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Brown Agate Stone

Brown Agate Stone Meaning and Uses

  • November 16, 2017

General appearance

Boulder weight rather lightweight, knotty and pores, showing rough, whitish knots. Polished, it is covered in whitish bands and has a large orange-brown stain reminiscent of fire.


Specialized stores


USA, Czech Republic, India, Iceland, Morocco, Brazil.

Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Leo.


Although, as the name suggests, this stone has a deep connection with the fire, being an agate also has a great connection with the earth, since its energy is soothing and provides security. In general, it has great power to solve problems and help in difficult times. It is closely related to sexual energy, eliminating anxious and destructive desires from this plane. It also has a protective function, although in a curious way. It bounces the bad intentions towards its source, but not in an offensive way, but making him understand the damage inflicted.

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Combining its power with sandalwood, it helps the endocrine and circulatory system. It resonates with the body’s thermal receptors, which has the ability to reduce heat, hot flashes, perspiration, and fever. It brings vitality to the body by reducing the depletion of energy, and at the same time cleanses etheric blocks and energizes the aura.


On the base, chakra to keep health.


Use it on the altar to prevent evil eye and curses. In magical wars, they say that it helps to achieve victory.

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Cleaning and recharging

Purifying smoke, earth.

Carnelian Stone Meaning and Uses

Carnelian Stone Meaning and Uses

  • November 2, 2017

Carnelian Crystal Meaning and Uses

Calling on Carnelian for its incredible healing powers is nothing new. In the middle ages, healers believed in Carnelian crystal healing properties and used it to help ease the tension and stress of Viking marauders sacking villages and other drawbacks to living in the dark ages. Featured in a variety of shades ranging from orange and red to brown, use this ‘worry stone’ to bring out your childlike playfulness and spontaneity with its warm and sunny vibes.

The carnelian lands and anchors you in the present reality. It is a high-energy stabilizing stone, excellent for restoring vitality and motivation, and for stimulating creativity. It is useful for dramatic companies and is able to clean other stones.

Psychologically, the carnelian imparts acceptance of the life cycle and dissolves the fear of death. Formerly, it was used to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife. It instills courage, encourages positive life choices, dissipates apathy and motivates success in business and other matters. Carnelian is useful to overcome abuse of any kind. This stone helps you trust yourself and your perceptions. Get to the bottom of what moves you, overcome negative conditioning and promote firmness.

Citrine Stone Meaning

Mentally, carnelian improves analytical capabilities and clarifies perception. Remove erratic thoughts during meditation and tune dreamers to everyday reality. Sharpens concentration and dissipates mental lethargy. Emotionally, this stone is a powerful protector against envy, anger and resentment, yours or other people’s. It calms anger and dissipates emotional negativity, replacing it with a love of life.

Healing:  The carnelian is full of strength and vitality. It stimulates the metabolism, activates the basic chakra, influences the female reproductive organs and increases fertility. This stone allows to overcome the frigidity and impotence, heals the problems of the lower back, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, and depression, especially in the last years of life. It regulates bodily fluids and kidneys, accelerating the healing of bones and ligaments, and clogs the blood. Carnelian improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals and ensures a good blood supply to organs and tissues.

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Position: Use it as an earring or on the belt buckle, or put it in contact with the skin as appropriate. The carnelian near the front door of the house invokes protection and invites abundance.

Color: Red, orange, pink and brown.

Appearance: Small translucent stone, often worn by water or rounded.

Horoscope: Aries, cancer, Leo, Virgo.

Sodalite Gemstone Meaning


  • October 11, 2017



Sodalite is the stone of immensity, symbolizes the thought of the Universe, organizes the fluid energy in concrete thought, and concretizes the abstract. The function of the Sodalite is to stabilize the unconscious disordered flow of thought in a conscious balanced rhythm and thus the confused energy becomes a clear and objective inner voice. The thought acquires a greater depth and the nature of what we are thinking is understood.

