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Master Crystal

MASTER CRYSTALS | Coyote | Jaguar | Benefits | Kabeer Agate

  • May 9, 2020

A Crystal Master is a Universal Grand Master, versed in distant wisdoms that we can now begin to know and understand and is in your life just when you are ready to access this knowledge.

Quartz with specific geometries for different purposes has been called Master Crystals. As quartz is the highest consciousness in the kingdom of crystals, and has a very high spiritual development, it generates specific geometries for higher purposes such as the channeling of knowledge, penetrating the internal threshold itself, being able to look at the aura, make subtle operations , program crystals, archive old specific information, connect with other plans and many other possibilities.

Much has been said about these Crystals, I think that what makes a Master Crystal is its great wisdom, its powerful presence, a special halo surrounds them, and one can feel that this crystal has something unique. For me all Crystals are very special, each one has its own unique personality, its unique experience, but it is true that there are crystals that emanate something that goes further.

Once I found among the miners a very rare crystal, I recognized it immediately, its shape was unique, it was several crystals in one, as in forms of diamonds literally, it did not correspond to any form described as Master Crystal but I knew that it was, and I was happy, it is something like that inside you experience an ecstatic state, something inside you knows that you have found a treasure and your whole body vibrates with emotions; I gave this Crystal to my sister, since I wished that she also had a Master with her and her experiences with this Crystal have been wonderful, after we discovered that she was an Eternal-Isis-Tantric Twin -Window, a Crystal without equal.

There are crystals that have received ancient programming from other civilizations in the hope that someday someone who resonates with this knowledge could access it. The Master Crystals are a great Universe, their knowledge is accessed in different ways, each one must follow their intuition on how to use them, I think that it is the best way, the correct one, to follow your intuition, to communicate with the Crystal; it is they who they show us the ways and the ways. Although the techniques described by healers work and serve as a first step, you end up developing your own way of interacting with them.

Below I show you a little of each Master crystal in the hope that they come into your life and you can discover them.


They are male crystals, geometrically they must have a majority of triangles at the tip, ideally they have the 6 triangles or most of them, direct energy directly through the axes towards the tip of the Crystal allowing optimal energy mobilization.

They are therefore used in healing, as staves of the healer because they will direct the energy of the other crystals correctly and totally and the energy inside the crystal atom by atom. With them you can align the chakras and do all kinds of healing work. It is the instrument par excellence of the healer and in its natural state they are not easy to find, the majority that you find in stores have been carved like this and this could have changed the true geometry of the crystal, inside it may not be a Jaguar; it is always best to look for natural crystals, which have not been cut by man, the best always comes from the miners who remove them from the earth and do not transform them.

It is also the Quartz that must be used to program crystals, for its direct and active energy, which transcends the planes and allows the noble programs of healing to resonate in the higher planes.


They have also been called CHANNEL CRYSTALS, they are the female crystals, their geometry must have a larger main face in the front whose edges or sides are 7, and on the opposite side, behind the Crystal there must be a triangle. This makes it a crystal capable of channeling information from oneself, from other planes, information from other beings, you can find out about how a place is by putting the crystal in place and then you put the wide face on your third eye and receive the information how is that place energetically, what things have happened there.

This Crystal allows you to develop your clairvoyance and connect with other planes of consciousness. They are also witnesses to everything that happens, you can always ask them about what they see, for example in a place where there was a robbery and the Crystal was present, he can tell you in meditation who it was, etc.

Its 7-sided main face means that it is an access door to the inner truth; with it you can channel your own inner truth, the voice of your soul. Its seven sides represent the seven virtues to access the truth: Love, knowledge, freedom, the ability to project or create, joy, peace and unity.

It’s opposite three-sided face, or triangle, represents that knowledge is revealed through the verb, the voice, that is, the Crystal can speak and communicate.

They show us and allow us to communicate with inner knowledge and can be used to obtain answers to immediate questions.


Like Coyote crystals or Channelers, they are crystals that manifest 7 and 3, but Transmitting Crystals have two symmetrical main faces at the tip, each with 7 sides and in the middle of these two there is an exact triangle that is in all the center or front of the Crystal. The Transmitter is the masculine, the one that projects the information, the Channeler is the one that receives and channels information, and it is the feminine.

The Seven, which is the divine realization, the concretion of magic, and the three that unites mind-body-soul and allows the verbalization of the universe of seven. The combination of two sevens and the three in between creates the possibility for the being to transmit structures of thought to the universal mind and obtain the answer to any question.

They serve to consciously communicate with other life forms or to communicate telepathically between two people. Basically they are transmitters of thought.

Thought must be clearly tuned, to get a clear answer; you must ask a clear and specific question. Thus, the Transmitting Crystals teach us the lesson of fine-tuning communication with the world, learning to think clearly and being able to clearly define what we want to know.

In this way, if we do not obtain a clear answer of what we want to know, we realize that we are in confusion and we will be able to reflect on what is happening in our thinking. As we ask, as it will be answered.

To use the Transmitting Crystals one must first clarify his thoughts, know clearly what you want to transmit or ask, you put the central triangle in your third eye and clearly project the question or concern. Then you leave the Transmitter on your glass altar or in a special place, where it is isolated from other influences for 24 hours. Then you come, at the same time, and put the central triangle back on your brow and receive the answer.

To communicate telepathically between two people you put the triangle on your forehead, you transmit the message and then you pass it on to the other person so that they can receive it by putting the triangle on their forehead. You could also program a Transmitter so that it transmits information to another Transmitter Crystal that has another person with whom you want to communicate telepathically; that other person will use their own Transmitter to receive your messages.

