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Green Aventurine | Blue Agate

  • November 16, 2017

Green Aventurine Stone MeaningHealing Crystal Green Aventurine and Blue Agate Stone

General appearance

Green between dark and milky. Soft and light touch, bright green and opaque, it seems that inside has as “glitter”, and sometimes has small spots or dark microparticles.


Easy to get.


Italy, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Tibet, and Nepal.

Zodiac sign

Libra, Scorpio


It has a deep connection with the Device world and with higher spirits. It is the stone of leadership, decision, and will. Promotes compassion, empathy, and perseverance. It takes you back and to the past to analyze the causes or roots of a problem or disease. The green aventurine, comforts, heals and protects the heart, is a natural harmonizer that puts things back under control. Regulates the correct growth in children up to seven years old (it is very linked to this number). Its natural energetic mist also creates a protective barrier against energetic vampires. It is also used to eliminate the geopathic tension of homes or gardens. It says that if you lose something, you can hold the stone in your hand,

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They say it is used in rituals related to prosperity, personal growth and the pursuit of goals and work.


Strengthens the capacity for expression, cures stuttering and neurosis. It is a good stabilizer of nausea and solvent of emotions and negative thoughts. It is a general medicine that brings well-being and emotional calm.


On the heart, chakra to heal it, on the throat chakra to promote the capacity of expression.


Take in elixir to apply its healing properties. Place between white and green candles so that your essence avoids spies and energetic vampires that may be snooping on rituals.

Cleaning and recharging

Leave in gardens and open and fresh places, or close to nature. Cleanings with water and sunlight are quite effective.

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About Blue Agate

General appearance

It has the same design as any normal agate, with the difference that it is tinted with intense blue tones. If the sun puts it fades.



OriginBlue Agate Stone Meaning


Zodiac sign



As is artificial, they have not attributed any powers. But this particular one is a transformative energy of high vibration in other very low vibration. It does not work with medium wave energies. They do not like spirits of high vibration.






Use at the indicated transformation point, or in the center of a circle to attract the vibration towards it. Use blue and white candles to focus energy.

Cleaning and recharging

Anyone is worth it, it cleans fast and does not keep energies for too long inside.

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Meaning of Agate Properties

  • October 7, 2014


L to Agate a Fire is strongly connected to the land and brings soothing energy security and strength. With it we can eliminate fear, anxious and destructive desires, find solutions to our problems or overcome addictions.

Perform an intense protective function, especially against bad intentions as it builds a protective shield around the body and returns the attack to its source so you can understand the damage you are doing. Physically it is related to the fire element, hence favors sex and stimulates vitality at all levels, both physical and mental.

Moss Agate

The Agate Mossy encourages the opening of the mind and emotions, creating feelings of expansion, freedom and space, which provide security and the desire for new life experiences. By its natural shapes and colors are pervades all realms of nature, stimulating knowledge about the natural world and helping the growth of plants.

It is quartz balance, as it brings peace and tranquility to connect with the unconditional love and love itself.

On an energetic level, achieves union of mental energy to physical and emotional energy, the feel connected with thinking and acting.

It also has the ability to regulate the heartbeat, allowing a smooth operation.

Good for Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. First and third chakra.

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Aquamarine has a soothing and calming effect, and as the water promotes adaptation, acting very rigid and inflexible people. It is very useful for people who have great mental activity and difficult to disconnect from the outside world, as it frees us from physical and emotional toxins. Also very useful for people who have trouble communicating because it stimulates creative expression. Help improve mood, increase hope, optimism and inspiration.

Symptomatic With acts on the immune system. It also has a purifying effect, helps the lymphatic system and improving adrenal disorders. It is very beneficial for hormonal. System

Third and fifth chakra. Good for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

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Aqua Aura is a high stimulator throat chakra, enhancing the power of communication. It also has a relaxing effect on the emotional body, so it can be used to soothe anger or stress release. It is strongly connected to the water element, thereby increasing access to the true emotional feelings and spirit. Allows us to retain the state of inner peace and opens the way for inter dimensional communication

Glass Aqua Aura has a high and intense vibration. It is used to activate the energy of other minerals and stones for healing and very powerful for use in meditation, for placing on the chakras rearrange the auric field. Using an Aqua Aura helps shine the personal beauty and wellness event attracts, connects us to our inner wisdom, free of stress and depression and assists us to create an aura of peace and well-being and around us. It is stone lifting personnel that can help raise the vibration of humanity.

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Agate Properties

  • October 6, 2014


Agate helps achieve emotional balance. Stimulates creative spirit and increases self-esteem, so it is very interesting for those who pursue artistic activities. Use of this gem also helps override negative feelings like envy, spite, resentment or guilt. Help to cope with liking, kindness and understanding, thereby enhancing health and longevity.

Physically collaborates with the proper functioning of the endocrine glands and the immune system all active secretion. It also repairs exhaustion and depressive thoughts away.

Good for Gemini.

AGATE banded

Agate Banded The stone is an excellent body when someone feels exhausted and emotionally because it helps us regain physical strength and increases the willingness to resolve difficult situations. Their vibrations are gentle, pleasant and soothing; when hold in hand and admire its balance and plasticity we notice how our thoughts and feelings are soothed. For these it is useful to stimulate the creative spirit and increase self-esteem, and to prevent feelings of envy, spite, resentment and guilt.

Buena Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. Fifth chakra.

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The Blue Lace Agate is a stone that influences the internal motivation of emotional balance, stimulates the creative spirit and increases self-esteem. It is also very useful to ward off negative feelings like envy, spite, resentment or guilt. Furthermore, it is an excellent stone to repair the body and mental exhaustion, as their vibrations are gentle, pleasant and soothing. It also helps us regain lost body forces and resolve emotionally complex situations.

Can be used anywhere where there are conditions or a buildup of energy that cause disease, irritation or inflammation.

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The Dendritic Agate is known as a stone of abundance, because it helps to get success in business, in everyday life and everything that serves to benefit humans. Helps emotional balance and enhances the perception of spiritual values. Is well suited to carry mountain in natural environments because it facilitates breathing and absorbing the fresh air. Grupo: Chalcedony Color: Colorless or whitish with dendritic inclusions. By not form bands, scientifically agate designation is improper

Agate Semi Precious Stones

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