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Yellow Agate Stone India

Semi Precious Stones Wholesale

  • September 29, 2014

Meaning of semiprecious stones

According to tradition, the clear stones are the most spiritualized. Being mostly a stone of volcanic origin, the presence in it of the fire element is very pronounced and acts as a source of inspiration and creativity.

Agates discharge energy and are soft, protective stones, to acquire value and acceptance capacity to overcome obstacles and have eloquence. For being so colorful and abundant these stones have been used since ancient times as “amulets for good luck.”

Leveraging a better balance between emotions and physical body agates are very beneficial for healing psychosomatic illnesses.

Overall this stone is associated with strength, so it is used to give fertility to plants and animals.

As traditional remedies, agates are used to enhance fertility. Helps prevent abortions and discomfort during pregnancy.

Helps refresh stomach, liver and intestines. Resets the dizziness and balance failures.

Agates can be used in any direction to bring change. In the center brings balance, health and connection to the land. In the east it is used to protect children and southeast you can put a couple for fertility and family.

Agates are stones fortifying. It helps treat conjunctivitis, ulcers, inflammation of bladder and bowel, as well as uterine problems.

Was used successfully in the treatment of skin problems. Mental / emotional. Helps eliminate stored anger, promoting some sense of peace.

Useful to improve the capacity to love and loving relationships attract better quality. It is associated with agate faithfulness in the couple.

Spiritually, the basic effect of agate is to help improve the awareness of reality and connection to the land.

Green Agate: projective energy. It is used to improve eye health. In the past, a woman taking water at the green agate was washed magically protected against sterility.

Green Agate Stone India

 Yellow Agate: grayish yellow. Provides emotional balance.

yellow agate stone India

 Blue Agate: with white streaks on variations of blue from light to dark. Provides serenity, perception and intuition.

Blue Agate Stone India

 Agate Carnelian: red orange. Provides creativity, spontaneity and imagination.

Agate Carnelian for sale

 Fire Agate: deep red color. Provides energy and awakens the fighting spirit.

fire agate stone India

 Agate marina: of translucent blue or green. Provides communication and loyalty.

 Brown Agate: beige with brown streaks. Provides emotional and cosmic energy.

brown agate stone India

 Blue Quartz: blue with green hues. Provides harmonization of body and spirit.

blue quartz stone India

 White Quartz: transparent look. Provides a powerful harmonizing intellect and physical.

white quartz stone India

 Rose Quartz: pink in all ranges. Provides harmony and understanding, affective ideal settings.

rose quartz stone India

 Green Quartz: green in all ranges. Provides greater vitality, achieving a balance of biorhythms

green quartz stone India

 Jade: is a harmonizing energy ideal for the human body to the houses. The harmonization of the energy is reflected in an effect soothing and calming ideal for people who suffer from nerves. It is also an important cleaner environment to avoid tensions in the home after an argument.

It’s a crystal very relaxing and allows overcoming psychic traumas of any kind. It tones the nerves and soothes the emotions.

 Lapis Lazuli: blue with gold or silver variations. Provides a reduction of excitation weighing the passions and reality.

lapis lazuli stone India

Tiger-eye: golden yellow with hints of golden brown. Provides increased inner strength and improves self-esteem.

Onyx. Grayish black with green or brown striations range Provides emotional balance and enhances control of the will.

Turquoise Stone: opaque blue color change to green and some silver streaks. It provides an increased sense of well being, regulating the respiratory system and causing a feeling of inner joy.

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