All this seems incredible when you read it, but once you experience it you simply realize that crystals are transmitters of light and thought and that they have total capacity to do this, then, many less things start to seem incredible to you, your mind becomes It opens and your own brain capacities begin to develop as they are reflected in the capacities of the crystals.

They should be cleaned with water, sea salt and sun after streaming with them and you should always thank the Crystals for anything they do for you.

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Reload Lithotherapy Stones and Crystals

  • March 8, 2019

After purifying and cleaning your stones, it is important to recharge them. This step allows your minerals to regain optimal energy balance, so you can continue to use them and enjoy all the benefits.

There are different ways to recharge lithotherapy minerals. It should be noted that not all will be suitable for all minerals. When reloading your stones, be attentive to their specificity and find out beforehand to avoid any risk of damaging them.

In this article, we will begin by detailing each of the main methods to recharge your minerals: exposure to the sun, exposure to the lunar light, charge in an amethyst geode or on a crystalline mass. We will then detail the techniques to use for some of the most popular stones.

Reload Stones to Sunlight

It is, by far, the most common technique for energizing a mineral. This popularity is related to three things:

  • The refilling in the sunlight is  efficient and fast
  • This charging technique is simple to implement
  • The energy we lavish on the sun is free and requires no investment (unlike recharging in a geode for example)

How to recharge your stones in the light of the sun? Very simply, you just need to deposit your minerals on a window sill directly exposed to the sun (and not through the glass) and leave them there for a few hours. Your stone will gorge with sunlight, transform and store its energy, then return it to you when you wear it or work with it.

The amount of time you have to let it load depends on several factors:  natural load of the stone, appearance of the sky but also your location on the planet.

The natural energy load of your stone

Some stones are naturally “stronger” than others, and we need a longer reloading time to be at their full potential. A transparent stone like selenite will recharge in the sun much faster than hematite for example. While you can leave the first 1 hour in the sun (preferably in the morning), the second will easily spend several hours or even a whole afternoon.

The appearance of the sky

Is the sky overcast or sunny? This aspect is relatively marginal because, even under a cloudy sky, the sunlight remains extremely powerful and the reloading of your stones will take place. This will nevertheless determine how long you want to leave your stones in the sun.  When the temperature is high and the sun hits hard, reloading your stones will be faster than under a gray and rainy sky.

The place where you are on the planet

In the same vein, consider the intensity of solar radiation where you live. Here again, it is a marginal difference, but it is this very slight variation at the astronomical level that creates the great diversity of climates on earth. If you are in Oceania, you naturally have a solar radiation more intense than in northern Europe for example. The reloading of your stone in the light of the sun will thus also be carried out more quickly.

So, how long do you need to recharge your stones in the sunlight? According to the different conditions mentioned above, we could answer “between 1 hour and 1 day”. As you will understand, there is no standard measure that would apply to all your stones in exactly the same way. In the end, it is by getting to know your stones that you will feel when they are recharged and when they need a little more time.

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Reload the Stones in the Light of the Moon

The lunar star does not of course project its own light since it only reflects that of the sun. This reflection has the characteristic of providing a much softer and subtle light, while retaining its original energy. For this reason, it is recommended as a preferred reloading method for more delicate stones that do not tolerate direct exposure to the sun.

How to recharge your stones in the light of the moon? Again, it’s very simple: you just have to put your minerals on a window sill directly exposed to the light of the moon. Again, it is important that this exposure be direct: if you leave your stone behind a closed window, reloading will not happen as well or so quickly.

Even more than in direct exposure to sunlight, the appearance of the sky will play an important role. If the sky is overcast and it is dark, the reloading of your stones will not be able to take place.

Observe the Lunar Cycle

The visible part of the moon will play on the effectiveness of the refill. On a moonless night (what is called in astronomy the “new moon” or “new moon”), you cannot logically benefit from the lunar light to recharge your minerals … Similarly, if you are at first or last crescent and that only a small part of the moon is lit, reloading will not be as effective as during the full moon.

Reloading Stones to the Full Moon

The ideal moon phase for recharging your stones and crystals is therefore the full moon. It is at this moment that the moon reflects, with all its lighted face, the light of the solar star. If in addition the sky is clear, it’s a great way to recharge, not only the more fragile stones that deteriorate in direct sunlight, but all your minerals. Do not deprive yourself of exposing them from time to time; it can only be beneficial to them.

How long to recharge your stones in the light of the moon?  In any case, you can leave them for the whole night. If the sky is particularly cloudy or you are in a less enlightened lunar phase and you feel that your rock still needs recharging, you can of course repeat the exposure.

Reload Stones in an Amethyst or Quartz Geode

This technique is certainly powerful, and even ideal, but it involves having a geode or a good size cluster available, which is not always the case. But if you have the chance to use this reloading technique, it’s also the simplest of them all. Just drop your stone in the geode and let it rest for a whole day.

The shape of the geode, which allows the stone to be surrounded and bathe in the energy it provides, is perfect for this type of recharge. Amethyst and quartz geodes are the most appropriate, but it is also possible to use a crystalline cluster. In this case, we will favor the rock crystal. Here too, all you have to do is lay your stone at the top of the pile and leave it there for a whole day.

It is not necessary to expose the geode or cluster in direct sunlight, and this is one of the reasons why this reloading technique can be used with all stones. If you are looking for geodes, you can find some on our online mineral shop.

