Scottish Walter Scott, in which a princess is accused of being demonic. She wears an opal on the forehead and, in contact with the holy water, the gem loses all its colors and the princess is in pain … before disappearing, leaving behind only a handful of ashes.


The Greeks believed that opal was a source of hope and a symbol of purity. She was known to increase clairvoyance, to make meditation and reflection easier, to improve intuition.

Today in lithotherapy, we continue to attribute these virtues to opal. It calms and soothes, promotes love and tenderness, improves the sentimental life of Gemini and Aquarius. It opens the spirit to spiritual life and restores vitality to tired people.


Opal is the birthstone of people born in October. It is associated with several astrological signs: aquarius, gemini, fish, cancer, virgin … in Chinese astrology, it is the stone of the Serpent: it has mysterious depths, gives endurance and courage, and makes … invisible.

Healing Crystal Crocoite Stone

Uses of Kyanite

Stone kyanite and its Properties

  • July 12, 2018

Kyanite (from the Greek “kyanos”) – blue. Another name for the stone is “disten” (from the Greek “dis sthenos”) – a double fortress. Kyanite – an exotic stone, rarely found in jewelry. In ordinary jewelry stores, you will not see it, and you can find it only from private craftsmen, minerals sellers or collectors.

Origin and chemical composition

Kyanite is an aluminum silicate and refers to rock-forming minerals. It is formed with deep metamorphism of sedimentary rocks rich in alumina, is also found in quartz veins and contact zones of pegmatites. The coloration of kyanites can vary depending on the impurities of the compounds of iron, chromium, titanium and manganese. Traditional color – blue or blue, there are also green, yellow, purple, colorless or almost black kyanites.

The hardness of the stone is very different in different directions. This mineral is found in the form of elongated lamellar crystals with perfect cleavage in one direction parallel to the elongation. Hardness 5,0 (scratching with a knife) in the direction of elongation of the plate and 7,0 (not scratched by the knife) in the perpendicular direction. This property distinguishes kyanite from other precious stones. Blue and bluish-green crystals are distinguished by higher refractive index and density.

Physicochemical properties of kyanite

  • The chemical formula is Al2O (SiO4).
  • Color – blue, sky blue to almost colorless.
  • Singonia is triclinic.
  • The hardness is 4.5-6 on the Mohs scale.
  • The density is 3.5-3.7 g / cm3.
  • Fracture – fibrous.
  • Glitter – glass.

Varieties of kyanite

Kyanites can be dark blue, purple, yellow, and green, colorless, black. There are also crystals with the effect of “cat’s eye”. There are even kyanites with pleochroism (alexandrite effect) – a change in color depending on the angle of view. The color of such stones can vary from cobalt blue and violet to green. Ornaments with kyanite look best in daylight.

Processing and use

Kyanite is used today mainly as industrial raw materials – for the production of high-strength refractory and acid-resistant materials. It is also used in the production of insulators, crucibles for casting steel, spark plugs in the automotive industry, as well as for the creation of aluminum-silicon alloys. He even received the names of the stone of the new millennium and the stone of the 21st century. Kyanite is also used in the ceramic industry for the production of sinks, baths, and tiles.

In the jewelry business, transparent stones are used. They are cabochoned, inserted into earrings, pendants or made from them beads and bracelets. Kyanite is difficult to handle because of its ability to crack easily. At the same time, after polishing, the stone acquires a noble appearance and shine. Ornaments with kyanite look great in daylight.

Long since, the blue-colored crystals have been grinded and sold to inexperienced customers in the guise of sapphires. Indeed, a jewel stone of deep blue color of high transparency and purity can easily be mistaken for sapphire. However, if you take a good look, you can notice that the kyanite is colored unevenly – with stripes.

Deposits of kyanite

The deposits of jewelry kyanites exist almost all over the world. The first place in the extraction of industrial kyanite is occupied by the USA and India. The US Congress in 1984 declared it a strategic material and this could mean, among other things, that it was used in secret industries. In the US, stones are mined in the states of Montana, Virginia, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, South and North Carolina, Georgia. There are deposits in India, Myanmar, Burma, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Australia, Brazil, Austria, Finland, Serbia, Spain and Switzerland. Kyanites of bright blue sapphire are found in the foothills of Nepal.

In Russia, deposits of celestial blue and violet kyanites are found in the Urals. Their spindle-shaped crystals are called oatmeal. Transparent beautifully painted kyanites can also be found in the Arkhangelsk region and the Kola Peninsula.

Imitation and synthetics

Jewelry transparent kyanite deep blue color of high purity can be taken for sapphire, but it is softer than sapphire, and in a crystal it cannot be confused with sapphire. Lighter, watery-blue kyanites are very similar to aquamarine, especially the shape of crystals. If it is noticeable that the color is distributed unevenly in the gem, by strips, then it certainly kyanite.

Magical properties of kyanite

Kyanit is considered a talisman of travelers. It has been known for a long time that a crystal of kyanite suspended on a human hair or silk thread always turns to the north with the same end. For this reason, travelers often took a crystal of kyanite with them, especially if they went to unexplored land.

It is believed that kyanite makes its owner more reasonable, faithful, modest, and prudent. This stone is simply necessary for people who are prone to all sorts of adventures and love affairs.

As a talisman, a kyanite helps a person concentrate on one thing, rather than throwing energy in vain, trying to do everything at once. Also kyanit helps to choose exactly the case, which will bring to its owner the greatest benefit – from material profit to achieving fame and success. Stone protects the owner from the perfidy of business partners, attracts to him the sympathy and trust of other people, helps to climb the career ladder, but only on the condition that the kyanite owner is a kind and decent person. This is the talisman of teachers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, businessmen and politicians.

Properties of Cornelian

Healing properties

Traditional healers believe that kyanite increases the general tone of the body, improves memory, facilitates the state of childhood infections, kidney and bladder diseases, relieves insomnia, removes the effects of stress.


Astrologers strongly recommend wearing kyanite to people born under the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini. It also suits Pisces, Cancers and Libra. This stone is contraindicated irresponsible, lazy, fraudulent people.


It is known that kyanites brought from India to Russia and Europe in the 16th century. In 1575 in Moscow was compiled “A descriptive book, how to lead young people to the nobility and the whole price,” and in part it describes “all kinds of land different goods, they are brought to Russia by the Germans and other lands people trading.” Later the book was supplemented with new information, including the description of kyanites: “A stone is a bous, siz, blue, and you do not buy a bass for the yawn.” Baus was brought from India, and it was assumed that in the course of trading he could be given out for a yakhont, that is, for a sapphire.

The name kyanite owes its name to a beautiful sky-blue color. In Germany, kyanite was formerly called a plank stone, because it forms elongated long-columned crystals, similar in structure to wood.

Crystal Quartz Pyramid

Pyramids are used for charging Crystals, meditation, massage and Healing Reiki. We supply highly polished powerful gemstone pyramids which are a must for healer. A crystal pyramid can be used to draw of Negative Energy and Generate Positive Energy.