The Sodalite gives us the Gift of the inner voice: deep thought in action, the voice of the soul, the voice of your own truth. It balances the axis between the unconscious and the conscious; stabilizes the personality, gives solidity and mental clarity, the voice warns, observes, analyzes with precision and stimulates the capacity for action.

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With clear thoughts, we express ourselves with certainty; it also helps to express correctly what we feel. It is a soothing stone, soothes the mind, gives emotional balance and calms panic attacks.

At the Physical level it cures the pathologies of the throat: laryngitis, pharyngitis, sore throat, colds and flu …., raise the defenses, the same as the garnet if one takes the water, but it does so with calming effects.

Come and learn many more uses of Sodalite and experience the calm and relaxation of this anti-stress stone and know it comes into contact with your inner voice through meditation with this stone.

Sodalite Meaning & Healing Properties

The Sodalite crystal is a salty mixture of manganese and calcium, a magical synergy of minerals that creates a calming result on overstressed or sluggish adrenal glands. In the spiritual sense, Sodalite gives us a sense of calm to weather the storms of life. But remember–it’s the rainstorms that give way to an abundance of sunshine and blooming flowers.

Sodalite also stimulates the pituitary gland, which opens up your spiritual perception. By energizing the brain’s spirit portal, this grounding stone releases tension and fears, the unhelpful emotions that Sodalite helps to change into feelings of harmony and balance, the gateway to enlightenment.

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Sodalite helps us know ourselves at a deeper level, giving us a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem: Know yourself and be empowered. Accept yourself and be invincible. This is the magic of Sodalite. It gives you super powers that keep you shielded from negative forces in our imperfect world. The gift of knowing who you are is the foundation of all wisdom, so get connected with the Sodalite crystal stone and transcend the ordinary with its extraordinary healing powers.

Fluorite Stone Meaning

Fluorite Stone Meaning and Uses

  • September 25, 2017


Fluorite crystallizes in the form of masses, druses, grains, columns, cubes, octahedral and rhomb dodecahedra. This mineral that forms crystals is a compound of calcium and fluoride (calcium fluoride). It crystallizes in colors like violet, blue, green, pink, yellow, magenta, red, black, and transparent and in the mixture of several of these.

Fluorite is a multidimensional stone; generates the best achievements of the mind and puts it in harmony with the spirit. From that higher state of consciousness, we can have an intellectual access to the truth to understand the cosmic concepts of reality and the laws that govern the Universe.

In the area of meditation, it is considered a third eye stone, which makes it possible to access the highest states of mind thanks to the intensity of its vibrations. From the energy point of view, Fluorite has an exceptional value, since it is an exalting of the psychic capacities, allowing the understanding and integration of the realities that transcend the mere physical context.

Used correctly and for good, it can open the doors of the highest uptake and convert meditation into a momentous experience. It can help you to direct the psychic impulse to the most hermetic depths of the Self, allowing you a deep understanding of yourself.

Fluorite produces a power that can control chaotic or disruptive growth. It can stabilize and bring order to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems. It is the stone to bring order where there is chaos.

This marvelous stone advances the mind, developing its ability to comprehend the fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensions. It is a stone of the mental body and helps us to understand everything from the mind; when the mind tunes to the essence of the Fluorite, it learns to know the sanctuaries of being, where wisdom remains.

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The exceptional balance of his force field acts as an element of balance between the positive and negative vibrations of the mind. Few stones, like her, contribute to creating an internal state of peace and silence in which everything is immobilized and time seems to stop. Without the past, without future, without the physical weight of the present, the fluorite gives access to the notion of infinity and therefore offers a luminous perspective that discerns the important of the superfluous.

The use of the Fluorite allows us to take one step further: Integrate the reality of the higher and deeper into everyday mental activity, establish a connection that does not cease with the source of knowledge as we continue to develop in the physical plane, integrating the worlds into the mind.

It allows us to have access to the Unit without losing our sense of individuality. It helps us to be impartial and have access to correct reasoning when we need to look at both sides of a problem and act objectively.