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Some Popular Stones and Methods for Reloading

Finally, here is a list of some of the most popular minerals and recommended ways to purify and reload them:


Purification: running water, glass of distilled or salted water, incense

Recharging: sunlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster

Yellow Amber

Purification: running water, glass of water

Reloading: moonlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: sunlight

Reloading: moonlight (ideally full moon), quartz geode

Amethyst Geode

Purification: sunlight

Reloading: moonlight (ideally full moon)


Purification: water, incense, burial

Recharging: sunlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: glass of distilled or salted water

Reloading: sunlight (morning), moonlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: running water

Recharging: sunlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: running water, glass of water during the night

Reloading: moonlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: running water, glass of water during the night

Recharging: sunlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster

Rock Crystal (quartz)

Purification: running water, glass of water

Reloading: sunlight, amethyst geode


Purification: glass of distilled or demineralized water

Reloading: sunlight (morning), amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: glass of water

Recharging: sunlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: glass of distilled or slightly salted water

Recharging: sunlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: glass of water

Recharging: sunlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster

Lapis lazuli

Purification: running water, glass of water

Reloading: moonlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: running water, incense

Reloading: sunlight (morning), amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: running water

Recharging: sunlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster

Eye of tiger

Purification: glass of distilled or salted water

Reloading: sunlight (morning), moonlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: glass of distilled or salted water

Reloading: sunlight, moonlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster

Moon stone

Purification: running water, glass of demineralised water

Reloading: moonlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster

Rose Quartz

Purification: running water, glass of distilled and slightly salted water

Reloading: sunlight (morning), moonlight, amethyst geode


Purification: glass of salt water, distilled water or deionized water

Recharging: sunlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: glass of salt water, distilled water or deionized water

Reloading: sunlight, moonlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: spring water, demineralized water, running water

Reloading: moonlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: running water, glass of distilled or salt water

Recharging: sunlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster


Purification: running water, glass of distilled or salt water

Reloading: sunlight (the brighter it is, the more exposure will have to be moderate), moonlight (for translucent tourmalines), amethyst geode, quartz clusters


Purification: sea salt

Reloading: moonlight, amethyst geode, quartz cluster

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Clinical Gem Therapy

Clinical Gem Therapy | Healing and Gem Therapy

  • October 16, 2018


Definition: Spleen, glandular organ, flattened and oblong, located in the upper left area of ​​the abdominal cavity, in contact with the pancreas, diaphragm and left kidney; It is attached by fibrous bands attached to the peritoneum (the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity). Although its size varies from one person to another, it is usually 13 cm long, 10 cm wide and 3.8 cm thick, and weighs approximately 200 g.

Functions: 1-Hematopoiesis: during pregnancy the spleen is an important producer of blood in the fetus. After the birth, this function disappears, but it can be performed again if necessary.

2-Filter: the spleen is responsible for the maturation of red blood cells and also for the destruction of old, abnormal or damaged red blood cells. Contributes to keep platelets healthy.

3-Immune: in the spleen antibodies are produced and have the capacity to destroy bacteria by phagocytosis. The spleen is part of the immune system and the human circulatory system that accompanies the capillaries, vessels, veins and other muscles that this system has.

Minerals that treat the spleen:

Olivine or peridot OLIVINE -The olivine or peridot is a mineral especially effective in the treatment of the spleen. It has to be placed in the solar plexus area.


Definition: Cramping is an unpleasant sensation caused by an involuntary contraction, usually of the muscles. It may be due to insufficient oxygenation of the muscles or the loss of fluids and mineral salts, as a result of prolonged effort, sudden movements or cold. Poisoning or certain diseases can also cause cramping, particularly in the stomach. It can also be defined as a sudden and painful contraction of a muscle or group of muscles.

Minerals that treat cramps:

MALAQUITA -It is one of the healing stones par excellence because it relieves the pain of the part of the body on which we place it as well as helping in the treatment of multiple diseases. Placed on the area to be treated relieves cramps.

TURQUESA-Turquoise has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Placed over the area to be treated helps relieve cramps.


Definition: Cancer is a group of diseases in which the body produces an excess of malignant cells (also known as cancerous or cancerous), with typical features of behavior and uncontrolled growth (growth and division beyond normal limits, invasion of the surrounding tissue and, sometimes, metastasis).

Metastasis, characteristic of many types of cancer, is the spread at a distance, mainly lymphatic or blood, of the cells that originate cancer, and the growth of new tumors in the places of destination of said metastasis. These three properties (uncontrolled cell division, aberrant behavior and metastasis) differentiate malignant tumors (carcinomas) from benign ones (sometimes simply called tumors), which are limited and do not invade or metastasize. Most cancers form tumors, but some like leukemia do not.

Minerals that treat cancer:

SUGILITA OR LUVULITE – Sugilite or luvulite is a very special mineral, which has the ability to help us find the source of the imbalances that cause the disease in our body. This mineral is used especially in the treatment of cancer, helping to determine its origin and channel the healing energy that helps us to overcome this disease.


Definition: Cholesterol is a sterol (lipid) found in the body tissues and blood plasma of vertebrates. It occurs in high concentrations in the liver, spinal cord, pancreas and brain.

Minerals that treat cholesterol:

MAGNESIATE – Magnesite accelerates the metabolism of fats so it helps control cholesterol. Take it with you to be possible in contact with the skin.

Detoxification of the body -There are many minerals that help us eliminate toxins from the body, some do so in a specific way (digestive system, skin, etc.) and others in a general way helping to cleanse and regenerate the physical body.

CRISOPASA -The crisopasa has a powerful detoxifying power. Place it on the place to be treated or take it with you.

FLUORITE – Fluorite, especially green, helps balance the body and eliminate toxins. It is important to clean it after using it.

OLIVINO OR PERIDOTO – Helps to release toxins and has a great cleansing effect. It can be worn as a necklace or pendant, being especially effective when it is located at the height of the solar plexus.

TURMALINE – Tourmaline, especially green and pink. It is convenient to carry it as a pendant for several days. Practically does not require cleaning.

TURQUESA – In addition to its detoxifying properties turquoise has protective properties and helps eliminate parasitic energies. As the olivine and the tourmaline is perfect to take it in the form of a pendant.


Definition: The term diabetes includes two different pathological situations: diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. These disorders have no pathological relationship, because their causes and morbid processes (etiopathogenesis) are different, but share certain clinical manifestations that have made them have the same name. Generally, the term “diabetes” is used to refer to diabetes mellitus, which is a much more frequent and well-known disorder than diabetes insipidus.

Diabetes mellitus is not a single pathology but a syndrome, which is why this term includes today, in turn, several types of different conditions but with a common characteristic: hyperglycemia and its consequences.

There are four kinds of diabetes mellitus:

Type 1: Caused by the destruction of Beta cells of the pancreas that usually leads to a total deficiency of insulin (formerly called insulin-dependent or juvenile diabetes)

Type 2: Caused by insulin resistance, with decreased production or alteration in the secretion of it (formerly called noninsulin-dependent, usually initiated in adulthood)

Gestational: A type developed during pregnancy.

Other types: Developed in the context of other diseases or disorders that are associated with diabetes mellitus.

Minerals that treat diabetes:

MALAQUITA – is a mineral that has the ability to relieve pain. Due to its ability to absorb energy, special attention must be paid to cleaning it after each use. To help in the treatment of diabetes take malachite with you, you can take it as an ornament or in your pocket.

SERPENTINE – The serpentine has a great capacity to absorb negative energy and clean the chakras. Help in the treatment of diabetes.


Minerals indicated for the teeth:

AGUAMARINA – placed on any part of the body has soothing properties. When there is pain in the teeth or molars, placing an aquamarine inside the mouth will quickly relieve relief.

APATITO- favors the assimilation of calcium helping in the treatment of teeth and bones.

FLUORITE- relieves arthritis and rheumatism, favors the teeth and bones and has detoxifying properties.

MAGNESITA- facilitates the assimilation of nutrients. It is beneficial for bones and teeth.


There are multiple minerals that help to alleviate pain, but we should always try to know the origin of that pain to treat pain in parallel with the cause of the disease.

Minerals that relieve pain:

AMETHYST – Amethyst is undoubtedly one of the most important minerals that nature offers us. It is perhaps the most complete of all, it helps us in personal evolution, it brings balance, it deals with the body, the mind and the spirit.

DIOPTASA – It has a great ability to absorb negative energy, relieving both emotional and physical pain.

LARIMAR – In addition to its soothing properties, the larimar, placed on the area to be treated, alleviates pain. It is especially effective for headache.

MALAQUITA – It is one of the healing stones par excellence since it relieves the pain of the part of the body on which we place it as well as helping in the treatment of multiple diseases.

SERPENTINE – absorbs negative energies, relieving physical and emotional pain.


Stomach problems are often related to stress and emotional stress. There are a number of minerals that in addition to their soothing properties are very effective in the treatment of stomach disorders.

AGUAMARINA – placed on any part of the body has soothing properties.

TURMALINA- yellow treats stomach problems.

TURQUESA- In addition to its detoxifying properties turquoise has protective properties and helps eliminate parasitic energies. Relieves cramps and stomach discomfort. It is perfect to carry it in the form of a pendant.


Fatigue Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a rare disease. Its main characteristic is to feel great fatigue and symptoms related to it. And it causes extreme tiredness and pain with physical effort.

Minerals that help in the treatment of chronic fatigue:

AMETRINE OR BOLIVIANITE – Ametrine quartz is a natural combination of amethyst and citrine quartz originally from Bolivia. It has the qualities of both minerals. It is a powerful ally in the treatment of chronic fatigue.


There are many causes of both male and female infertility. When a couple wants to get pregnant and does not get it, it generates a strong emotional stress that can make conception even more difficult. Therefore, in addition to visiting the specialist it would be convenient to use stones that provide calm and tranquility such as larimar or aquamarine.

Minerals that help boost fertility:

RODONITE – enhances fertility and also absorbs negative energy and helps heal emotional pain, making it a perfect stone for when the couple tries to conceive.

ZOISITA – helps in the treatment of fertility problems in both men and women (Clinical Gemotherapy)


Fever is only a symptom that can be caused by multiple diseases. It is especially high in children, having to be careful that it does not exceed 40º.

Minerals that help control fever:

BLUE AGATE – revitalizes the body, helping to control fever.

MAGNESITA – is a calming mineral that brings peace and tranquility. It helps to reduce fever.

RUBÍ – placed in the solar plexus area, helps fight infections and fever (Clinical Gemotherapy)


The liver is an organ or viscera of the human body and, at the same time, the most voluminous gland of the anatomy and one of the most important in terms of the metabolic activity of the organism. It performs unique and vital functions such as the synthesis of plasma proteins, preparation of bile (necessary for digestion and absorption of fats), detoxifying function, store of vitamins, glycogen, etc. In addition, it is responsible for eliminating from the blood substances that can be harmful to the body, transforming them into innocuous ones.