It has been known as a stone of “discernment and genius”, bringing the energy of responsibility to the automatic qualities of intuition. It represents the weight that gives us the acquisition of a mind control, mental achievements, facilitating the access to a quantity of avenues to explore them.

Chakra Pendulums

It increases the capacity for concentration and helps us to see reality and truth beyond the illusion. It is a very powerful stone and is acting to help push the development of the mind of humanity.

It is a great help in understanding the necessary balance in relationships. It provides a stabilizing energy that helps relationships develop harmoniously, as well as group work and the individual to flourish in him what is beneficial.

The energy of the Fluorite inspires the universal energies to nourish the energies in our bodies and we are of the understanding of the path of perfection and the strength to carry it out. It allows us to recognize the purity of the Universe and to understand that each piece of the Universe maintains an inherent perfection in itself to enable the perfection of the Universe itself.

It gives us the ideas of what physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being means. It encourages us to purify ourselves, to clean ourselves and to eliminate everything that brings disorder.

It has been used to treat certain mental illnesses and certain disorders of the frequency waves of the brain. Fluorite increases the electrical charge of the brain cells, sending more vital energy to the brain. He also treats severe neurosis and psychopaths.

At the physical level, it is also used to treat colds, flu and infections or viruses. Also to treat herpes and ulcers. It has been used successfully in the treatment of violent infectious diseases. Fluorite tumors are also treated early and to control the disordered growth of these tumors.

Fluorite promotes rapid healing, is used to treat bones and the composition and formation of cells, to treat DNA damage, and is beneficial for teeth. Regenerates the mucous membranes and treats the skin. It dissolves adhesions and mobilizes the joints, so it relieves arthritis, rheumatism, and spinal injuries.

If we caress the body with it towards the heart, it alleviates the pain. It also cleanses spots and wrinkles on the skin. It can reactivate sexual intercourse.


It helps you to develop the mind; it allows you to develop orderly thoughts in sequence. It also allows you to record thought sequences and remember them in order.

It produces the energy of calmness and helps us direct it to where we need it. It is an excellent energy to stimulate clear and concise communication both in this world and with other worlds.

It has been used to treat eye problems and to uncover tear ducts, nosebleeds, and disorders in the nasal, ear, throat and speech problems.


Stimulates the crown chakra and brightens and energizes the aura. It agrees the intellect and the spirit helping you to recognize what is not driving you in your spiritual development.

It is used to align the chakras to open paths between the universal energy and the physical body and to facilitate the transmission of energy from other minerals during healing sessions.

It can clear the darkened vision and refresh the eyes, remove obstructions in the iris and pupil area and stimulate the development of vision.


She is the specialist to clean the chakras; it will bring them the cleaning of a rain and the freshness of the spring spray to renew them. It can help release the emotional traumas of the physical body and can cleanse and eliminate negativity within a room by transmuting it into the light and love of the universe.

It can be used to treat stomach problems and relieves and cleanses the tract and intestines. Cure colitis, hemorrhoids, burns and burning throat.


It is a stone of the third eye bringing rationality to intuitive qualities and gives meaning to psychic visions and communications.

It connects us to the source of all things and associates us with unity both physically and spiritually. It promotes the spiritual development of the mind and the Self.

It is used to treat bones and marrow. It brings balance to the physical body systems and cellular structures. It is excellent for preparing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for healing.


It allows the opening and development of creativity and supports you in your progress and intellectual processes of thought.

It is very good for stabilizing the energy of a group, promoting the cooperative connection within the members. It helps us recognize the network of love that connects all that exists and all beings.

It is used to treat and balance cholesterol, liver problems, and for mental discontinuity, it allows us to cleanse the body of toxins and fat deposits inside the body.


It is a heart healer, calms the emotions and connects them with a balanced and calm thought.

It relieves pain, brings softness, sweetness and tranquil joy to the soul. It is a stabilizer and natural balancing. Encourage true love.