Minerals that treat the liver:

DIOPTASE – helps regenerate the liver. The area where it is most effective is on the heart chakra.

HELIOTROPO OR JASPE BLOOD – helps treat all diseases related to blood. It also helps detoxify the liver. You can wear it constantly.

OLIVINE OR PERIDOTO – Helps to regenerate the liver, spleen and gallbladder. It can be placed on the area to be treated or worn as a jewel in contact with the skin (Clinical Gemotherapy)

Swelling or inflammation

Inflammation is the manifestation of many diseases. It is a non-specific response to environmental aggressions, and is generated by inflammatory agents. The inflammatory response occurs only in vascularized connective tissues and arises for the defensive purpose of isolating and destroying the harmful agent, as well as repairing the damaged tissue or organ. The biggest problem that arises from inflammation is that the defense is aimed at both harmful and non-harmful agents, in a way that causes injury to healthy tissues or organs.

Minerals that treat inflammation:

AGUAMARINA – has soothing properties. Placed on any part of the body reduces inflammation.

AMETHYST – rebalances and relieves pain. Applied on the damaged area reduces inflammation (Clinical Gemotherapy)

Clinical Gemotherapy

Clinical Gemotherapy List of Diseases

  • October 16, 2018

Gemotherapy clinic: healing stones and crystals, use of stones, diseases to be treated by gems, crystal therapy, and vibration therapy.

For diseases:

Headache and migraines:

The headache and the migraines suppose for many people an authentic problem in their day to day. Although, as in all cases you have to find the cause of these pains and resort to medical treatment indicated by the specialist there are a number of minerals that can help us cope with these attacks and relieve pain.

Minerals that relieve headaches and migraines:

Amethyst – Amethyst is undoubtedly one of the most important minerals that nature offers us. It is perhaps the most complete of all, it helps us in personal evolution, it brings balance, and it deals with the body, the mind and the spirit.

Larimar – In addition to its soothing properties, the Larimer, placed on the area to be treated, alleviates pain. It is especially effective for headache.

Magnesite MAGNESIATE-Magnetite has calming properties. It is especially indicated in cases of migraines.


Definition: A feeling of pain or burning in the esophagus is called pyrosis or heartburn, just below the sternum that is caused by the regurgitation of gastric acid. The pain originates in the chest and can radiate to the neck, throat or angle of the jaw.

Minerals that treat acidity:

Malaquita -It is one of the healing stones par excellence because it relieves the pain of the part of the body on which we place it as well as helping in the treatment of multiple diseases. Placed on the stomach or holding it with the left hand relieves acidity.

TURQUESA-Turquoise is a sacred stone for many cultures; it is a protective stone that is used to make talismans and amulets. It is a strongly regenerative stone that helps to treat exhaustion. It can be placed on any part of the affected body, although its maximum effectiveness reaches it on the solar plexus and throat chakras. Relieves both heartburn and stomach aches.


Allergy is a hypersensitivity to a particular substance that, if inhaled, swallowed or touched produces characteristic symptoms. Allergy is the harmful effect of hypersensitivity of the organism. The substance you are allergic to is called an “allergen,” and the symptoms caused are defined as “allergic reactions.” When an allergen enters the body of an allergic subject, the immune system responds by producing a large number of antibodies called IgE. Successive exposure to the same allergen will produce the release of chemical mediators, particularly histamine, which will produce the typical symptoms of the allergic reaction.

Minerals that treat allergy:

GREEN QUARTZ OR VENTURINE-is a mineral of the quartz family that has great healing properties. To prevent allergy you can place a piece of Venturine in the bedroom, which also brings calm and tranquility to the room.

DIAMOND – is one of the most appreciated stones in jewelry due to its beauty and brightness, although its price is very high and acquiring a quality diamond can have a huge economic cost. For use in gemotherapy we can use it in jewelry as well as acquire a diamond in the rough and hold it in your hands. Diamond helps in the treatment of allergy, and at a preventive level we can carry any diamond jewel in contact with the skin.


Anemia is a disease of the blood that is due to an alteration of the blood composition and determined by a decrease in the erythrocyte mass that causes a low concentration of hemoglobin. A deficiency of only one of these factors is rarely recorded independently. Anemia is a laboratory definition that involves a low erythrocyte count and a lower than normal hemoglobin or hematocrit level.

Minerals that treat anemia:

HELIOTROPO OR JASPE BLOOD-is a type of jasper (belonging to the family of quartz) that often has a deep red with brown to green spots. In cases of anemia it is convenient to place a heliotrope under the pillow.


Anorexia is a terrible disease that in recent times has been affecting many people, especially teenage women. The fear of gaining weight, together with a completely distorted vision of the body, leads the patient to eat less and less food to lose weight, practically reaching starvation. This disease can lead to death as well as serious physical consequences.

In the case of anorexia, it is critical to put yourself in the hands of a specialist doctor as soon as it is detected (usually by the family members and people from the environment), since early treatment is essential.

Carnelian Parallel to medical treatment (never as a substitute), topaz and carnelian are two minerals that will bring great benefits to the patient. This can carry one of these minerals in the form of a jewel permanently until it is a clear improvement or you can place a piece of one of these minerals in the patient’s room.

Topaz The topaz will help in the treatment of the disease, while the carnelian will favor the assimilation of the nutrients of the food (favoring the physical improvement) and will provide strength and vitality to fight in the overcoming of the disease.


Definition: Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint, characterized by pain, limited movement, swelling and local heat. There is another term that is confused with arthritis, which is osteoarthritis which corresponds to a degenerative disorder of the joint. There are numerous diseases and syndromes that can cause arthritis.

Minerals that treat arthritis:

CALCITA VERDE- is very effective when emotional problems are manifested in joints, bones and ligaments. Therefore it is ideal to treat problems of arthritis, tendinitis and rheumatism.

FLUORITA- relieves arthritis and rheumatism problems, is placed on the area to be treated.

MALAQUITA-is a mineral that has the ability to relieve pain. Due to its ability to absorb energy, special attention must be paid to cleaning it after each use. Placed on the affected area relieves the discomfort of arthritis.


Definition: Asthma is a chronic condition of the respiratory system, in which its pathways occasionally contract, become inflamed and produce excessive amounts of mucus, often in response to one or more triggers. These episodes can be triggered by things such as exposure to a stimulating environment, such as an allergen, moist air, exercise or exertion, or emotional stress. They are usually short-lived respiratory attacks, although there may be periods with daily asthmatic attacks that may persist for several weeks.

Minerals that treat asthma:

AMBER-located in the solar plexus area treats respiratory problems and asthma.

RODOCROSITA-helps in the treatment of respiratory problems. In the case of asthma it is convenient to place a piece of rhodochrosite on the solar plexus chakra.


Agates: its different forms

  • October 15, 2018

Agate listed: the lines that form its drawing go in accordance with the border that delimits its exterior. They are the most common to find along with those of circular drawings (Agates almost everything about them).

Walled agate: the interior drawing, instead of forming rounded circles, forms peaked lines as if it were a fortification. This type of cutting agate is special for crimping it in the form of a pendant since it emits an energetic quality of protection as a shield over the area of ​​the body where it is located (chakra of the heart or of the solar plexus).

Circular agate: the drawings inside it form concentric circles. They are the most requested to apply in face therapy for their harmonizing energy and concentrating capacity of positive vibrations on the area of ​​the body where it is located. This type of cut agate, is the most valued to be carved in a circular way and make the most appreciated pendants for its beauty and originality of form (Agates almost everything about them).

Orbicular agate: it is characterized because the drawing formed by the concentric circular lines of its interior, adopt the shape of an eye. This type of agate has always been highly valued by mediums and people who practice the art of divination since it is attributed, by affinity, the ability to see beyond the real and physical

Druze Agate: it is a type of agate in whose center there is still a hole like a druse that contains small or medium crystal formations. Very appreciated also for pendants, rings, as well as large pieces for collectors and ornamental effects in decoration of interior spaces given its spectacular beauty (Agates almost everything on them).

Amorphous agate: very difficult to find and that is usually part of private collections because they are unique pieces. The one that shows the photograph comes from Catamarca, Argentina and it is a formation of jade-agate with an internal clustered shape. They are usually rare pieces, highly valued by original mineral collectors (Agates almost everything about them).

The circular agate is a chalcedony belonging to the family of quartz. The name of agate was formerly given to be in abundance on the banks of a river in southern Italy, the Achates.

What we call circular agate, is not really a concrete mineral but a microcrystalline variety of quartz called chalcedony (as for example the onyx, which is a chalcedony or black agate that sometimes has white bands), or according to its inclusions, we have the called landscape agates or dendritic agates, mossy agates, fire agate, Allegate agate or agate eye – highly valued since ancient times in Egypt where it was carved in the form of an ocular pupil to adorn statues, or agate sardonyx, mottled, etc.

Agates are minerals of volcanic origin; in its growth, in its original formation, it grew inside a mineral bubble where it was united in a significant and unique way, temperature, pressure and space allowing its siliceous atoms and molecules to grow for millennia to end up merging giving rise to the circles that its surface presents and that when it reaches our hands, in the form of a cut of the original piece, still retains all the force as a hermetic principle “the whole is in the part and the part in the whole”; that is his energetic secret  ( Agatas almost everything about them).

Sometimes, as we can see in some agates, these tiny quartz crystals are visible because the piece of agate has been cut without having reached this natural fusion in its process, and before such originality, these pieces they are usually destined to jewelry where they are traditionally set in their outline to be used as hanging originals, medallions and necklaces. The beauty of form and color of the circular agate cannot be appreciated until it is cut, since its external appearance is of a dark, gray or brown stone. At other times, the bubble where the agate has been growing , did not contain enough silica and the quartz tips, when opened in its middle, present the formation that we know as geode(a hollow structure, as if it were a cave, with small transparent quartz or amethyst throughout its interior).

The circular agate is a hard mineral for being quartz, however very fragile for its size that turns it into a delicate mineral (Agates, composition and function).

Nowadays the agates that we can acquire come from Brazil mainly, from Uruguay, Argentina and also from some areas of India, China, Iceland, Italy, Romania and Madagascar (Agates almost everything on them).

Circular agates, crystalline nuclei of strength and wonder.

This mineral presents a particular and unique beauty in its concentric circles. These circles can be very varied as can be seen in the photographs, the most spectacular being those with a circular banded coloration – hence we call them circular agates – in different shades keeping the uniformity of the same chromatic band generally.