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What is Worry Stone

What is Worry Stone

  • August 1, 2015

What is a worry stone?

Release worry and connect with your internal calm and sense of patience. How? Simply carry a worry stone, or “pocket tranquilizer” and rub as needed to induce relaxation and release stress.

Worry stones are smooth polished gemstones that are typically oval shaped and feature an area of indention for your thumb. Worry stones work by using a form of reflexology or courage pressure that when rubbed promotes a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Tune into the relaxing power of a worry stone by rubbing the smooth indented surface of the stone. When force is applied on the stone, the nerves within your thumb that release natural endorphins are activated, brings about a state of calm relaxation. Just rub your thumb on the stone to relieve your stress and worries!  Great for nervous and stressful situations or to keep idle hands busy.  Worry stones are also easy to carry in your pocket, ready to bring you a sense of calmness when you require it.

Choose a worry stone whose gemstone properties will work well with your energy. A good quality way to know which stone is best for you are by choosing the one you are most drawn to. We offer a variety of worry stones to choose from.

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Malachite: A Cleanser and Purifier Crystal

Malachite is a magnificently cleansing and clearing crystal able to take in negative energies and pollutants while releasing traumas concurrently. This crystal will help to protector against radiation and clear electromagnetic “smog.” Malachite helps to cleanse and activate the chakras helping to attune them to Spiritual Guidance. It helps to open the heart to unconditional love while encouraging change and risk-taking. It will also break unwanted ties to outworn patterns and beliefs. Malachite will support you in taking responsibility for actions, thoughts and feelings, while helping to release any hidden inhibitions. This is a great stone to help with absorbing and processing information and could be beneficial to those in study or want to increase their ability to learn and retain information. It can be very helpful amongst Students and Children. It will help with stimulating dreams and recalling any subconscious information.

Rose Quartz Suppliers

Rose Quartz Suppliers

  • January 16, 2015


Citrine system releases energy blockages and provides security and confidence to those who have an exaggerated respect for authority. Its action in the solar plexus, appeasing anger in those who fear loss of affection opt withstand abuse or injustice. From the heart chakra teaches us metabolize our breakups, cuts of relationships, grief and abandonment of any kind. Stimulates creativity and confidence in their own values.

Buena Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. Heart Chakra.


The Coral brings creativity, especially the ability to procreate, helping sterility problems. Used to work the “dark night of the soul”, that feeling of the end after which ensues very important in the sense of life change. Attracts love. It also helps us to accept the different, makes us more tolerant.

Good for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.


The Chrysocolla is a stone of peace and is associated with unconditional love and compassion. Ideal for processing personal heartbreak boxes and empty feeling and emotional distance with parents. Work the archetype of wholeness. It is associated with femininity, the water and the moon. Brings patience, kindness, tolerance, compassion and humility. Expels negative energies and predisposes to wellness, harmony and success.

Good for Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. Fourth and seventh chakra.


The Rock Crystal is one of the most complete gems because it acts aligning all chakras and all bodies, both lower and upper. Works the archetypal archetype of anima and fullness. Very useful for expanding states of consciousness and to improve memory.

Good for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. All chakras.


Smoky Quartz is a very special stone for its vibration frequency and energy. It acts as a purifier that produces emotional calm and relaxation. Provides patience, balance and harmonize the mind with the body. It is also very useful to promote positive change in people with negative behavior patterns. Aid to meditation and stimulates all good impulses for material and spiritual improvement.

It is indicated for the treatment of diseases of stomach, colon and rectum, as well as in cases of fatigue or fear.

All chakras. Good for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Roase Quartz Crystal SuppliersROSE QUARTZ

Rose Quartz is centered in the heart chakra, where our most significant emotions reside. Bring light, containment and protection. Fix emotional wounds and boosts esteem and gives us hope.

Works the liver meridian associated with anger, depression and anxiety, and also in the lung, which has to do with melancholy and sadness.

Good for Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. Fourth chakra.