These circles are genuine energy concentrators of balance and harmony energy, as we will see in the section on their crsitalotherapeutic qualities (Agates almost everything about them).

Crystal Quartz

Quartz is Many-Sided and Everywhere

  • July 12, 2018

There are many quartzes everywhere! In the mountains – this cement, fastening granites. In the deserts – this is all known sand. In the interior – this is the bedding of sandstone and quartzite. And even in the human body contains quartz! True, in the one-kilogram bodybuilding quartz there is only one gram, but who knows what the future evolution will lead to?

Physico-chemical properties of quartz

Crystals of quartz are oblong hexahedrons resembling sharpened pencils. Often grow friends. Small crystals of individual varieties of quartz can form massive brushes.

  • Singonia is trigonal.
  • The hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale.
  • The density is 2.6 g per cm3.
  • A break is a shell.

Pure quartz is silicon dioxide SiO2. In gemology, colorless and defect-free quartz crystals are called rock crystal and are considered an independent precious stone.

Impurities in quartz crystals are extremely numerous and diverse. Each of them changes the optical properties of quartz in its own way.

Kinds of quartz

Organic inclusions make quartz purple and turn it into an amethyst. But the ancient Greek legend warned: this Dionysus poured wine into a stone…

Iron is a common admixture in an array of crystallized silicon oxide. Trivalent iron causes quartz crystals to turn yellow. Gemologists call this stone a citrine. Quartz looks incredibly attractive, the admixtures in which are mixed in a miracle cocktail, giving the stone features and amethyst, and citrine at the same time. Ametrin – the name of this unusual “hybrid” – is quite expensive compared to other quartz relatives.

But not always only impurities form the appearance of a quartz crystal. Morion is black and opaque because of the increased energy potential of atoms located at the nodes of the crystal lattice. The greens of praziolite appear only because of a change in the light transmission of citrine and amethyst, provoked by an increase in the speed and amplitude of the Brownian motion of the molecules.

The listed varieties of quartz refer to the crystalline forms of the mineral. In nature, there are a lot of so-called cryptocrystalline rocks of the quartz group. All of them include quartz in the form of a base and a considerable number of complex additives – often cloven, scaly, and suspended.

Aventurine sparkles with myriads of sparkles of mica, iron or copper ore scattered over the quartz massif. Chrysoprase is fogged by alkaline nickel gel cells. Carnelian warms the red-brown glow of a solid solution of hematite in silicon oxide. The endless variety of agates and chalcedons is the best illustration of the compatibility of quartz and the most diverse mineral fillers.

Stone quartz – one of the first materials mastered by man

The oldest beads, collected from small quartz pebbles, number more than seven thousand years of age. However, the tools, carved from heterogeneous quartz, are five times older. Does this mean that humanity has abandoned quartz instruments in favor of Metaphysical jewelry?

Not at all! Thin cleavages of obsidian, almost entirely of quartz, are still used as scalpels – because it is difficult to sharpen steel to nanometer thickness of the cutting edge of obsidian.

Piezoelectric properties of quartz allow you to set and control the operation of high-frequency devices – including communication equipment and computers. Dielectric parameters of crushed quartz allow creating powerful and compact power stations.

Quartz and the glass industry can do without quartz. The products of which happen to be used to simulate precious quartz rocks…

Quartz forged!..

… But not always maliciously. Venetian glaziers created a beautiful blue glass and, inspired by the poetics of minerals, called it sapphirine. Meanwhile, sapphirin in mineralogy is magnesium aluminosilicate, and gemmologists call sapphirin one of the varieties of chalcedony.

What did the unscrupulous sellers take advantage of! The cut pieces of certified Venetian crystal are completed with printouts from mineralogical reference books or gemological bulletins – and sell inexpensive glass as a precious gem.

Pleased rare (in jewelery quality) pink quartz forged by staining conventional smoky quartzcompounds of iron and manganese. Dyes penetrate shallowly and not very evenly, so imitation sells cheaply (natural pink quartz of roads) and without guarantees. Rapid oxidation of metals quickly deprives the forgery of attraction and makes it get hot.

The healing and magical properties of quartz

Speaking about the healing and magical properties of quartz, one must understand that the practical qualities of ordinary wild stone (translucent, grayish, smoky-whitish) coincide in some ways, and in some ways differ from the possibilities of noble quartz.

Any quartz has a depressing effect on the microflora (rock crystal is the most effective). But if purple quartz (amethyst) helps to combat intoxication, then green (praziolite) acts more like a psychotherapist.

Do not forget that the surplus of silicon oxide in food, water and especially in the air – is harmful. Therefore, experiments with water infusion on quartz pebbles should not be fanatical. The amateur fission of quartz is performed only in a respirator!

Each of the signs of the Zodiac can pick up several colored quartz according to the recommendations of astrologers and their own attitude. There are no categorical prohibitions!

Turquoise Stone Meaning

Turquoise Properties of Azure Stone

  • May 18, 2018

Meaning and Healing Properties of Tarquise

Turquoise is a stone, called by its very name, to bring joy and happiness. The name of the gem came to us from Farsi. “Firyuza” by the Persians – this is an elated mood, and a blossoming flower, and shared with each other pleasure. “Piruz” – and at all “victory”. The main property of turquoise, the Persians found, is the ability to overcome enemies!

Arabs, borrowing the Persians word, began to consider the blue stone as a talisman of luck. The reigning Islam readily accepted the gem: the story of the prophet Muhammad was engraved on a particularly worthy piece of turquoise.

In Europe, turquoise was rated as the best of the Saracen stones. The mineral was called a celestial stone and Egyptian azure. In the course of the story there was a legend that turquoise appeared from the bones of the deceased righteous, and gives the person the opportunity to improve right up to obtaining the right to ascension to heaven.

Rebirth, however, is hampered by sins. Persevering in unbelief makes the heavenly stone turn green – and the green turquoise’s ability to bring the mortal closer to the kingdom of God is lost…

Physico-chemical properties of turquoise

Turquoise is a complex copper and aluminum phosphate, a mineral of sedimentary origin. Chemical formula CuAl6 ∙ (OH) 2 ∙ PO4 ∙ 4H2O

Hardness up to 6 points on the Mohs scale. Density up to 3 g / cm3. Transparency – opaque, can shine dull green. The crystals are small, up to 0.3 mm in length; are rare.

Color: various shades of blue, green (from apple to olive). It is brown and even petty. Dark mesh (sometimes reminiscent of cobweb) pattern on the stone is formed by veins of shales, iron oxides, manganese.

Distinguish the so-called “lacy” turquoise – a stone, folded by rounded deposits of copper aluminophosphate. Polishing lace turquoise reveals the concentrically zoned color of the segments.

Deposits of turquoise

Rich deposits of quality turquoise are concentrated in Iran. It was Iranian turquoise from Nishapur that became the object of veneration in the countries of the ancient world. A thousand years earlier – and just over 6,000 years ago – turquoise mining in the Sinai Peninsula began.

The American state of Arizona is famous for its turquoise mines. The quality of Arizona gems is close to the parameters of the Iranian stone. Central Asian, South American and Australian deposits of turquoise give an enormous amount of a colored mineral of average quality.

The legendary stone

Gem, whose history in terms of duration equals the history of mankind itself, could not but draw legends. In the Russian tradition, a belief has arisen that it is possible to find turquoise only at the place of death (another option is at the grave) of a person who suffered from unrequited love and died from an excess of feelings. To buy a turquoise as a gift to the girl was impossible – in order to avoid failures in the personal life of the donee.

Buddhists appreciate turquoise as a stone that helped the enlightened Shakyamuni destroy the demon. Tibetans, revered the Buddha, changed their names to “turquoise roofs” and “turquoise vaults”, wishing to receive the greatness of dharma.

Biotite Stone Meaning

Legends of North American Indians told of the goddess of Heaven, crying with turquoise tears. Pieces of blue with a green gem not only were appreciated and collected, but also served as a means of exchange in the calculations, thus replacing money.

Until recently, cavalrymen from all countries of Europe tried to wear at least one ring with turquoise. The blue stone seemed to reduce the weight of the rider, and due to this, falling from the horse, the person was less injured. If bruises and abrasions occur, it was customary to apply turquoise to them to speed up healing.

Some modern doctors believe that the effect of such treatment is real. Copper ions, entering the bloodstream through the skin, are really capable of accelerating metabolic processes.

Therapeutic properties of turquoise

Ancient Persian tracts, which have survived to this day, recommend the use of crushed turquoise in a variety of cases. The ointment with turquoise powder was attributed to the ability to treat ulcers and eye diseases, infectious lesions of mucous surfaces and light skin burns. Reception of a water infusion of a semiprecious stone was recommended to eliminate nervous excitation, fear, and anxiety. Turquoise powder served as a cure for hepatic fever.

The Arabs treated turpentine hepatitis and inflammation of the stomach. It was believed that the silver plate, adorned with turquoise inserts, is the best contact remedy for stopping traumatic bleeding. Pribintovyvaya silver with turquoise to the wound, Arab doctors could really stop the flow of blood and to reduce the incidence of infection of wound surfaces.

In Eurasia, it is widely believed that the healing properties of turquoise are manifested only in the “young” mineral, to which the gem is assigned a pronounced blue color. Green and the more white turquoise are considered “old” (white – gray) and inactive.

The Aztecs, on the other hand, felt the greatest impact force from a greenish stone of the color of sea water. However, as a purely therapeutic means of turquoise, they were not used. It was considered sacrilege to adapt the sacred gift of the gods to the practical needs of man. Another matter is supernatural needs…

Magic properties of turquoise

Following ancient Persia, modern Europe considers turquoise as a stone that attracts luck, which gives success and joy. A special role is assigned to the blue mineral in matrimonial matters. It is believed that the wearing of turquoise rings, carved from one stone, strengthens the conjugal ties.

In America (especially in the USA), natural turquoise is used as a focus of forces capable of comforting the heart broken by love failures. American magicians recommend conducting every evening tactile, visual and verbal communication with turquoise. It is noted that a positive effect is achieved after the first session.

Magic properties of turquoise are not limited to helping a person in matters of the heart. The Arabs, who adored the blue stone, especially if the natural form of turquoise concretions resembled a woman’s breast, noticed: the hand decorated with a turquoise ring never poorens. Especially effective is the mineral, if a ring with a turquoise insert is worn at the time of the moon rising at the new moon.

Agate Stone Jewellery

The purity of the sky color gives turquoise the opportunity to save the owner from poisons. The bites of small insects are insensitive to a person who always wears jewelry with a blue gem. True, the zodiacal Lions of turquoise do not really help. Sagittarians are more suited to the color stone of the misty sky (whitish blue). Taurus and Scorpio can successfully count on green stones. White turquoise helps Aries, Virgins and Pisces. The other signs of the zodiac are classic blue turquoise.